Dragon Age Inquisition Best Class Ranked

Our guide gives complete information on all classes and without knowing Dragon Age Inquisition best class, you are bound to pick wrong ones.

Dragon Age Inquisition has a diverse roster of classes that stretch out from the primary three classes; Mage, Rogue, Warrior. Your gameplay experience and playstyle will revolve around the sub-classes that you create by mastering the combat and investing skill points. Without talking about the sub-classes in Dragon Age Inquisition, players will not be able to identify the uses and limitations of each sub-class. Therefore, here is the breakdown of three major classes into sub-classes.  

Key Takeaways
  • The best class in Dragon Age Inquisition is subjective and depends on your playstyle. However, Knight-Enchanter, Necromancer, and Rift Mage are all considered to be top-tier classes.
  • The Knight-Enchanter is a powerful melee class that can also cast spells. They are very tanky and can deal a lot of damage.
  • The Necromancer is a ranged class that can summon undead minions to fight for them. They are very versatile and can deal a lot of damage or control the battlefield.
  • The Rift Mage is a ranged class that can control the flow of battle with their elemental magic. They are very powerful but can be fragile.
  • Other good classes in Dragon Age Inquisition include the Artificer, Assassin, Tempest, Champion, and Reaver.
  • Ultimately, the best class for you is the one that you enjoy playing the most. Experiment with different classes and find one that suits your playstyle.

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Knight-Enchanter sub-class is the perfect balance between a mage and melee-focused character in Dragon Age Inquisition. Using the spirit blade, this sub-class can attack and deflect incoming projectiles using the Spirit Blade, which is a hilt weapon summoning a sharp magic-infused blade.

Knight Enchanter best sub class for melee
Knight Enchanter in action
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Knight-Enchanter deals a moderate amount of damage to enemies. This sub-class is an all-rounder one in Dragon Age Inquisition as it provides protection to self and the party via its spells. Using the Fade Shield spell, Knight-Enchanter draws energy released by enemies and strengthens the barrier.

The best part about this sub-class is that you can avoid unwanted combat engagement with certain enemy types by using the Fade Cloak spell. Moreover, Knight-Enchanter also does an area-of-effect attack by using the Disruption Field spell. Another reason why many players prefer picking this sub-class is because of the Resurgence spell, which basically calls spirits to restore you and your party members. The spell also heals the party members.


Necromancer sub-class is the master of putting fear in the heart of an enemy. Whenever an enemy dies nearby, this sub-class gets back the lost health and mana. Moreover, killing foes frequently increases the spell power of Necromancer, and the remaining enemies will take more damage.

Necromancer subclass for ranged and melee playstyle
Necromancer in action
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Necromancer is a difficult sub-class to master in Dragon Age Inquisition. The main problem with this sub-class is that it does not deal a decent amount of damage, and despite the amazing spells, Necromancer is a little underwhelming sub-class in the game.

Moreover, most of the spells of this sub-class shine when you unlock every single skill in the node. It may give Necromancer a much better damage output performance, but it also wastes a lot of time in investing and earning skill points.

Playing with Necromancer as a center or back-row character would be a much better choice than a frontal assault. It is because this sub-class is not best known for its damage-dealing but for survivability, area of effects, and short amount of healing.

Rift Mage

Using Rift Mage as a crowd-controlling character can result in some satisfactory combat engagements. However, this sub-class does not perform well for one versus one fights, and it is also one of the reasons why it has more survivability than others. Rift Mage is one of the best classes only if the players know how to properly utilize their abilities. Otherwise, the difficult learning curve and an overwhelming amount of spells can sometimes throw you off from the frequent combat engagements.

Rift Mage Dragon Age Inquisition Best Class
Rift Mage in action
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Rift Mage is the proper sub-class that is famous for crowd control in Dragon Age Inquisition. Most of the attacks of this sub-class surround weakening the enemies by using ice, fire, and electricity elemental-based magic attacks. Other than that, Rift Mage’s attacks also deal with various debuffs on enemies, making them weak by the minute while your team engages the enemy team.

Besides the active abilities of Rift Mage, the passive ones are pretty strong as well. The Restorative Veil passive allows the sub-class to regain mana by dealing damage to the enemies. Moreover, Rift Mage can also increase the intensity of the status effect on enemies via its Encircling Veil ability. Besides applying debuffs on enemies, this sub-class can also passively increase self-damage from the Twisting Veil spell.


Artificer is the master of making enemies fall in traps, dealing increased self and party damage, and reducing the cooldown on abilities as long as the party members keep scoring critical hits on enemies. Combining all of these features makes this sub-class one of the best classes in the game.

Artificer Pure ranged sub class
Artificer in action
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The Opportunity Knocks passive ability of Artificer by far is the best passive players will not find on any other sub-classes in the game. It allows the sub-class to get a cooldown reduction on abilities as long as the party members deal critical hits on the enemies.

Artificer sub-class comes with the best passive and active abilities to lead the party into combat and emerge out victorious. Other than that, if you are planning to use Artificer in Dragon Age Inquisition, make sure to equip a bow and arrow. It is because settings traps and engaging the enemies from a distance will ensure Artificer gets less damage and eliminate the chances of dying on the field.

