Diablo Immortal Review – An Insult To Diablo’s Legacy

It's hard to recommend this game to anyone.

Diablo Immortal Review
  • Story And Setting
  • Gameplay
  • Visuals And Performance


While the foundations of Diablo Immortal’s gameplay are really solid, the predatory monetarization makes it hard to ever recommend to anyone.


  • Intuitive Control Scheme
  • Engaging Gameplay
  • Decent Visuals
  • Multiplayer Features


  • Repetitive Side Quests
  • Microtransactions
  • Flawed PC Port
  • Boring Story

In a world where mobile gaming has become increasingly prominent, Blizzard decided to jump ship and develop a game catered to this more casual audience. But over the years this particular platform has been the playground for developers pumping out games that are the epitome of mediocrity, jumbled up with predatory pay-to-win mechanics.

Quick Information
  • Developer: Blizzard Entertainment, NetEase
  • Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment
  • Release Date: June 2, 2022
  • Platforms: PC, Mobile
  • Game Length:
  • Time Played: Diablo III
  • Editors Note: We thoroughly tested Diablo Immortal on PC, putting in just over 30 hours into the completion of the main story.

It was for this reason that this once beloved developer was called out for its greedy practices, and for following the trend that was taking the gaming industry on a dark path.

But despite the criticism, Blizzard went through with it. And although they delivered a pretty solid Diablo game, as expected, the cruel monetary practices surrounding it have succeeded in turning it into a blemish on Blizzard’s professional record.

Story And Setting

Diablo Immortal Review Story

The narrative of Diablo Immortal takes players on a journey that bridges the gap between the second and third games. It explores the aftermath of Diablo’s defeat, and the world’s struggle to rid itself of the lingering demonic influence now in the form of a demon named Skarn. The bits of lore present here are intriguing and have all the quirks and depth of a traditional Blizzard chronicle.

Players will encounter a host of beloved characters from the series, such as Deckard Cain, Charsi, and Xul. These familiar faces lend a nostalgic charm to the game, as they join forces with the player to battle the forces of the Burning Hells once more.

The fast-paced approach to the game also sacrifices some depth in terms of plot development.

The world is presented through level-suggested zones, reminiscent of the structure in World of Warcraft. Players progress by following the main story, traveling through the world map, and taking on different objectives. This structure ensures a smooth and engaging progression, allowing them to focus on immersing themselves in the rich lore and dynamic environments of the universe.

The story unfolds at a fast pace, keeping players on their toes and constantly driving the narrative forward. But it isn’t anything groundbreaking and only serves to progress you from one area to another. This isn’t helped by the side content, which are essentially repetitive “Fetch Quests.”

The fast-paced approach to the game also sacrifices some depth in terms of plot development, but it suits the mobile platform and action-oriented gameplay.


Diablo Immortal Review Gameplay
Gameplay (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

Unlike the previous games, the core gameplay of Diablo Immortal is centered around a simple, action-centric approach, and this might alienate many fans of the series. However, if we look at the other side of the coin, this step will introduce a host of new players to the franchise.

It serves as a gateway for more casual players to explore the dungeon-crawling genre, providing quick and accessible gameplay without overwhelming complexity.

Maintaining the tradition of its predecessors, Diablo Immortal presents six distinct classes, each boasting unique playstyles and a balanced mix of advantages and drawbacks. These include the Barbarian, Wizard, Necromancer, Demon Hunter, Monk, and Crusader.

Progression is primarily story-driven, guiding players from one zone to another as they defeat hordes of enemies and level up to reach the final area, the Realm of Damnation. The level-suggested zones, ensure a balanced and engaging progression that maintains the players’ interest throughout the journey.

Microtransactions are intrusive and often overshadow the game’s more enjoyable features.

Multiplayer is the standout feature of this title, and the moment you finish the game’s tutorial you’re exposed to a world bustling with other players. The game offers an always-on multiplayer experience, reminiscent of titles like Runescape. As you venture out into the player hubs, you can spontaneously join other players in taking down monsters on your way to the next instanced map, which brings an organic, community-driven feel to the game.

