Overwatch 2: How To Fix Error Code LC 208

You can fix Error Code 208 in Overwatch 2 by Checking Server Status, Making sure you only have One Active Session, and more!

Players are running into the Error Code LC 208 when logging into Overwatch 2. As in the name, the message pops up on login, preventing players from going further. The causes behind this error are usually backend server issues, account restrictions, or problems with your network connection. But fret not, as I have a few methods to take you back to the shore.

The pop-up message for the error states, “Disconnected from the game server. (LC-208).”
Overwatch 2 Error Code LC 208 Message
Error Message (Image by eXputer)
Key Takeaways

To fix Error Code LC 208, follow these methods:

  1. Ensure that the Overwatch 2 Servers are online.
  2. Link your OW2 Account to Battle.net.
  3. Change your DNS Server.
  4. Allow Overwatch 2 Access through the Firewall.

Check Overwatch 2 Servers For Outages

The first possibility I recommend you eliminate is the Overwatch 2 servers being down. Because if they are, there will be nothing to handle your requests. In this scenario, you will likely encounter Error Code LC 208.

Check Down Detector Outages for fixing Overwatch 2 Error Code LC 208
Down Detector Outages Report (Image Captured by eXputer)

To do this, simply visit DownDetector for Overwatch 2. Once there, notice if there are any reports over the past few hours. If there is a significant amount, you have no choice but to wait till the problem is fixed. Otherwise, move onwards.

Link Your Account To Battle.net

Another reason Error Code LC 208 can pop up is when you have active sessions on different systems. This is a problem because Blizzard only allows you to play on a single platform per account. So, if you use your account across platforms, I recommend logging out and making separate accounts. 

Creating a BattleTag
Creating a BattleTag (Image Captured by eXputer)

Additionally, I recommend you link your console account to your Battle.net account. Once done, create a BattleTag as well. Doing so will help the OW2 servers properly authenticate and verify your account, potentially fixing the problem.

Change Your DNS Server

Your DNS server is one of the first things used when communicating over the Internet. They find your requested networks through their domain names. But sometimes, they request other servers to fetch the required addresses. The problem comes when this chain of requests becomes too long.

When this happens, the added resolution delay can cause problems like the one we have on our hands. So, to prevent this, I highly recommend changing your default DNS Server to a better one. This will avoid the issue by reducing this added latency and also improve your daily browsing.

Allow Overwatch 2 Through The Firewall

Your FIrewall can sometimes block applications from accessing the Internet, forcing them to go offline. When this happens, you’ll naturally encounter network errors like Error Code LC 208 in Overwatch 2. Luckily, you can fix this by allowing OW2 through your Firewall.

With even Blizzard recommending this, this false-detection problem is common among Firewalls. But, at least the solution is simple enough. Additionally, even if it’s not at fault, doing so will allow OW2 to communicate freely, avoiding future network problems. So, it’s in your best interests with no demerits.

My 2 Cents

Overwatch 2 had a rocky launch with tons of issues. But, with a storm of reports from Reddit, Microsoft, and Blizzard Forums, Error LC 208 was especially widespread out of the bunch. However, while players were understandably frustrated, the Official Blizzard Twitter did keep them in the loop about progress.

It was so bad that even Blizzard had to push a Support Article detailing the error and its solutions. But, in the end, launch bugs are not uncommon in large-scale games. I mean, it simply doesn’t matter how you do unit testing. Some game-breaking bugs are always going to run wild into release. 

So, while it was a classic widespread launch bug, it has since been patched. But this doesn’t mean the problem has gone away entirely. It still bears its fangs sometimes, but for reasons I have already discussed above.

However, as the methods are simple, I don’t think you will have a rough time resolving the issue. Lastly, if the problem persists, I suggest contacting Blizzard Support for better one-on-one help.  

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