FIXED: Xbox Error Code 80153048

Users Encountering Xbox Error Code 80153048 on the Microsoft Store, Mainly on Xbox 360, Are Advised to Check Their Internet Connection, Verify Billing Information and more.

The issue at hand pertains to the Microsoft Store, where you’re constantly trying to make a purchase or redeem a code, but none of that is working. Instead, the system returns you with a message that says, “Can’t retrieve information from Xbox Live. Please try again later. Status code: 80153048.” Please note that users have reported experiencing the problem on Xbox 360 majorly. 

Before we go into the complicated stuff, be sure to

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All Possible Solutions to Solve Xbox Error Code 80153048:

  1. Check the Xbox Live service status.
  2. Verify billing information. 
  3. Review codes already used.

Confirm Xbox Live Service Availability 

Xbox error code 80153048
Xbox Live Status Tested

Xbox Live powers your console’s online capabilities, giving you multiplayer access, in-console store browsing, and media streaming. If Xbox Live experiences issues, it may disrupt these functionalities. Check the official Xbox Status support page to confirm the network status. 

With that said, if there’s currently no issue with Xbox Live on your end, continue reading to explore more ways you can attempt to fix the error code.

Authenticate Your Billing Information

Selecting "Payment options"
Selecting “Payment options”

Ensure your Microsoft Store billing information is accurate to address error code 80153048. Here’s how:

  1. Open your Microsoft account > Navigate to the “Payment and Billing” section.
  2. Review the “Payment Options.” > Confirm the accuracy of your credit or debit card details.
  3. Verify the correctness of your billing addresses.
  4. Ensure all information is up-to-date and correct

You must confirm the addresses you’ve put alongside your billing information and determine whether any error impeded its functionality. It’s very much possible that your billing info has gone outdated, and you need to tend to it to resolve the Xbox error.

Double-check the Code You’re Redeeming

redeem code for xboxx
Xbox Redeeming Code (Image by eXputer)

It appears that the Xbox error code can also surface if you’re trying to redeem the same code over and over again well after its initial acceptance.

In that case, you will simply have to check your library of games and confirm whether the code was already redeemed or not.

You might have forgotten that the subscription or game you’re trying to purchase has already been catered to on your Xbox console. The officials on the Xbox support page say, “This [the error code] may mean that you already have a subscription for the prepaid code you’re trying to redeem.”

Ending Note

The error code 80153048 affecting Microsoft Store transactions, particularly on Xbox 360, varies in fix complexity. People on official Microsoft blogs and Reddit show frustration, especially with billing data causing trouble. I found fixing billing info or rechecking codes solved some issues.

The error isn’t specific to one platform or country and might be caused by the fact Xbox 360 is getting old and is getting less attention from its makers. It’s an ongoing issue that the players are still tweeting about and getting responses from the Xbox Support Team:


For additional assistance, users facing persistent issues are encouraged to contact customer support for further guidance. I hope these methods prove helpful to those experiencing the error code 80153048.

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