FIXED: Xbox Error Code 80153048

The Xbox error code 80153048 is a genuine problem for those who play on the Xbox consoles. Find out how to get rid of it ahead.

What is the Xbox Error Code 80153048? 

The issue in hand pertains to the Microsoft Store, where you’re constantly trying to make a purchase or redeem a code, but none of that is working. Instead, the system returns you with a message that says, “Can’t retrieve information from Xbox Live. Please try again later. Status code: 80153048.” Please note that users have reported experiencing the problem on Xbox 360 majorly. 

Key Highlights
  • You might encounter Error Code 80153048 when trying to make a purchase on the Microsoft store. With a pop up message reading, “Can’t retrieve information from Xbox Live. Please try again later. Status code: 80153048.”
  • To fix error code 80153048, you should try to perform a hard restart of your Xbox console and then see if the error has been resolved.
  • Make sure that the Xbox Live Services are up and working properly.
  • You should check the quality of your internet connection on your Xbox console.
  • Make sure that your billing information is correct by double-checking your payment method.
  • If you are trying to redeem a prepaid code, then you should check if you are not making an error while entering the code.
  • Finally, you can try to contact Xbox Support and have them resolve the error.

6 Ways to Fix Xbox Error Code 80153048 

The following is our round-up of the best potential solutions that the error code 80153048 Xbox issue warrants. We advise you to duplicate the instructions outlined verbatim for nothing but the best results. 

Try a Hard Restart

Both Xbox 360 and the Xbox Series X|S consoles allow you to perform what is known as a hard restart. Don’t confuse the phenomenon with a hard reset, which is akin to factory resetting your console and wiping away all of your stored settings, preferences, accounts, games, apps, and other saved data.

A hard restart simply reboots the hardware and freshens things up for the console, especially if you’ve been keeping it on for some time now. 

To perform a hard restart, you need to press and hold the power button on the console for 5-10 seconds until the console shuts down. As soon as that happens, release the button, and you’ll be good to go.

On a side note, please make sure that you’re not hard restarting the console while in-game, especially during a saving point. That way, there are chances of corrupting the saved data, and this is something that you do not truly want.

As soon as you’re done there, try doing whatever it was that made the issue pop up in the first place. In the case that the issue still continues to exist, it’s time to delve deep into the matter. Start by taking a look at the status of Xbox Live status.

Confirm Xbox Live Service Availability 

Xbox Live is the singular thing making your favorite Xbox console’s online networking a reality. It’s a whole system that Microsoft has engineered to enable the fan-favorite gaming machine’s online features. Some of the most prominent highlights of Xbox Live are online multiplayer access, chatting with friends through text and voice in a party system, accessing the in-console store, and streaming media content. 

In the case that Xbox Live—or some portion of it—is down, you might not be able to use any of the functionalities proposed by the console’s online-centric feature system.

In other cases, only a specific part of Xbox Live might be affected that would go on to hinder you from performing a particular action. That is why we highly recommend you to go straight to the official Xbox Status support page.

That way, you will be able to confirm the network’s working and determine whether all services are up and running. At the time of writing, we can authenticate that Xbox Live is working perfectly. Check out the screenshot below for some semblance of proof to go along with that. 

Xbox error code 80153048
Xbox Live Status

However, if you do not see something similar on your end, the best course of action is to wait until all services of Xbox Live have been resumed. Maintaining such a colossal network that comprises millions of active users isn’t a cakewalk, so problems here and there do tend to spring up every now and then. 

With that being said, in the case that there’s currently no issue with Xbox Live on your end, keep on reading to discover more ways you can use to fix Xbox error code 80153048.

Test Your Internet Connection on the Xbox Console

No matter if you’ve already checked your internet speed through Speedtest by Ookla, doing the same thing on your Xbox console, is a totally different scenario. That is to say, your internet connection could be working fine on its own across multiple devices, but the same cannot be said about your connectivity on the Xbox console until and unless you put it to the test. 

The gist of it is that some hardware issue or any other plausible reason might be disrupting your console from properly forming a connection to Xbox Live.

Somewhere along those lines, the error code 80153048 Xbox becomes a real deal to bother with. This is why you need to test your network by using one of the ingrained features of the console to verify your internet’s appropriate functioning. 

The following steps are going to show you how to do just that. Thankfully, the process is quite easy to duplicate on your end, given the easy-to-use interface of the Xbox consoles.

Speaking of which, we will be showing you screenshots of the Xbox 360 interface only since the problem is chiefly affecting the console at the moment. Don’t fret just yet, though. The procedure is quite similar for the Xbox Series X|S consoles as well.

