Disney Dreamlight Valley Scrooge: Definitive Guide

We present you the detailed character guide on Scrooge McDuck in Disney Dreamlight Valley!

Since the release of Disney Dreamlight Valleythe fans are excited to play the game as it features some of the most iconic characters in the Disney universe. In the world of Dreamlight Valley, you will find a lot of famous cartoon characters including Ursula, Ariel, Elsa, and many more. Scrooge McDuck is a character from the Donald Duck series, who seems to run an Item Store in the game. If you want to learn how to unlock Scrooge McDuck’s in Disney Dreamlight Valley and earn his friendship, stay with us.

Creating a bond with Scrooge McDuck starts at the beginning of the game, as his store is among the initial things to be restored from “The Forgetting”. As you and Scrooge start to build up a friendship and exchange your coin, you will start to earn his trust and get friendship rewards as the level increases. So, without further ado let’s get into how to unlock Scrooge Mcduck, what quests can you can do for him, and what rewards you can get in return.

Key Takeaways

  • Scrooge McDuck is a character from the Donald Duck series that is featured in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
  • McDuck has a significant role throughout the gameplay and runs a local items store in the village.
  • Scrooge offers several quests that you can complete to increase your friendship with him and get valuable rewards. 
  • Once you restore his store, you can visit it anytime to either purchase useful items or complete side quests for him.

How To Find And Unlock Scrooge McDuck Store

To start a friendship with Scrooge, you have to find him and restore his shop. You can unlock Scrooge McDuck easily if you follow the steps correctly. To get to Scrooge and restore his business, follow the below-mentioned steps. 

Find Scrooge And Goofy

Scrooge McDuck Disney Dreamlight Valley
Scrooge McDuck

Once you meet Merlin at the beginning of the game, he will give you a task to go and find Scrooge McDuck. You can locate the duck outside his store, which is located on the south side of the village, near the night thorns. Clear the thrones to interact with Scrooge. Once you talk with the duck, he will ask that you look for Goofy and help him in reopening his store, where you can sell items. To find Goofy, visit his house in the South of the meadows.

Once you find Goofy, both of you will venture on a fishing trip to catch some seafood and fish. Now you can open the stall and sell the fish that you’ve caught to Goofy. It will also help you to accumulate some coins which you’ll need to revive Scrooge’s store.

Once you’ve restored the building and renovated the store, you will unlock the first level of friendship. It will grant you access to the store, which will help you in progressing the friendship even further. To increase the friendship levels, you can go for the store quests and side missions, which include buying items from the store and bringing in new customers.

Upgrade Scrooge’s Store

Once you unlock the store, you can find different items on the display that you can purchase. These items are renewed on daily basis and some items are special while others are common. You can upgrade Scrooge’s store by purchasing items from the store, upgrading the inventory, and increasing its decorations to attract more customers.

If you’re looking for an item that is available in the Scrooge store, we recommend you to buy it from him as it will help in increasing the friendship level. Once you’ve done enough work on the store, Scrooge will inform you that you’ve made many customers for the store start the grand reopening. While you are at it, make sure to check out How to make Banana Pie in Disney Dream Light Valley. 

How Does Scrooge McDuck’s Shop Work

The Scrooge shop work on a random mechanism that regularly rotates its items on sale every day. This means that the items will reset every day. You can see the items on sale at the front counter and see different offers. You can also interact with Scrooge to ask or demand a specific item to check if it is available.

Since Disney Dreamlight runs according to real-time, the in-game sale items will change after 24 hours. You also fast-forward the game time by altering the time settings of your device to reset the items.

McDuck Store
Scrooge McDuck Store

In the store, you can also find a crafting station which is at the back of the counter, next to the stairs. Once the station is unlocked, it is really helpful as you can craft and refine materials, mix potions, create functional items and make useful enhancements.

Besides that, you can also invest in Scrooge McDuck’s shop to increase its stock value. Before investing in the store, make sure that you have enough coins as the investment to renovate the store will cost 10,000 Star Coins.

Scrooge McDuck Quests

In the game, you can do several quests for Scrooge to get some additional rewards and bonus friendship points. You can do eight quests in total for Scrooge. Here is how you can complete them efficiently. 

Making Cents of Things

The first quest that you can do for Scrooge McDuck is “Making Cents of Things.” This quest has been discussed earlier in which you meet Scrooge for the first time where he asks you to restore his shop with the help of Goofy.

Once Goofy agrees to help you out, you will need 1000 Star coins to renovate and restore the shop. You can earn the coins through other missions and tasks in the game. Once you have enough Star Coins, go to “Let’s open the shop” to complete the quest. After that, interact with McDuck to receive 400 Star Coins as a reward.

Grand Re-Opening

The second quest will be “Scrooge McDuck’s Grand Re-opening” in which you’ll have to help McDuck to get more customers to his shop. When you’ll start the quest, you’ll find Scrooge crying due to a lack of customers and will ask for your assistance. To get more customers to his shop, you need to put up fliers and pamphlets around the valley to let the villagers know about his shop.

