Diablo Immortal Requires $110K To Fully Gear Up

The game has been developed by Netease and none other than popular Blizzard Entertainment. In 2018 it was announced, and now in 2022, it is released for both iOS and Android users and a beta version for windows users. Lately, Diablo Immortal 110k has been a buzzword, and in this guide, you will know why.

Diablo Immortal is free-action role-playing; it has many people playing it daily and different Diablo Immortal servers that you can join. Moreover, the events in Diablo Immortal are set between Diablo 2 and Diablo 3.

You can select some of the best classes in Diablo Immortal, such as Necromancer, Barbarian build, and Demon Hunter Build. Each build has a different set of skills and has a unique purpose.

Diablo Immortal Microtransactions

Players in Diablo Immortal
Poster of Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal does not require you Pay-to-win, as almost all the gems in the game are achievable without spending any money. However, there is one specific gem in a battle pass that you have to Pay. But now the Diablo Immortal 110k fiasco has even made it worse.

With that being said, spending money on Diablo Immortal does help a lot; with the help of Diablo immortal microtransactions, you can get most of the quality drop items easily. Besides, there are valuable resources that you can achieve to roll the stats of legendary items. You can purchase gear too in the marketplace from other players directly. 

Diablo Immortal Microtransactions
Microtransactions in-game Immortal Diablo

The game offers Cosmetics and battle premium passes that can also be purchased through microtransactions and players cannot access empowered battle passes without paying real money. Also, the Eternal Orbs are considered as premium currency that players can have, and to acquire it players have pay to real money. Eternal Orbs unlock several ways for players to progress quickly, and they also act as modifier Rifts.

Diablo Immortal $110K Required To Fully Gear Up

 To fully gear up to maximum Diablo Immortal, now you have to pay up to $110K. While it must be hard for gamers to believe, it is shockingly true. It has hurt the sentiments of gamers. Not all the people in the world can pay such a huge amount of money to enjoy the gameplay.

Due to the greedy monetization strategy of Blizzard. The normal F2P player, cannot even obtain elite legendary gems without spending real money. To fully maximize your character you have to spend around $110k with current monetization options.

Legendary Gems in Diablo Immortal
Diablo Legendary Gems visual

Gamers on Youtube stated that with the current scenario, it will take 10 years to fully maximize your character. To acquire the legendary gems, F2P players have to play for almost 10 years, according to popular gaming critics.   

Diablo Immortal consists of 5-star gems, which are important for players to obtain to fully gear up their character. These however now cost a lot of money, and to achieve all of these, it would take up to $110k. Or endless playing hours to get it, if you don’t want to spend money.

Lead Game Designer Wyatt Cheng’s Statement

The game’s lead designer claims the game doesn’t require money to gear up. Which is untrue, and it angered the gaming community. After, that Wyatt Cheng said, he was only talking about specific gear. It should come as no surprise that was trying to control the damage he did, with earlier tweets.

Despite what the lead designer has to say. Any player that spends money in the game would have significantly higher chances of leveling up.

However, the gaming community had an idea, that Blizzard attached with Netease attached. That this would turn up like this. This was just Blizzard’s greedy F2P monetization tactics, that took fans several days to release. Most people would spend $110k on Diablo Immortal but sure shows how much Blizzard cares about its player base.

Players’ Reaction to Diablo Immortal 110k Situation

Since the launch of Diablo Immortal, gamers have appreciated gameplay, though there was a handful of people hating its monetization.

Even though this hasn’t stopped players from playing Diablo Immortal, the game is still on the top of the Apple Store. However, players have also been showing hatred on social media and Reddit through memes and statements about this pay-to-win situation.  

However, people did rate it low on Metacritic, as of now it has the 3rd lowest score there. And the reason is the new Diablo Immortal $110k monetization tactics of developers

This is one of the reasons, why Diablo Immortal hasn’t been in some countries. In Netherlands and Belgium, the government has banned the Diablo Immortal. These countries have strict laws regarding loot box laws, considering them as gambling. 

This is now getting pretty popular, as we have seen in games like Lost Ark and Destiny 2. In these games, people also spend real money to buy in-game cosmetics and sometimes even emotes. Despite Diablo’s $110k situation, game creators claim: that players can still achieve upgrades and levels. Without paying any money. However,  gamers are getting used to this Pay to win situation. 


The events in Diablo Immortal take place between Diablo 2 and Diablo 3. The game was first designed especially for mobile, but now you can play it on the computer as well. Since it is an online game, you can play it with your friends too, or just enjoy it with the online community.

Diablo Immortal has pretty much the same style as Diablo 2 and Diablo 3. There are six classes, all of them with different use cases and abilities.

Diablo Immortal is a free game to play, you can almost achieve all the things, by grinding. But, to achieve precious gems and legendary crests quickly, you have to spend real-life money. There are several things that you can buy, these are Eternal Orbs, Gems, and Battle pass.

Diablo Immortal has arcade-like gameplay, besides its gameplay resembles Diablo 2, because it contains destructible environments, and has a dynamic art style as well. Diablo Immortal has 6 classes, and you have the freedom to select any class according to the situation, whether it’s PVP, group fights or just playing solo.

Now with Diablo Immortal’s $110k situation, You will need up to $110k literally to full gear up your single character. The gaming community has been in a rage, making memes and writing angry statements about the game developers

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