Disney Dreamlight Valley: Removing Bones In Sunlit Plataeu

In this guide we explain the bypass and bones removal methods to access Sunlit Plateau.

As you progress through Disney Dreamlight Valley and complete various quests, you will unlock different regions or biomes. Each biome offers something special and has a unique mechanic attached to them. But before you can enter a biome you will be met with an obstacle, blockage, roadblock, whatever you name it, blocking your path. In today’s guide, we will explain how to remove the bones blocking your path in Sunlit Plateau in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Story Highlights

  • There are multiple biomes in Disney Dreamlight Valley and Sunlit Plateau is one of them. 
  • To access Sunlit Plateau, you need to remove the bones blocking its path.
  • There aren’t any characters that can help you with the removal of bones, however, you can use two bypass methods to get into the valley.
  • The first one is by buying a pass to Forgotten Lands and getting to the upper part of Sunlit Plateau via it.
  • The second one is by placing the Wishing Well on the other side of the bones and then using fast travel to reach it.

Bones In Sunlit Plateau

Bones blocking the path to Sunlit Plateau

You may encounter bones blocking the path to the Sunlit Plateau biome. To access Sunlit Plateau without waiting for the character Scar from The Lion King to become available, you can use one of two bypass methods:

  1. Dream Portal Bypass: This method involves using the Dream Portal, which is a feature in the game that allows you to teleport between different biomes. Here’s how you can use it:a. Open your map and locate the Dream Portal icon. It looks like a swirling portal.b. Interact with the Dream Portal and choose the Sunlit Plateau biome as your destination.

    c. Confirm your choice, and you’ll be transported directly to the Sunlit Plateau without needing to remove the bones.

  2. Teleportation Bypass: Some players have reported being able to bypass the bones by teleporting to other players’ homes in the Sunlit Plateau. If you have friends or fellow players in the Sunlit Plateau, you can use this method:a. Open your Friends list and find a friend or player who has their home in the Sunlit Plateau.b. Select their name and choose to teleport to their home.

    c. You’ll be transported to their home in the Sunlit Plateau, bypassing the bones blocking the main path.

Keep in mind that these methods allow you to access the Sunlit Plateau without removing the bones but may not provide access to all areas or resources within the biome until Scar’s character questline becomes available.

Lion King
An intimidating Scar standing in front of Woody



Forgotten Lands Bypass

The first method includes getting into Sunlit Plateau via Forgotten Lands. You can purchase a pass to Forgotten Lands for 20,000 coins. We know that this is an expensive pass, and it requires proper grinding to reach this amount. 

That is why we highly recommend going through our guide on how to make money fast. Once you have the pass, you can get to the upper part of the Sunlit Plateau by traversing through the Forgotten Lands.

Wishing Well Trick

To bypass the bones blocking your path in Sunlit Plateau, you can use the Wishing Well trick. Here’s how it works:

  1. Find a Wishing Well: Locate a Wishing Well in Sunlit Plateau. You don’t need to be close to it; you just need to know where it is on the map.
  2. Learn Furniture Moving Ability: To move the Wishing Well, you must have learned the ability to move furniture, which you can obtain from Scrooge McDuck’s questline.
  3. Move the Wishing Well: Open your furniture menu and select the Wishing Well in Sunlit Plateau. Move it to a location marked specifically for this purpose, as shown in the image provided.
  4. Teleport to the Wishing Well: Now, use the map to teleport to the Wishing Well’s new location that you’ve just set.
Fast Travel
The new location of Wishing Well in Sunlit Plateau

With this, our guide on how to bypass the bones blocking your path in Disney Dreamlight Valley comes to an end. Let us know about any other bypass methods or exploits in the comments below.

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