Scrooge McDuck Disney Dreamlight Valley
Scrooge McDuck Grand reopening

Once you’ve done that, you need to put up McDuck’s Store top from your backpack and work for his shop improvement. Once you talk to Scrooge, he will ask you to get 12 pieces of softwood for him. After doing that, follow the McDuck to the Crafting Station where you need to prepare 4x signs using that softwood. Once the signs are ready, grab them and put them in your backpack to place them around.

To make the store look better, go back to Scrooge’s shop and grab his Wall Sign and the empty flower pots. Go to the Valley and collect 2x Purple Rising Penstemon and 2x Dandelion flowers and place them in the pot. Now take the pots back and place them outside the store. The McDuck will get happy with our efforts and gift you a Crafting Station for attracting more customers to his shop and make the grand opening possible.

Dreamlight Valley Economy 101

The third quest for McDuck will be “Dreamlight Valley Economy 101”. To start the quest, visit Scrooge’s store to interact with him where he’ll ask you for 7x Gems to sell to Goofy. Use our pickaxe to collect the 7x Gems of any kind from the valley and take them to the Goofy’s stall.

Once you sell the gems and return to Scrooge, he will inform you about the installation of an elevator that will enable home upgrades. Return back home to use the elevator and spend 1,000 Star Coins to start your home upgrade. Now visit Scrooge again to conclude the quest.

Customers Know Best

In the fourth quest “Customers Know Best”, you have to help Scrooge by delivering the new furniture to Merlin’s house. If you already have blue furniture in your collection, we recommend you use that as it will grant you some extra stars. If you do not have any furniture, you can always buy it from the shop. Deliver the furniture to Merlin and return back to McDuck to complete the quest.

A Forgotten Combination

The fifth quest “A Forgotten Combination” is a bit tricky as you have to retrieve a forgotten combination from Scrooge. During the quest, you have to do different tasks to help him in getting the key combination. Interact with Scrooge to learn about how he forgot the key combination. Fortunately, he has a note that can assist in retrieving the code.

To crack the helpful note, ask Goofy about his favorite day of the year, which is May 25. After that, according to the note, count the ponds in the Peaceful Meadow and you will get the answer as three. After that, follow the note’s instructions and visit Merlin’s house to count the number of telescopes that he uses to observe the sky at night, which is just one.

In a nutshell, the key combination to the locker is “250531”. So, once you’ve decoded the password, go back to Scrooge to tell him the good news and receive 500 Coins as a reward.

Rebuild the Valley: Peaceful Meadow

The next quest “Rebuild the Valley: Peaceful Meadow” is a pretty easy quest in which you have to help Scrooge in repairing the Peaceful Meadow. To get the task done, build the 10x furniture and place it in the Meadows to make it look beautiful. Besides that, you can also place any other extra furniture in the Meadows as well. Once you’re done with the renovation, return back to Scrooge to conclude the quest.

Rebuild the Valley: Dazzle Beach

The seventh quest is another rebuilding quest in which you have to work with McDuck to restore Dazzle Beach, which is home to Oysters and other seashells. To restore the place, make sure to use some 10x and place it in different areas around the beach. Once you’re done with the placements, return back to scrooge to finish the quest and get the coins as a reward.

What’s Bad For The Business

The last quest for Scrooge McDuck in Disney Dreamlight Valley is “What’s Bad for the Business” you have to help Scrooge McDuck to decide whether Ursula is being fair with her customers or not. To complete the objective, visit Ursula and trade a White and Red Hydrangea for a catfish with her. By doing so, you will find that Ursula is being just and fair. Return back to Scrooge and tell him about it to finish the quest.

Scrooge McDuck Friendship Levels And Rewards

Scrooge McDuck Character guide
Scrooge McDuck Rewards

The most convenient way to increase friendship with Scrooge is to often visit his store and hang out with him. Completing the quests and helping him upgrade the store will boost the friendship level even further.At each friendship level upgrade, you will receive different items and reward from Scrooge as a nice gesture. Below are all the rewards and perks that you will receive at each friendship level.

Level 1Store Opening and its access
Level 2Record Player Decoration
Level 3Scrooge With Money Bags Overlay
Level 4500 Star Coins
Level 5Mickey Mouse Hands Wardrobe
Level 6Scrooge Bathing In Coins Overlay
Level 71,000 Star Coins
Level 8Scrooge McDuck’s Top Hat Outfit
Level 9Diving Into Coins Overlay
Level 10Scrooge McDuck’s Safe

Scrooge McDuck Gift Guide

Although Scrooge McDuck’s favorite items change daily, there are some common gifts that he likes to receive, which are:

Wrapping Up

This concludes our detailed guide on Disney Dreamlight Valley Scrooge McDuck in which we discussed his quests, rewards, and gift items. If you want to make your friendship strong with Scrooge in the game, make sure to keep him happy by assisting him in his Shop tasks and maintaining work. Moreover, check out our other useful guides to play the game efficiently.

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