Matchmaking for major dungeons is efficient and usually fast, often taking 30 seconds or less to pair you with a full group to take down a boss. If you don’t like teaming up with other people, there are also “solo-only” story sections throughout the game. And so far, I bet all of this sounds great.

But the problem with the game lies with the monetization system. Microtransactions are intrusive and often overshadow the game’s more enjoyable features, giving players who pay significant advantages in terms of loot. Eternal orbs represent the highest tier of currency in Diablo Immortal, which can be bought from real-world cash, and these can be used to procure Platinum, Legendary Crests, Reforge Stones, and Dawning Echoes.

Cosmetics also can be quite expensive, with single outfits typically priced around $15.

Crests are used to add extra loot to Elder Rifts, the randomized dungeon system that returns from Diablo 3.  This can provide a significant loot advantage to those players who choose to purchase them, creating an imbalance between paying and non-paying players.

Cosmetics also can be quite expensive, with single outfits typically priced around $15. The game also incorporates a system akin to a “Battle Pass” and daily login bonuses, including “Boons of Plenty” – stackable buffs for daily login gifts. These bonuses, while initially appearing generous, can often be part of a strategy to encourage further microtransaction purchases.

Furthermore, the game employs a technique of hiding rewards behind a fog of war, coupled with carefully structured amounts of currency that often necessitate purchasing certain increments to buy specific combinations of items. This causes the game’s reward system to feel more like gambling than a straightforward transaction, adding to the controversial nature of the game’s microtransactions.

Visuals And Performance

Diablo Immortal Review Visuals
Visuals (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

Diablo Immortal runs impressively well on modern mobile devices, showcasing the strides made on the platform since its humble beginnings. Its visuals are vibrant and detailed, effectively bringing the world to life on smaller screens. The game maintains the dark and gritty aesthetic that fans have come to associate with the series, while also embracing a more vibrant and dynamic visual style that suits the action-oriented gameplay.

This is further complimented by the intuitive and responsive touch controls, making it easy to navigate the in-game world, engage in combat, and manage the inventory. The mobile version of Diablo Immortal also stands out with its stability and responsiveness. The game runs smoothly, ensuring a seamless experience that doesn’t detract from the engaging gameplay. 

Diablo Immortal runs impressively well on modern mobile devices, showcasing the strides made on the platform since its humble beginnings.

However, the PC edition faces some challenges regarding stability and visuals. During my playthrough for this Diablo Immortal Review, I occasionally experienced soft crashes, requiring me to restart my session and creating moments of frustration.

Moreover, the user interface on the PC version appears to be directly ported from the mobile edition without the necessary adjustments. This results in a clunky and unfinished appearance, with text notifications that need to be zoomed out and additional UI customization options that are lacking.

These issues, while not game-breaking, indicate a need for further polish and optimization to ensure a consistently enjoyable experience across all platforms.



Diablo Immortal is a bold and ambitious effort to bring the renowned franchise to mobile. The game successfully captures the essence of the series with engaging gameplay, a decent story, and visually appealing graphics. The experience, in particular, stands out for its stability and performance, demonstrating the potential for high-quality gaming on handheld devices.

However, the PC version requires further optimization and polish to overcome its stability and UI issues. And, the game’s heavy reliance on microtransactions and its exploitative approach to monetization can detract from the overall experience and have cast an everlasting shadow over the game’s positive aspects. These shadowy practices should be discouraged and make it harder for us to recommend this game

This has been my Diablo Immortal Review. While you’re here, consider checking out some of our other articles. 

This is box title
Get This Game
If you’re a fan of the Diablo franchise and enjoy strong, strategic combat.
Dont Get This Game
If you think greedy microtransactions with underwhelming PC performance ruins the experience.
Do I Need To Get This Game
No, as of now, Diablo Immortal is in no state to play properly, and with the abhorrent practices Blizzard has implemented, I’d recommend waiting out the storm.
Alternative Games
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  • Anima ARPG
  • Eternium
  • Path of Exile
  • Old School Runescape
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