  1. The first step is to access the “System Settings” portion of the Xbox 360 console. Although you can do it in a couple of different ways, an easy method to approach here is pressing the Xbox Guide button on the controller to bring up the main control hub. From there, switch to the tab on the far right and tap on “System Settings.”
    Accessing System Settings on Xbox 360
    Accessing System Settings on Xbox 360
  2. Right after that, you’ll need to select “Network Settings” from the list of options appearing on the screen for you.
    Xbox error code 80153048
    Selecting Network Settings
  3. Your next task is to choose the network that your console is connected to. This should be fairly easy to implement, given the apparent “tick” sign as well.
    Xbox error code 80153048
    Choosing Your Connected Network
  4. You’re almost at the end of the procedure now. Simply select “Test Xbox Live Connection,” and you’ll be good to go.
    Testing Xbox Live Connection
    Testing Xbox Live Connection
  5. Confirm the prompt that subsequently appears on the screen after the last step to finally start the Xbox Live network connection. Please beware that you will be signed out of your profiles in the wake of this test, so do tend to anything you have going on in the background beforehand.
    Confirming the Prompt
    Confirming the Prompt
  6. After the network test finishes up, you’ll be shown a report regarding all crucial services, making it easy to confirm whether they’re up and running or not. Check out the following screenshot and focus on the bottom-right area of the image for the best results. 
    Xbox error code 80153048
    Xbox Live Status Tested

That’s about it for testing your internet connection in terms of Xbox Live. If you’re on the Xbox Series X|S consoles, please incorporate the same potential solution to see whether it works. In the case that the results come back positive regardless, keep on reading to discover other ways to resolve the issue.

Authenticate Your Billing Information

Another major reason you keep running into the error code 80153048 on Xbox pertains to your billing information. Since the issue at hand corresponds to the Microsoft Store, some fault in your registered information might be preventing the transaction from going through.

In this case, you will have to verify that your billing credentials are authentic and working correctly. The matter has to be tended to yourself meticulously to resolve the issue on the go.

Sign in to your Microsoft account and make headway to the “Payment and billing” section. Once done, choose “Payment options” to visualize the information that you have affiliated with your account.

Selecting "Payment options"
Selecting “Payment options.”

Take a moment out and corroborate the credentials with your actual ones and see if any discrepancies can be noticed. In the case that there’s something off, especially your credit or debit card details, get it fixed as soon as you can.

You’re not quite done yet. After reviewing your payment options, you need to get into the “Address book” section of your “Payment and billing” settings.

It’s imperative for you to confirm the addresses that you’ve put right alongside your billing information and determine whether there’s any error impeding its functionality of it. It’s very much possible that your billing info has gone outdated, and you need to tend to it to resolve the Xbox error.

Confirming the Information in the Address Book
Confirming the Information in the Address Book

That’s about it for authenticating your billing information in the hope of resolving the vexing Xbox error code. However, in the case that your billing credentials were already sorted and the issue still doesn’t manage to go away, you have to try out one final trick that we’ve curated for you ahead.

Double-Check the Code You’re Redeeming

It appears that the Xbox error code 80153048 can also surface if you’re trying to redeem the same code over and over again well after its initial acceptance. In that case, you will simply have to check your library of games and confirm whether the code was already redeemed or not.

It is possible that you might have forgotten that the subscription or game you’re trying to purchase has already been catered to on your Xbox console. The officials on the Xbox support page say, “This [the error code] may mean that you already have a subscription for the prepaid code you’re trying to redeem.”

Therefore, double-check whether you’ve already redeemed the game or app on the console to determine the actual reason for the error code to pop up. If it does not turn out to be the case for you, then it appears you will have to contact Xbox Support, unfortunately. Let’s take a look at that in the section ahead. 

Get in Touch With Xbox Support

Microsoft has arranged a separate department in the company called Xbox Support. This section deals with your queries regarding all things Xbox, so feel free to get in touch with them and hopefully get a response as to why the error code at hand is genuinely occurring.

The support representatives of the tech giant are known to be some of the best ones in the industry, so we highly doubt that your experience with them will go poorly. 

In the case that you’ve tried all that we’ve advised you to do above, only the officials over at Xbox can guide you further on the matter at hand. Do let us know down in the comments section whether you were able to get in touch with them or not. Doing so will not only help us but also facilitate similarly troubled users to get their consoles working just as well.  

The fact that the Xbox 360’s content is no longer officially supported by the people up high expect turbulence to flow toward the iconic console’s way. One of the pangs of this disturbance has surfaced in the form of Xbox error code 80153048, barring players from redeeming a code or purchasing anything off of the Microsoft Store. However, there are certain workarounds that can be approached to get the better of the problem. 

We’ve shown you how to do just that in the guide at hand. It’s either Xbox Live acting off or your internet connection that’s not letting the transaction go through.

In either case, follow the aforementioned potential solutions and let us know down in the comments section whether you got the system to work again. As always, eXputer wishes you good luck!

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