Disney Dreamlight Valley: BEST Gifts To Level Up Friendships

Gifts in Disney Dreamlight Valley help increase the friendship level in the game.

What Are Disney Dreamlight Valley Gifts?

Gifts in the game work the same as gifts in real life. As you give gifts to your friends, your friendship with your friends increases. Sams as that, in the game, when you give a ‘gift’ to one of the residents of the valley, it will increase your friendship with them.

What’s good about this is maybe your real-life friends might not like a watch or food as a gift. But in the game, the residents can be given anything as the best Gift. These gifts will make an unbreakable bond with the characters as they help you on your journey.

Key Takeaways

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, here are some tips for leveling up friendships quickly:

  1. Gift characters with items to increase friendship levels.
  2. You can give multiple gifts in a day to accumulate EXP points.
  3. Characters have 3 favorite gifts that change daily. Giving their favored item of the day grants a significant EXP boost.
  4. Giving the same favored item twice in a day won’t have the same effect; it works only once daily.
  5. You can give characters anything from your inventory, except quest items, by initiating a conversation.
  6. Cooked food or flowers are generally well-liked by all characters.
  7. Avoid gifting rare items, as you might lose more than you gain.
  8. Repeatedly gifting the same items from your inventory is a good strategy for boosting friendship levels.

NOTE: There is no requirement for players to be a certain friendship level before they can give gifts to characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Unlocking Best Gifts

Best Gifts.
Giving the Best Gifts helps level up friendships quickly.

You can give gifts from the beginning of the game. But it won’t be until you progress through the storyline that you’ll get Best Gifts or the Favourite gift of the day in the game. To get that, you’ll have to complete Merlin’s quest.

In the Merlin questline, there will come a point where he’ll talk about some garden pillars. These pillars will be corrupted. When you finish his quest, you get to give Merlin a gift. This will be the Dreamlight Shard that you’ll have in your inventory.

Giving the preferred gifts will be beneficial in quickly increasing the friendship level. When you give one of the current Best Gifts, they will increase the friendship level relatively more than a normal gift. These gifts will be shown separately with the title ‘Favorite Things of the Day’. They will have Extra written underneath with a purple star showing that you’ll get extra Friendship as a bonus.

Favorite/Best Gifts

While playing Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll come to note that there is no specific ‘best gift’ for residents of the valley. Gift preferences of the characters can change on a daily basis, like the Ratatouille. Every day, you’ll have a list of the 3 best gifts for each of the characters.

Before you get all confused you’ll have to find these gifts to give to the characters. You might believe that the character will only accept these gifts. That’s not the case with Disney Dreamlight Valley as we’ve explained earlier.

NOTE: It is also worth noting that regardless of the Friendship level, players can simply go to a character and then initiate a dialogue with them and choose the option of “I have something to give you”. Afterward, players can choose anything from their inventory (other than quest items) and give it to that selected character.

How To Check Characters Favorite Gift

To check what is the preferred gift of the character, you’ll have to speak with them. Press E to interact with them. And then, in the dialogue options, select the Gift dialogue. Apart from that, you can go to the Characters list that is found on the Collection page.

Press the Main Menu button, and then go to Collection Page. There, Click on the Characters button. Here, you’ll have all of the characters that you have unlocked until now.

Gift dialogue in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
Choose the Gift Dialogue.

When you are there, you’ll see 3 different gifts. These are the current Best Gifts for these characters. You’ll get to see a variety of gifts that you can give to these characters. It is good for the players who love to test everything in a game. As you’ll get to go through all the different aspects of the game to get these items.

Gifts increase firendship level in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
Leveling up Friendship in the game.

Types Of Gifts In Disney Dreamlight Valley

As we’ve mentioned before, there are several different things that you can give to the residents of the valley as the Best Gifts. To be fair, these are almost all of the items in the game. Some you’ll have to give once in a while as the Best Gift, whereas other items almost every other day.

We can’t just go through each and every one of these gifts. But we’ll explain it to you to give you an idea. It will help you understand how the gifts in the game work. A few of these can be easy to come by, whereas most of these will be relatively harder. You might have to cook some delicious meals or just give a rock to increase your Friendship level.

At times, you might find yourself buying items to give as gifts to the residents. This can be hard if you can’t keep your economy right. If you always find yourself low on cash then no need to worry. There are different ways that you can use to Make Money Faster.

  • Flowers: You should pick them up as some of the residents of the valley would like to receive these flowers quite frequently.
  • Fruits: These fruits include but are not limited to apples, bananas, blueberries, etc. These fruits will help you make different desserts such as Apple Pie or Banana Pie too. But you can just use these fruits as gifts for the residents.
  • Meals: It shouldn’t surprise you that some of the residents will have meals as their best gifts. It will help you learn new dishes in the game. Not only that, you’ll get to make some of the unique dishes in the game.
  • Minerals: Yes, that’s right, even something like minerals can be a gift for some of the residents.
  • Rocks: Although it might surprise you, some people love collecting different sizes and shapes of rocks.
  • Sticks: While on our journey in the game, we encountered a few of the characters requesting Sticks as the best gift for them. You’ll find sticks lying around at different places in the game.
  • Vegetables: The game goes on to show that sometimes a simple item such as Tomato seeds can be the best gift. It may be the character is making one of the 150+ different recipes that require vegetables to make.
  • Night Shards: Night Shards are an item that you’ll get to collect while you’re breaking rocks using a Pickaxe from the Royal Tools in Disney. You’ll find that a few of the characters would like to get them as a gift. 

Final Words

Gifts in Disney Dreamlight Valley increase the friendship level between you and the character. There isn’t any rule on what can be a gift. As it can be anything simple or hard to get, the game motivates you to push yourself to get unique items.

The Best Gifts increase friendship levels more than a normal gift. Every day, you’ll be given random 3 items as best gifts for the character. Get those to get their friendship higher quickly. 


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