Diablo Immortal Stuck On Starting Game [SOLVED]

Diablo Immortal's "Stuck on Starting Game" issue, likely caused by network instability or server problems, can be addressed by updating PC drivers, scanning for missing files, checking server status, closing background applications and more

Diablo Immortal Stuck On Starting Game error often occurs when the game fails to complete its routine check of essential files, resulting in a freeze-up during the loading process.

This snag prevents players from progressing to the main menu. It’s commonly triggered by network instability, server-related problems, or issues within the game’s code. Corrupted or missing files can also contribute to this stalling issue.

The game stays stuck on “Starting Game”.
diablo immortal starting game
Stuck on Starting Game (Image by eXputer)
Before trying the more in-depth fixes, I suggest trying these simple methods first:

Key Highlights

These are all the solutions to solve the Stuck on Starting Game issue:

  1. Scan and repair missing files 
  2. Check the Diablo Immortal server status 
  3. Switch to a different regional server
  4. Clear Diablo Immortal app cache 

Scan & Repair Missing Or Corrupted Files

stuck on starting game Diablo Immortal
Begin Scan (Image by eXputer)

Contrary to popular belief, there are several ways where the core installation files of a game on a PC can haywire and cause major damages such as corrupted files and even the case of vital missing data. This is extremely crucial because these files and data are needed to run the game properly, so without them, you may as well continuously run into game-breaking errors, such as the game getting stuck on starting during Diablo Immortal.

Evaluate The Diablo Immortal Server Status

Players encountering the Diablo Immortal starting screen freeze should check Blizzard Entertainment’s server status. Server issues, similar to those in other games like Apex Legends, can disrupt gameplay. The game provides different regional servers, but scheduled maintenance may temporarily restrict access.

During maintenance, developers apply fixes and enhance stability. Following Diablo Immortal’s official Twitter account for maintenance updates helps plan gaming sessions and allows switching between servers if needed.

Switch To A Different Lobby

Diablo Immortal Servers
Diablo Immortal Regional servers or lobbies (Image by eXputer)

Switch to a different lobby within the game, which acts as a regional server. These lobbies vary in time zones and latency levels, where latency measures data travel time between your device and servers in milliseconds. To tackle the loading screen issue in Diablo Immortal, select a different server from the main menu that slightly differs in latency. Blizzard provides multiple servers, allowing you to test if the problem is tied to a specific lobby. Try a different lobby to check if it resolves the loading screen problem.

Clear The Immortal App Cache

Diablo Immortal app
Clearing App Cache (Image by eXputer)

One of the definitive ways to solve Diablo Immortal Stuck on Starting game error is by clearing the App cache on your smartphone, which is easier said than done. The memory cache is the non-existent data that is freely roaming around in your app directory, so removing that is highly beneficial no matter what app you are using.

It will help the application or game on your smartphone to run faster and better in overall performance. Both IOS and Android have relatively similar ways to remove the app cache data.

My Thoughts

The issue of Diablo Immortal freezing at the login screen seems moderately widespread, affecting players attempting to access the game’s main menu due to file checks failing during the loading process.

While some fixes, like updating drivers or scanning for missing files, seem plausible, the complexity varies, and the developers appear to be actively addressing server-related problems.

Chatter on forums like Blizzard and Reddit indicate a mix of success stories and unresolved issues despite attempting these solutions. My troubleshooting experience involved updating drivers and checking server status, which helped marginally.

There seems to be no official Twitter response acknowledging the issue and providing updates.

I hope these methods prove helpful for players experiencing the issue. If all else fails, contacting customer support for the company could be a viable option to seek personalized assistance.

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