FIXED: Valorant Error Code Van 68 [2024]

We've got a bunch of solutions lined up for you to fix this issue and resume playing again.

About three months from now, Valorant had a record high of 15 million monthly players, so it’s definite that the userbase is huge. The IP has seen to grow by leaps and bounds lately and has even marked its own domain in the competitive FPS space. However, being a PC game, Valorant does tend to run its players into errors and bugs at times.  One of the most notorious of them all is the Valorant error code van 68 that hinders your ability to start the game. It’s widely regarded as a connectivity error that surges due to poor internet connection. However, there’s more to this problem than what meets the eye. You can completely stop Valorant from crashing in just a few easy steps.

Key Highlights
  • Valorant Error Code Van 68 occurs in the game because of a connectivity error. The player can face this because of having a poor internet connection.
  • Flushing the DNS can resolve the error Van 68 connectivity issue. Open the Command prompt, select Run as administrator and enter the command to flush the DNS resolver.
  • To fix the internet problem, trying to switch on and off the Router to get clear signals or Restarting the PC can also help.
  • The security system might also hinder the proper working of the game. You can Allow valorant through the Window firewall setting by putting it in allowed apps.
  • Your PC might not be in line with IPv6. The player can TestIPv6 to evaluate the strength of the internet for solving this error. Try disabling the IPv6 and then launch the game.
  • Last, Using the Valorant Installer software to repair the game can also solve this error. All you need to do is visit the official Valorant website and install the program.

How To Fix Valorant Error Code Van 68

The following is a list of all the fixes that can potentially resolve the Van 68 error, however, make sure, you create a backup just to be safe.

Flush the DNS Resolver Cache

The first possible fix that can put the valorant error to rest is running a simple command in your Windows 10’s Command Prompt application. The command is engineered to flush the DNS, so any unwanted IP addresses and cache records are removed from the system cache.

Flushing your DNS is known to resolve an extensive variety of connectivity issues—including the van 68—security, and other internet-centered problems as well. It’s definitely worth ticking this step off your list, so no stone is left unturned in fixing your game. 

The following steps are going to walk you through the process of flushing the DNS resolver cache.

  1. Open the Command Prompt application on your desktop PC by using the Windows Search menu. When launching it, click on “Run as administrator” for a full-featured access. 
valorant error code van 68
Running the Command Prompt as an Administrator

2. Once done, type in the following command in the Command Prompt and press the “Enter” key to let it do its thing. 

Ipconfig /flushdns
Flushing the DNS Resolver Cache
Flushing the DNS Resolver Cache

3. As soon as you press the “Enter” key, the system will flush the DNS Resolver Cache for you. No absurd waiting periods here – just the simple press of a key and you’re all set. That was all about this potential fix of the error.

Now that you’ve flushed your DNS, it’s time to give Valorant another go to see if your effort has resolved the issue. If not, continue reading for more effective solutions. 

Restart Your PC and Router

When the Valorant error code appears, it tells you to relaunch the client to reconnect. Therefore, why not do what the game’s telling us to do? It’s smart to rule out an obvious fix for an otherwise annoying connectivity issue before getting down to the other solutions. 

Oftentimes, we leave our PCs on for too long. Everyone can use some downtime now and then—even machines—so it’s best that you give your computer a proper reboot. It’s outright painless to do the latter. All you have to do is click on the Windows Start button located in the bottom-left corner of the screen, and select the “Power” button. Subsequently, you’ll click on “Restart” to conclude the process. 

valorant error code van 68
Restarting the Windows 10 PC

While you do that, it would be fitting to unplug your internet router and leave it like that while your PC restarts. Once done, hook your router back up again and connect the PC to the internet. It’s now time to give Valorant another go and see if the error dares pop up this time. If it still does, you need to try other solutions. 

Allow Valorant Through Firewall

One of the most popular fixes of the notorious Valorant error code revolves around Windows Firewall settings. More often than not, the security system of our devices hinders applications from operating fully. You not being able to play Valorant could be an instance of this case as well. Therefore, with the cause of the error potentially diagnosed, all you need to do is allow Valorant through your Windows Firewall. 

How to Allow Valorant Through Windows Firewall

To do that, you can follow the easy-to-understand steps listed below. 

  1. Go to the Windows Search menu and type in “Firewall and network protection.” After that, click on “Open” to launch the application. 
Opening Firewall and network protection
Opening Firewall and network protection

2. Once done, click on “Allow an app through firewall” to get to the next step. 

Clicking on "Allow an app through firewall"
Clicking on “Allow an app through firewall”

3. Doing that will automatically launch another window on your desktop. This will be the section of “Allowed apps.” To get started with allowing Valorant through Windows Firewall, click on “Change Settings” on this window. After that, click on “Allow another app” and this should open another window for you — a relatively smaller one. 

Setting Up the App to be Allowed Through Firewall
Setting Up the App to be Allowed Through Firewall

4. Next, you’ll simply click on “Browse” in the subsequently appearing window. Once you’ve done that, you’ll simply navigate to the location where your Valorant game is stored on your Windows 10 PC. For most users, it’s somewhere in Local Disk (C:) but it’s still a subjective affair. Once you’ve found the Valorant app, select it with a single click of your mouse and then finalize by clicking on “Open.” 

