How To Make Seafood Salad In Disney Dreamlight Valley

In our guide you will get to know how to make Seafood Salad in Disney Dreamlight Valley as a part of a quest and earn rewards.

Story Highlights
  • Cooking is an important part of Disney Dreamlight Valley & making meals from recipes allows players to earn rewards
  • Moana's Peacemaker quest will task players to cook Seafood Salad
  • To get the Seafood Salad ready, players would need to make use of Lettuce
  • Goofy's Stall has all the items needed to cook Seafood Salad

Disney Dreamlight has a lot of fun activities in store for its players, and cooking is just as important and interesting. Here, you will learn the recipe for Seafood Salad in Disney Dreamlight Valley and everything related to it. Have a look at our guide on how to get oysters and aquamarine.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a game full of life adventures, including a hell lot of quests to complete. Moreover, there are many acquaintances that players will interact with from Disney and Pixar. You can also check our guide on how to cook Vegetarian Stew.

As players will step foot in the land of dreams and fantasies of Dreamlight Valley, they will get to know about the forbidden land’s history. The valley now filled with Dark Magic was once full of life and fun. Moreover, all the villagers used to love a fear-free life with their families.

However, after the mysterious magic occurred, everyone got deprived of their homes. Other than that, the characters of Disney Dreamlight Valley also had to wipe their hands off their memories. Now, you are not only a player of the game but also a hero. Your job is to help the people of the village in getting their land back. 

What has attracted the players even more to the game is the fact that can get to hang out and have their life next to their beloved characters. From Mickey Mouse, The Lion King, and Moana of Disney to the Toy Story of Pixar, Disney Dreamlight Valley is full of surprises. 

What Does Cooking Quests Offer? 

There is a set of activities and missions that the gamers will have to complete to move ahead in the game. Cook tasteful recipes with Remi in the restaurant, and get fishing done next to Goofy. And, even get to grow crops and vegetables in the patch garden of WALL-E. 

Another interesting feature of the game is that players will be able to redesign their homes and even characters. Build beautiful homes and customize the characters however you want to.

All the characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley will assign the players some task that they will have to complete. Upon completing these missions, the players will be either given new rewards, unlock characters, or new missions.

We will be covering the mission of Moana given to players in our guide. In this, they will have to cook the recipe for the Seafood Salad. So, without any further ado let’s get right to it. 

Moana’s Quest

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, as players get a character unlocked they will be instantly assigned a mission. For the quest of Moana, she wants the players to make the recipe for Seafood Salad for Maui.

Completing the quest of characters will also increase the friendship level. The mission given to you by Moana as soon as she is free and in the valley is called the “Peacemaker”.


The reason behind doing the mission of Peacemaker in Disney Dreamlight Valley is that Moana is interested in knowing about all the items that the players have, which by the way, are very strange, Moreover, Moana guesses that Maui has a lot more information about those items than she does.

Seafood Salad in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Peacemaker Quest.

But the sad news is that Maui is not on talking terms with Moana because she left him alone in the realm when she went for the valley. However, Moana has got all the plans to make him happy.

To do that, the players of Disney Dreamlight Valley are supposed to cook three different types of food. One of them is the Seafood Salad. We have discussed all the information needed for cooking the recipe in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Getting Seafood Salad

To get the Seafood Salad ready, players would need to make use of Lettuce. Moreover, any type of seafood can be used to make the recipe. However, players need to keep in their mind that they cannot make use of an old and regular type of fish. It has to be a shellfish. These would be Shrimp, Lobster, and Clams. 

Seafood Salad in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Seafood Salad.

First of all, players need to spot a good stove and mix all the items to get the dish of Seafood Salad ready. The recipe has two stars given to it and it would also restore the energy of the players for 570. Moreover, players can also sell it for Star Coins of 335.

Items Needed

Players would need all the items needed so that they can start cooking Seafood Salad in the game. The best spot to find all the items is at the stall Goofy. The stall is placed in Peaceful Meadows.

However, all the ingredients in his shop keep shifting. Still, players can get Goofy to sell them seeds of Lettuce for around three separate coins. Furthermore, Goofy will also be willing to sell you Lettuce that is all ready to be cooked. But the price for that is twelve coins. 

Disney Dreamlight Valley Seafood Salad
Lettuce For Salad.

Now, for getting a shellfish in Disney Dreamlight Valley players can find Clams in Dazzle Beach. The clams or even scallops would be laying on the ground all ready to be grabbed.

Seafood Salad in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Moreover, players can do a little fishing on the beach of Dazzle to get Shrimp. However, it would be good if the player bring a partner with them for fishing as it would increase the chances of finding shellfish. 

Players can also make use of lobster to cook Seafood Salad. However, it can only be found at a location called the biome of Glade of Trust. Moreover, players can easily find lobsters if they do the fishing in the circles of yellow color that also glow inside the water.


Cooking is an important part of Disney Dreamlight Valley. Moreover, cooking recipes to earn rewards and help the characters is even more vital, and reward-gaining,

Make sure to get all the correct items to cook Seafood Salad in Disney Dreamlight Valley and make Maui happy and solve the mission of Moana to earn more rewards. Disney Dreamlight Valley can be played on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series of X, and S.

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