You want this sub-class to remain with your party, and the best way would be to place it behind other characters while engaging in combat. This is why a bow and arrow would be a perfect fit to strike enemies from a distance.


Assassin has its uses while playing with this sub-class in Dragon Age Inquisition. It is not the perfect sub-class players can get in the game; however, think of Assassin as a means to get easy kills, disabling enemies, and allowing your teammates to dish out the damage after this sub-class has dealt serious damage to an enemy.

Assassin Dragon Age Inquisition Best Class
Assassin striking from shadows
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Assassin’s Hidden Blade allows the character to strike enemies swiftly, dealing 300% of weapon damage to the foes. The Overkill upgrade of this ability increase the hit count and reduces the cooldown further, allowing this sub-class to become more deadly in the field.

Knife In The Shadows is by far the best passive ability of Assassin as it allows the sub-class to deal a guaranteed critical hit on an enemy if attacked from stealth. This significantly increases the damage output of this sub-class, allowing you to always strike first with Assassin before engaging in combat.

Moreover, when enemies are near to death, striking them with Assassin will drain their HPs much faster due to the sub-class’ passive called Throatcutter. The second best ability of Assassin would be his ability to put enemies to sleep by using Knockout Bomb ability. Players can use this ability to advantage whenever too many enemies surround them as it can be used to control the combat engagements in Dragon Age Inquisition.

While most of Assassin’s abilities require you to get close to enemies, equipping a bow will allow you to hit them far from a distance as well. Also, it will increase the chances of surviving the tough odds should you encounter an overwhelming foe out in the field.


We think Tempest comes in second place when we talk about the best class. The Tempest is especially beneficial in a party that leans heavily on melee combat, providing a strategic balance to the group’s capabilities. 

Tempest the elemental damage master sub class
Enraged Tempest approaching target
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Key Abilities:

  • Flask of Frost, Fire, and Lightning: These are the core abilities that allow the Tempest to control the battlefield. Each flask provides unique benefits, such as crowd control or burst damage, but they cannot be used simultaneously; a flask must expire before another is activated.
  • Flaskmaster: This passive ability increases the number of elixirs Tempest can carry and offers a 25% chance that using a flask will not consume it, enhancing sustainability in prolonged fights.
  • Ride the Storm: Boosts the duration of elixir effects, increasing overall damage output.
  • Flask of Fire: Sends the Tempest into a frenzied state where no stamina is consumed and enemies are knocked back upon approaching, ideal for aggressive, berserk-style gameplay.


The Champion is a formidable tank sub-class in Dragon Age Inquisition, excelling in defense and crowd control. It boasts abilities that maximize guard and manage battlefield dynamics effectively.

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Key Abilities:

  • Line in the Sand: Blocks choke points, preventing enemy movement. This skill is crucial for splitting enemies into manageable groups, allowing the party to focus on isolated targets.
  • Bulwark: Enhances durability by providing maximum guard protection during combat.
  • Adamant: Increases armor by 20%, significantly boosting survivability against tough opponents like powerful bosses.

Overall, the Champion is essential for parties needing strong defensive capabilities and strategic crowd management.

Champion Dragon Age Inquisition Best Class
Champion trying to even the odds


The Reaver shines as a high-risk, high-reward sub-class known for its ability to significantly increase damage output as its health decreases.

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Key Abilities:

  • Ring of Pain: Marks a battlefield area, enhancing damage dealt to enemies within it and causing spirit damage to any entering foes. The Painbringer upgrade allows the ring to move with the Reaver, maintaining its effect dynamically.
  • Blood Frenzy: Provides a 5% damage increase for each 10% of health lost, enhancing the Reaver’s destructive capabilities as health declines.
  • Terrifying Fury: This passive ability gives critical strikes a 25% chance to cause nearby enemies to flee in fear, aiding in crowd control.

Ideal for players who prefer a glass cannon style, the Reaver excels in delivering powerful attacks at the expense of vulnerability, making it a thrilling yet challenging class to master.

Reaver Dragon Age Inquisition Best Class
Angry Reaver


Templar sub-class in Dragon Age Inquisition offers party-wide buffs and removes debuffs that enemies apply. The only downside while playing with this sub-class in the game would be the efficiency of the buffs and the overall support that Templar offers to the table.

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While having the complete freedom to choose a sub-class in the game, having Templar in the party means receiving underwhelming party-wide buffs that otherwise could have been much more had you picked an Assassin, Artificer, or another sub-class instead of Templar.

Templar Dragon Age Inquisition Best Class
Templar fighting a tough boss

You may have a couple of questions now that you know a little bit more about the main and sub-classes in Dragon Age Inquisition. We have scoured the web and have found out the three most asked questions about the classes in the game, and we have tried our best to answer them as short as possible.


What is the best attack class specialization in Dragon Age Inquisition?

Artificer, Reaver, Tempest are the best attack class specialization in Dragon Age Inquisition

What is the best defense class specialization in Dragon Age Inquisition?

By far Champion is the best defense class specialization in Dragon Age Inquisition

What is the best class race for Dragon Age Inquisition?

Humans for the overall story, Qunari and Dwarves at second and Elves at third priority

That is pretty much everything you need to know about classes and sub-classes in Dragon Age Inquisition. Which class/sub-class has been your favorite so far in the game? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.

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