Explained: Disney Dreamlight Valley Blue Furniture For Merlin

Disney Dreamlight Valley blue furniture for merlin will help the players to earn rewards and get their friendships level upgraded.

Disney Dreamlight Valley blue furniture for Merlin is part of the quests called Customers Knows Best. The quest is given to you by Scrooge Mcduck, which is also the shortest one to complete. Players will do the quest and complete the fourth quest for the entrepreneur of the Valley.  


Furthermore, when the players have gotten the Castle of Magic unlocked with the help of Merlin, they can get the doors unlocked. These doors will enable the characters who are all stuck by the realms. Consequently, they will be able to get into the village once they are free.

If the players manage to get the quest completed, they will get XP of two hundred and ten. However, they would still need to find out how they can bring Disney Dreamlight Valley blue furniture for Merlin to help him study. 

Disney Dreamlight Valley Blue Furniture For Merlin
Order Of Merlin

Few characters in the game have to be unlocked, others are already inside the village and the players are only supposed to rescue them. Just like that, Merlin is one of those characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley who already exists in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Moreover, he is the first one to help you when you move into the new world. 

Merlin is the first character from whom you learn how to rope and do certain quests. And also get to know where all the important tools are placed. The tools will help you in getting to the past where things were different before the period of Forgetting occurred.  In our guide, you will get to know about the quest in which you have to bring blue furniture for Merlin.

Starting The Customers Know Best Quest 

According to the lessons of business given by Scrooge McDuck, your customers should be satisfied. Moreover, Merlin is a very important client for McDuck. Let’s know how you can deal with Merlin and the request for his furniture.

Players will be able to get the Customers Know Best quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley after the Economy of 101 in the game. Moreover, players are required to do two extra things as well, that are:

  1. Unlocking the character of Merlin in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
  2. Get the friendships leveled up for level two of Scrooge McDuck
Disney Dreamlight Valley Blue Furniture For Merlin
Reaching The Fifth Level Of Friendship

The first thing that the players can do easily is to get Merlin unlocked. Players will meet Merlin at the very start of the game, making requirements get fulfilled with much ease. To complete the second requirement, players need to get to the 2nd level of friendship. 

To get the quest completed, players need to head over to the shop McDuck which is in the area of the plaza, and get the quest started.

Talking To Scrooge

After getting the blue furniture for Merlin in Disney Dreamlight Valley, players need to interact with Scrooge. McDuck will make you answer a few questions. The question does not matter in the story. Choosing to answer the question is total up to the players, if they want it then they should pick it up.

Merlin Blue Furniture in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Heading Back To Scrooge

Merlin ordered blue furniture to help him study in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Furthermore, players will be given Star Coins of 2000,  and the job is very direct. Get the blue furniture and bring it to Merlin.

Blue Furniture Location

The two thousand Star Coins that the players have gotten from McDuck can be used by the Ice Throne. The Throne is blue, and the price is only 210 Star Coins, which will give you profit as well.

Merlin Blue Furniture in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Cost Of Blue Furniture For Merlin

Furthermore, the players must check out their inventory before using the Star Coins. To do that, they should open the menu of the game, and then head over to the sets of furniture. There, the players can look out for the pieces of blue furniture so that they have gotten unlocked.

The furniture will be unlocked if the players have gotten any missions completed. Players also have the choice of choosing between the blue-colored chair for dining, or the table. Both of these can be bought for Merlin to complete the quest.

Merlin Blue Furniture in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Blue Chair For Merlin

Finding Merlin

The next task is to look out for Merlin. Players can open up their maps and locate the icon of Merlin to find him. Get to the wizard of great and interact with him by getting to select their mission for the menu of dialogues. 

In the end, tap on the Blue Furniture piece that they are supposed to gift Merlin but the players don’t have to be worried because no way they will get to lose their furniture. 

Disney Dreamlight Valley Blue Furniture For Merlin
Talking To Merlin

If you want to impress Merlin but do not have any blue-colored furniture in the inventory, head over to the Throne of Ice of the Frozen. After the players have given the furniture to Merlin to help him in his studies, they should go to Scrooge.

Tell McDuck that his most important customer is very happy with your services. Doing so will get the quest fulfilled and so the next quest will be unlocked, named A Forgotten Combination.

Finding the furniture for Merlin in blue color will help the players complete the quest and earn friendships and love. Get the furniture and upgrade the level of Disney Dreamlight Valley/

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