Disney Dreamlight Valley Royal Tools [All Locations]

To start your quest, gather these necessary Royal Tools with the help of our Disney Dreamlight Valley Guide.

Finding all of the Royal Tools is one of the first missions you’ll receive in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Merlin only reveals that there are only four of them and that they are abandoned in Dreamlight Valley. Here’s where you can find them all. You may use these tools to fish, plant, and break rocks.

Key Highlights
  • Four Royal Tools can be found in Disney Dreamlight Valley: Pickaxe, Watering Can, Pickaxe, Shovel.
  • Pickaxe is used for mining and clearing obstacles.
  • Shovel is used for clearing roadblocks and creating holes for planting seeds.
  • Watering Can is used to water plants and promote growth.
  • Fishing Rod requires completion of Fishing Expedition quest and is used to catch fish and seaweed.
  • Tools are used by right-clicking on objects and following prompts for use.

Excluding the Fishing Rod, which is located in a different place that requires the Pickaxe to reach. You can gather these Royal Tools in any order.

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Once you understand where to search, you can easily get the most of these goods. Here are each of the Royal Tools locations if you’re prepared to equip yourself for the road ahead.

Where To Find Royal Tools In Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Four Royal Tools are available for collection in Disney Dreamlight Valley. These tools include

  • Pickaxe
  • Watering Can
  • Pickaxe
  • Shovel

When you start the game alongside Merlin and Mickey, the first Royal Tools you’ll unlock are the pickaxe and watering can. The irrigation is behind your tiny home, and the pickaxe is in the lower right corner of the Plaza.

All the locations for the Royal Tools: 

PickaxeBlighted stone, Southeast of the entrance Plaza areaMining, Clearing obstacles
Watering CanNorthwest of the house in the Plaza areaWater plants, Promote growth
ShovelEast side of the Plaza, on the left side of the Ratatouille restaurant Chez RemyClearing roadblocks, Creating holes for planting seeds
Fishing RodPeaceful Meadow, located on the South of the PlazaCatch Seaweed and Fish

Pickaxe Tool

Disney Dreamlight Valley Royal Pickaxe Tool

The Pickaxe may be discovered sticking out of some burning blighted stone southeast of the entrance Plaza area. Darkness will vanish as soon as you lift the Pickaxe. Finally revealing the cycle of day and night that corresponds to your local time. A ray of light will rocket into the sky when you first obtain the pickaxe.

The Pickaxe tool can be utilized to mine minerals and rocks as well as to clear obstacles out of the path. Mining for gems and other difficulties like rocks and other obstructions with the Pickaxe will help you progress through several challenges.

Shovel Tool

Disney Dreamlight Valley Royal Shovel Tool

To the left of the abandoned Ratatouille restaurant Chez Remy, in the northeastern corner of the Plaza neighborhood, is where you may find The Shovel Royal Tool protruding from the earth.

You might need to remove some of the nearby Night Thorns depending on how you approach them to get to the Shovel. Once gathered, you may use it to clear specific roadblocks off the route and to create holes in which to plant seeds.

Watering Can

Can for Watering

The Watering Can Royal Tool can be found northwest of where you begin your quest. It’s behind your new house, in the Plaza area. A Watering Can is initially a bit tough to find because it is concealed behind a few broken barrels.

So get rid of the adjacent obstructions and search the area beyond for the shining watering can. Your Watering can be utilized to water flowers or crops to promote their growth and future yield.

Fishing Rod

A Rod for Fishing

The Fishing Rod needs the most effort to get since you must first use the Pickaxe to pave a way through the Peaceful Meadow region south of the Plaza before proceeding to the little pond.

To complete the Fishing Expedition quest, you must take the Broken Fishing Rod to Goofy by traveling to his home in the east and interacting with his front door. Talk to him inside and give him the damaged object; he will replace it with a functioning fishing rod.

To finish the Fishing Expedition quest, go with Goofy toward the fishing area and accomplish the remaining tasks. In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you may catch seaweed by fishing outside of the ripples in addition to catching fish from the water’s surface.

How To Use Royal Tools?

Disney Dreamlight Valley Royal Tools

It’s rather straightforward what you can accomplish with the tools. If you wish to interact with something, like a rock you intend to use the pickaxe on, keep an eye out for a circle to emerge around it. The tool may then be accessed by right-clicking.

The shovel can be employed to dig up golden glittery patches to locate minerals and treasures as well as to create holes for sprinkling seeds. The watering can be used to hydrate both newly planted and dying plants. Both black rocks on the walls and rocks on the surface may be broken with a pickaxe.

The unique jewels, such as garnets and emeralds, that are typically revealed when you smash these rocks can be used for missions or sold. The hardest tool to use is the fishing rod. You’ll notice circles of various colors in a body of water with bubbles that show fish are close.

Depending on how tough the catch will be, they may be white, red, or blue. You must hold down your spacebar or right-click until the little circle enters the fishing circle to cast your rod. To “catch” a fish, you must then wait for the cue and left-click, and then you must wait for the small circle to move inward.

When you left-click, make sure the outer and inner circles are touching. A green circle indicates that you have clicked on time; a red circle indicates that you must start over. To catch the fish, repeat this process two to three more times.


Once you have acquired all four of the Royal Tools, you may go see Merlin in the Dream Castle to finish The Royal Tools quest. Be advised that whenever you use a Tool, energy will be lost and will need to be restored.

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