FIXED: Remnant 2 DirectX 12 Is Not Supported

Solving "Remnant 2 DirectX 12 Is Not Supported" error using update graphics driver, update windows and more In no time!

Going on gaming journeys frequently comes with its fair share of difficulties, and fans of Remnant 2 have recently encountered a setback in the form of DirectX 12 compatibility problems. The frustrating warning “Remnant 2 DirectX 12 Is Not Supported. Try running without the -dx12 or -d3d12 command line argument” has been causing frustration among players. Players become anxious to explore Remnant 2’s universe because of this error, cutting short their explorations and leaving players confused.

Remnant 2 DirectX 12 Is Not Supported
Remnant 2 DirectX 12 Is Not Supported (Image By Exputer)

In this guide, we will address players’ frustration and provide quality error fixes. We enable Remnant 2 fans to overcome this error. Fans can restart their gaming endeavors with fresh energy using these practical solutions.

Key Takeaways

  • The ‘Remnant 2 DirectX 12 Is Not Supported’ error prevents players from launching the game, impacting their gaming experience.
  • The error arises due to an incompatibility between the game and DirectX 12, causing issues for players.
  • Older or unsupported graphics hardware may need more features for DirectX 12, causing errors.
  • Incorrect driver versions, system settings, or DirectX installations can additionally contribute to the error.
  • Game developers might release updates to address this issue and enhance compatibility with various hardware setups.

Here are a few solutions to fix Remnant 2 DirectX 12 Is Not Supported error:

    1. Switch to DirectX 11 mode.
    2. Update your drivers.
    3. Properly install or re-install DirectX components.
    4. Lower specific graphics settings.
    5. Consider upgrading graphics hardware.
    6. Update your game.

Causes For Remnant 2 DirectX 12 Is Not Supported Error?

The “Remnant 2 DirectX 12 Is Not Supported Error” appears in the video game “Remnant: From the Ashes 2”. The player’s system is unable to support DirectX 12, which causes the error. Incompatible hardware, out-of-date graphics drivers, or a lack of DirectX components could all be to blame for this.

It is a common error for games that require DirectX versions that the system doesn’t support to have this problem. Thus, players may need to update drivers, change settings, or upgrade hardware to fix it.

Update Graphics Driver

If you see the Remnant 2 DirectX 12 Is Not Supported error, one solution is to update your graphics drivers. Outdated or damaged graphics drivers may cause memory-related game problems, and updating the drivers can help fix the issue. The following is a step-by-step guide for updating your graphics drivers:

  1. First, identify Your Graphics Card in “Advanced display settings.”
  2. Note the name of the graphics adapter listed under “Display adapter properties.”
  3. Then, visit the Manufacturer’s Website.
  4. Navigate to “Drivers” or “Support.”
  5. Look for the driver download page.
  6. After that, press the download button.
  7. Double-click on the Installer to install the drivers.
  8. After the installation, you can verify whether the driver update was successful.
  9. Reboot your computer by pressing the Alt + F4 buttons.
  10. Launch Steam.
  11. Play the game to see if the error still pops up. 
Update Graphics Driver (Image By exputer)
Update Graphics Driver (Image By eXputer)

Update Your Windows

An efficient solution to the error issue is to update Windows. It’s essential to keep your operating system updated because you need the best compatibility with the most recent game technology and components. Use the following steps to update your windows:

  1. Start off by clicking on the “Start” button
  2. Open Settings.
  3. Navigate to “Update & Security” and select “Windows Update.”
  4. Click on “Check for updates” to see if any updates are available.
  5. Next, click on “Install.”
  6. Windows will download and install the updates.
  7. Reboot your computer.
Update Windows (Image By Exputer)
Update Windows (Image By eXputer)

Add DirectX12 To Launch Options

Adding DirectX 12 to the launch options presents a strategy for addressing the ‘Remnant 2 DirectX 12 Is Not Supported’ error. You can add command instructions, or launch options, to the game’s shortcut or launch properties, allowing you to configure specific settings during startup: 

  1. Open the Steam client on your PC.
  2. Open the games library.
  3. Right-click Remnant 2.
  4. Click Properties.
  5. In Properties, go to “General Tab.”
  6. Use the Launch Options bar to add the -dx12 option.
  7. Click on Close.
  8. Afterward, you can also use -dx11 or -d3d12 instead of -dx11.
  9. Use the commands listed above in the Additional Command Line Arguments section if you’re using the Epic Games Launcher.
Add DirectX12 To Launch Options (Image By Exputer)
Add DirectX12 To Launch Options (Image By eXputer)