Selecting Valorant App for Windows Firewall
Selecting Valorant App for Windows Firewall

5. Once finished, finally click on “Add” in the following window to include Valorant in the list of allowed applications on Windows Firewall.  

Adding the Application to Windows Firewall
Adding the Application to Windows Firewall

6. After the previous step, the Valorant game application will now be listed in the “Allowed apps” window that you opened in Step 3. Therefore, go back to that window, scroll down until you find the Valorant game and make sure both of its boxes for Private and Public are checked.

valorant error code van 68
Allowing the Valorant Application for Private and Public Use

7. Your work isn’t quite yet finished but you are halfway through. The last part of this whole fix is to allow another Valorant file by Windows Firewall — VALORANT-Win64-Shipping. To do that, you’ll have to repeat Steps 1-4, but this time you’ll be looking for the file depicted in the photo below. It’s typically found in the following order of folders: ShooterGame > Binaries > Win64 > VALORANT-Win64-Shipping. 

Adding Another Valorant File to Windows Firewall
Adding Another Valorant File to Windows Firewall

8. After you’ve added the Valorant file to your Windows Firewall using the same methodology described for the first Valorant application, it’s time to finalize the process by clicking on “OK” on the “Allow apps” window. Don’t forget to check the Private and Public boxes for this file as well before you conclude the optimization. 

valorant error code van 68
Finalizing the Process

With all the settings saved, it’s time to give the game another go. Hopefully, doing all the latter has fixed the error code van 68 issue. If woefully not, continue on to the other solutions we have lined up for you below. 

Repair the Game Using Valorant Installer

Most Valorant players—even experienced ones—might find it strange that the Valorant Installer program can be used to repair the game effectively. The developer has surely made the installer software multi-faceted as we can presume from this functionality. To begin repairing the game, you need to get your hands on the Valorant installer. 

If you’ve still got that lying around on your PC, fire it up right away. If not, read the steps given below to not only download the Valorant installer but to repair the game as well. 

  1. Head over to the official Valorant website to sign in and initiate the download of the installer program. 
valorant error code van 68
Downloading the Valorant Installer

2. Once you’ve downloaded the installer, launch it on your PC. When it starts up, you’ll see that there’s “Advanced Options” available right below the main “Install” button. Click on it to continue. 

valorant error code van 68
Valorant Installer Advanced Options

3. The next step is to select the exact file location of Valorant and select it from within the installer. The Valorant application should be inside the “Riot Games” folder. Once you’ve found it, further the process by selecting it and letting it repair. This can last for 5-10 minutes. 

4. As soon as the repair process concluded, click on the Windows Start menu and restart your PC. When the device is back on, launch Valorant again to see if repairing it has done the trick. 

Restarting the Windows 10 PC
Restarting the Windows 10 PC

You should be good to roll now, considering the error code van 68 on Valorant has been fixed. If the issue still persists, it’s worth trying the final solution we have got left for you.

Try Disabling Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6)

Internet Protocol version 6 is the latest iteration of Internet Protocol, which is a dedicated set of rules forming important parameters for computers to communicate across the face of the interweb. Since it’s a relatively recent innovation, your computer might not be fully in line with IPv6 as of yet. A definite way of testing this is to head over to TestYourIPv6 and evaluate the strength of your internet. 

How to Disable IPv6

If you find noticeably poor results, it’s worth disabling your IPv6 and trying to play the game on IPv4 instead for fixing the Valorant error issue. The following steps are going to show how to do just that.

  1. To begin, go to your Window’s “Settings” by either the Windows Start area or the Taskbar if you have it pinned there. 
Opening Settings on Windows 10
Opening Settings on Windows 10

2. Once you’re in the main “Settings” panel, click on “Network and Internet” to further the process. 

Clicking on Network and Internet
Clicking on Network and Internet

3. After that, click on “Change adapter options” to get to the next page. Here, you’ll select whatever connection type is it that you’re using at the moment. For instance, I’ve got my PC set up on Wi-Fi, so I’ll be focusing on the Wi-Fi section on the subsequent page. Other options include LAN, Bluetooth, and Ethernet. Once you’ve figured out the connection type, right-click on it and select “Properties.” 

Opening the Properties of the Network Connection
Opening the Properties of the Network Connection

4. After you click on “Properties,” a small-scale window will appear. This is where you’ll scroll down a little (be sure to stay under the “Networking” tab) and find Internet Protocol Version 6. Once you’ve got it down in your focal point, uncheck the box beside it and click on “OK” to finalize the process. 

valorant error code van 68
Unchecking the IPv6 on the Windows 10 PC

Give yourself a pat on the back for making it this far. You’ve successfully disabled IPv6 on your Windows 10 PC. See if your effort has come to fruition and launch Valorant.


Valorant is as immersive and fact-paced as it gets for a battle-royale first-person shooter. However, as with every other multiplayer game on PC, the title does have its fair share of error codes and everything of the like. One of the most common ones of the bunch is the Valorant error code van 68 that many players can’t help but run into from time to time. 

We’ve jotted down a list of solutions to help you for this cause, so make sure to follow each of them as instructed. If any of the fixes below have turned out to be helpful for you, let us know down in the comments section. 

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