Evil Hunter Tycoon Codes [WORKING In April 2024]

Get access to the latest Evil Hunter Tycoon Codes that can be redeemed for Gems, Hunter Invitations, Town Chief's Treasure Chests, and more.

Are you currently low on Gems in Evil Hunter Tycoon? If that is the case, then you are in the right place. In this guide, you can find the latest Evil Hunter Tycoon Codes. Players can redeem these codes for various in-game freebies, including gems, hunter invitations, town chiefs’ treasure chests, and costumes.

Gems are one of the premium currencies in Evil Hunter Tycoon and can be used to purchase Pets, costumes, summon hunters, crafting essentials, and more.

Key Takeaways
  • Codes in Evil Hunter Tycoon can be redeemed for various free in-game items.
  • These items include Hunter Invitations, Treasure Chests, Costumes, and Gems.
  • Hunter Invitations can be used to obtain legendary hunters.
  • SMSPINKBUNNY is currently among other Active Codes.
  • Players can redeem the Codes by clicking on the Gear Icon, then clicking on the Coupons button, and entering a working Code.
  • Check out the Ultimate Code Guide to quickly resolve any issues when redeeming the Codes.
  • Bookmark this page to stay up to date with the latest Code releases.
  • Players can look for additional Codes by following Evil Hunter Tycoon’s Official Facebook and X Page.

Active Codes

Usually, these Codes are only valid for a few days after release. Therefore, make sure to redeem them before they are no longer valid.

  • Last Checked On: April 21st, 2024.
DEMIGODERARedeem this code for free rewards. (New)
GOBOOMERANGRedeem this code for free rewards.
UNIQUEHUNTERRedeem this code for free rewards
LIGHTNING100Redeem this code for 300 gems
EVILBIRTHDAY4Redeem this code for a Spring Dress Costume
BABYDRAGONObtain 2x Superior Hunter Invitation for free.
SMSPINKBUNNYClaim the Code for 300 Free Gems.
AIRSHIPGUARDGain 300 Free Gems upon redeeming the Code.
TERHAPPY2024Redeem the Code for 150 Free Gems.

List Of Expired Codes

The list below only contains the expired Codes.

SECRETCHESTThis Code can be redeemed for 3x Town Chief’s Treasure Chest.
DATAQUIZ12Claim the Code for a Shiny Coin.
TRADER2Gain 90 Free in-game gems.
SUPER2024Redeem the code for free x300 gems.
DEMIGOD1MClaim the Code for 300 Gems for free.
TRADER1This Code is valid for 2x Superior Hunter Invitation.
LIGHTNINGRPGValid for 300 Free Gems.
LEVEL100Obtain 300 Gems for free.
NEWBIRD2024Use the Code to obtain 300 Gems for free.
1359UPDATEClaim the Code for 200 Gems.
HUNTERBACKGet a Free Class Change Reset Elixir.
23HALLOWEEN11Valid for 150 Free Gems.
SUMMER13Obtain 15 Town Chief's Treasure Chests.
POSEIDONSMSRedeem for 200 Free Gems.
DEMIGOD100Claim the code for free x300 gems.
OLIVIAZIOObtain 300 Gems for free.
2023HALLOWEENClaim the Code for Town Chief’s Treasure Chest x2.
QUIZKINGRedeem the Code for x3 Arcane Hunter Invitation.
ACHIEVEMENTObtain 300 Gems for free.
LUNACOLLABObtain 150 Gems for free.
MILLIHSUMMONClaim the Code for 200 Gems.
GHOSTLEG2023Redeem code for a Random Free Characteristic Elixir x1.
JOYFULJULYClaim for 300 Free Gems.
FEATURED0809Redeem the code for 2x Purple Costume Chest.
ZIONYEJUHWAClaim the code for free x300 gems.
ZIOHOTSUMMERRedeem the code for 300 Gems for free.
PWRANARedeem the Code for 300 Free Gems.
ZIODMKINGTWValid for Free 300 Gems.
ALICIALLOYDObtain 300 Gems for free.
POMPOFISHERYObtain 100 Gems for free.
EHTJUNE23Redeem the code for free x200 gems.
NEWPRINCESSObtain 300 Gems for free.
THANKS0728Claim for 100 Free Gems.
EVILDARKNESSRedeem the code for free x300 gems.
THETISSMSRedeem the code for 100 Gems for free.
0726EVILRedeem the code for free x200 gems.
SPOOKYNIGHTClaim the Code for 200 Gems.
RAISEMEMBERClaim for 300 Free Gems.
SMSSUMMERCOSValid for 200 Free Gems.
UPDATE1365Redeem the code for free x300 gems.
REBIRTHLUNARedeem for 200 Gems.
NEWFUNCTIONObtain 150 Gems for free.
SUMMER07Valid for 500 Gems.
YUSENKAYAClaim the Code for 300 Gems.
MIDDLETERMClaim the Code for 1x Town Chief's Treasure Chest.
TAPTAPTAPUse the Code for 200 Free Gems.
ARCHMAGERedeem the code for free x300 gems.
MAGICALGIRLClaim for 150 Gems for free.
NEWDEMIGODRedeem the code for 200 Gems for free.
HADESSMSClaim the Code for 1x Town Chief's Treasure Chest.
ROSENBACHWKClaim the Code for 300 Valid Gems.
SMS3ANNIVRedeem the code for free x300 gems.
VOTENPC123Claim the Code for 300 Valid Gems.
AKANEAQUILORedeem the code for 200 Gems for free.
MASQUERADERedeem the code for free x300 gems.
SORRY0728Use the Code for for Town Chief’s Treasure Chest x2.
VOTECOSTUMClaim the Code for Town Chief’s Treasure Chest x3.
BYESUMMERClaim for 150 Gems for free.
ERROR0906Redeem the code for free x300 gems.
EHTMAY23Get x5 Arcane Hunter Invitaion for free.
EHT05JNYClaim the Code for 300 Free Gems.
SMSPSYCHEClaim the code for x5 Arcane Hunter Invitaion.
ZIOSECRETLABUse the Code for 300 Free Gems.
SPRINGEHTRedeem the code for 300 Gems.
THXCHIEFObtain 1x Town Chief's Treasure Chest for free.

How To Redeem The Codes?

Claiming Evil Hunter Tycoon Codes
Redeeming Codes In Evil Hunter Tycoon

Redeeming Codes in Evil Hunter Tycoons is fairly simple. Players can follow the set of instructions laid out below to redeem the codes successfully.

  1. First and foremost, launch Evil Hunter Tycoon.
  2. Click on the Gear Icon on the screen’s top right side.
  3. Next, click on the User Code button to find out your ID.
  4. After that, head back to the Settings menu.
  5. Click on the Coupons button.
  6. Next, copy a code from the list of Active Codes above.
  7. Paste it into the text box.
  8. Click on the Register Coupon button.
  9. Finally, enter your User ID to obtain your freebies.

These codes can greatly help you in your journey, especially starting out. So, make sure to use them carefully and take full advantage.

Bookmark this page and visit often to learn about recent code releases. While you wait for new codes, check out the Tower Defense RISE Codes for some extra freebies.

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