Verify The Integrity Of Remnant 2 Game Files

Verifying the integrity of game files ensures that “Remnant 2” is entirely and flawlessly installed. This procedure should fix any files causing the DirectX 12 compatibility problem. However, if the error still exists after verification, it can indicate a complicated issue requiring additional investigation or one of the earlier proposed fixes. Follow the steps below to do so:

  1. First, launch the Steam client.
  2. Click on the “Library” tab.
  3. Right-click on “Remnant 2.”
  4. From the dropdown menu, select “Properties.”
  5. Navigate to the “Local Files” tab.
  6. Click on the “Verify Integrity of Game Files” button.
  7. Let Steam scan your game files.
  8. Wait for the game files to be replaced and sorted.
  9. Launch “Remnant 2.”
  10. Finally, check whether the DirectX 12 error persists.
Verify The Integrity Of Remnant 2 Files (Image By Exputer)
Verify The Integrity Of Remnant 2 Files (Image By Exputer)

Manual DirectX Component Installation

A workable solution to your error problem is manual DirectX component installation. By downloading and installing the appropriate DirectX components, you can ensure your system has all the files it needs for complete DirectX 12 compatibility. Following are the steps on how to do so:

  1. Go to the game’s official website or community forums and Identify Missing Components.
  2. Navigate to the official Microsoft DirectX download page.
  3. Look for “Remnant 2” to function with DirectX 12.
  4. Download those components manually.
  5. Ensure you download the correct versions.
  6. Run the Installer for the DirectX components.
  7. Restart your computer to apply the changes.
  8. Launch the game.
  9. Lastly, check if the error persists.

Adjust System Settings

Adjusting system settings is another method for resolving the Remnant 2 error. This approach includes changing your computer’s settings to ensure they align with the requirements of DirectX 12. This error can resolve the error and ensure smooth gameplay. You can use the steps provided below to adjust your system settings:

  1. Click on the “Start” button.
  2. Then, open the “Settings” menu.
  3. Navigate to “System.”
  4. Go to “Display.”
  5. Look for settings related to DirectX features and compatibility.
  6. Ensure that your display settings are compatible with DirectX.
  7. Use the DirectX Diagnostic Tool to diagnose and troubleshoot DirectX-related issues.
  8. Press “Win + R” for the dialogue box.
  9. After that, type “dxdiag.”
  10. Then, press Enter to launch the tool.
  11. Explore the in-game settings in Remnant 2.
  12. Adjust graphics settings.
  13. Restart “Remnant 2.”
  14. Finally, check to see if the error persists.
DirectX Diagnostic Tool (Image By Exputer)
DirectX Diagnostic Tool (Image By Exputer)

Upgrading Hardware

Hardware upgrades can help resolve the error in no time to ensure smooth gameplay. In particular, this method involves enhancing specific components of your computer to meet the prerequisites of DirectX 12. 

  1. Identify Components for Upgrade.
  2. Graphics Card Upgrade.
  3. RAM and CPU Consideration compatible with DirectX.
  4. Install New Hardware.
  5. Update Drivers for new components.
  6. Launch “Remnant 2.”
  7. Lastly, check to see if the error persists. 


In conclusion, error fixes are necessary to fix the “Remnant 2 DirectX 12 Is Not Supported” problem. Each error fix might help you, from updating drivers and tweaking settings to looking into launch options and future hardware upgrades.

These error fixes provide a means of overcoming compatibility difficulties and immersing oneself in the “Remnant 2” world. These troubleshooting methods highlight the need for constant updates and help you achieve a seamless gaming experience as games develop.

Remnant 2 DirectX 12 Is Not Supported - FAQs

Can adjusting system settings help with Remnant 2 DirectX 12 Is Not Supported?

Yes, adjusting system settings is crucial. DirectX 12 requires specific settings to be enabled and configured correctly.

 How do I manually install DirectX components?

You can download the required components from Microsoft’s official DirectX website.

Why is updating graphics drivers important in resolving Remnant 2 DirectX 12 Is Not Supported?

Updating the drivers ensures your system can effectively communicate with the game using the latest DirectX features.

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