Master Pirate Codes [April 2024]

Elevate your gameplay with these latest codes that can be redeemed for Rubies, Cash, Boosts, and more!

In Roblox games, Codes are a necessity as they can sometimes reward you with items that cost Robux. In this guide, I have gathered all the latest Pirate Master Codes that you players can redeem for goodies such as Rubies, Cash, Stats Reset, and Boosts.

Furthermore, by reading the complete guide, players can also find out where to find some additional codes and how to redeem them.

Key Takeaways
  • Master Pirate Codes can be redeemed for a ton of freebies including Boosts, Cash, Rubies, and more.
  • Players can spend Cash and Rubies to purchase Devil Fruits.
  • 8MVisit is currently one of the Active Code.
  • To get access to additional codes, players can join the official Discord server for Master Pirate.
  • To redeem the codes, players can click on the settings button, input a code in the text box, and press Enter on your keyboard.
  • In case you are having trouble redeeming the codes, make sure to check out the Ultimate Code Guide.

Active Master Pirate Codes

Below, I have compiled a list of all the Active Codes for Master Pirate. Make sure to claim these Codes as fast as possible. Otherwise, you may miss out on some useful freebies.

Last Checked On: May 21st, 2024.

3C644B72Redeem this code for 25 Ruby and 25 mins of X2Money, X2Drop, and X2Exp Boosts (New)
F71E48E5Redeem this code for 25 Ruby, and 25 mins X2Money, X2Drop, and X2Exp Boosts (New)
Sorry4ShutdownRedeem this code for 30 mins 2x Money, 2x Drop, and 2x Exp
B512B1023089Claim this code and get eight rubies, 15 mins of 2x exp, and 30 mins of 2x drops (New!)
6177B1899D82Redeem for ten rubies and 25 mins of 2x drops
12kLikeValid for 1.2k beli
8.5MVisitValid code for stat reset
30kFavoritesUse this code and get 30 mins booster
8MVisitRedeem the Code for a Free Reset Stats.
10kLikeThis Code can be redeemed for $1000.
LION_GAMERUse the Code to obtain x5 Rubies.
25kFavoritesClaim the Code for 25 minutes of x2 Money, EXP, and Drop.
KamoyKungUse the Code to obtain a Reset Stats.
GH0KsUse the Code to receive $500.
KINGNONKDUse the code for 1 Ruby and $2000.
PeaKer_GamerObtain x1 Ruby.
GameingTVClaim the Code for Free $20,000 Cash.
BlackkungClaim the code for x1 Ruby.
RohannyClaim the code for 9 Rubies.
xdggjaiRedeem the code for Money, EXP, and Drop Boosts.
Dinoz_ChObtain a Free Stats Reset.
NomJeutUse the code for a Free Reset Stats.
YOUNOClaim the code for Stats Reset.
IceBarBerRedeem the code for x5 Ruby.
MONOACKRedeem for 5 Rubies.
AKUMATORIObtain $3,629 upon redeeming the code.

List Of Expired Codes

The list below contains all the expired codes for the Master Pirate.

FREE5RUBYFIX4Obtain 5 Rubies.
KINGNONKDObtain 1 Ruby.
WOLFSOCOLDRedeem the Code for 10 Rubies.
2kLikeClaim the code for $200 Cash.
GoodByeTonkarClaim the code for x1 Gem.
SOCOLDSNOWClaim the Code for 30 minutes of x2 Money, EXP, and Drop.
ChristmasUPDObtain $44,444 Cash, 44 minutes of double Money, Drop, and EXP Boost, and 4 Rubies.
IceBarBerClaim the code for 5 Rubies.
COLDRESETSTATSUse the Code to obtain a Reset Stats.
TonmaiClaim the code for $500 Cash.
FREEX2EXPFIX5This code can be redeemd for 30 minutes of double EXP.
MAOKUMAGain Double EXP Boost for 15 minutes.
FREERESETSTATSFIX5Claim the code for Stats Reset.
ThxForPopPularObtain x1 Beli for free.
XouUse the code for 90 Minutes of Double Money.
2klikesThis code can be used to get a Stat Reset.
PeaKer_GamerClaim the code for $10,000 Money.
AKUMATORIObtain a Free Ruby.
1klikesObtain a Stat Reset.
SEA_FOURClaim for Double Drops Boost for 20 minutes.
NOOPERGet a Free Stat Reset.
Dinoz_ChObtain x2 EXP Boost for 15 minutes.
AekZa_JuniorReceive $29,000 Cash.
PeaKerObtain $500 Cash.
JaiJaiRedeem the code for x1 Gem and Beli.
GaiGuyClaim the code for x1 Beli.
xdggjaiGet 1 Ruby, 1 Level, 1 EXP, and 1 hour of Boosts.
TkzTonKarzObtain x1 Beli.
TONMAI_STUDIOGet 50,000 Cash.
SnipezServiceUse the code for x1 Beli.
ZeCraftDayUse the code for 2 Rubies.
SRY4BUGSClaim the code for 100 Rubies.
MONOACKObtain a Free Stats Reset.
EZCRYUse the code for 500 Money.
UPD1Get x2 Free Gems.
BigUPDClaim for 2 hours of Double EXP.
PARTYWORKING50Claim the code for Ruby and Beli.
5MVisitObtain a Reset Stats.
FIXBUGBYNOMJEUTThis Code can be redeemed for 2 Rubies and 2222 Beli.
FIXEDLOADINGSCREENRedeem the code for Ruby and Beli.
20kFavoritesClaim the Code for 20 minutes of x2 Money, EXP, and Drop.
9kLikeClaim the Code for $900.
3MVisitGain 3 Rubies.
BigRemakeRedeem the code for 120 minutes of Double Money Boost.
6kLikeClaim the code for $6000.
SkyHeartUse the code for x5 Rubies.
AekZaJuniorAttain Double EXP boost for 30 Minutes.
16kFavoritesClaim the code for 16 minutes of x2 EXP, Money, and Drop boosts.

How To Redeem The Codes?

Claiming Master Pirate Codes
Redeeming Codes In Master Pirate (Image Credit: Seriously Dude)

To redeem the Codes, make sure to follow the list of step-by-step instructions mentioned below.

  1. Launch Master Pirate.
  2. Click on the “Settings” button located on the top left side of the screen under the Energy Bar.
  3. After that, copy an Active code from the list above and paste it into the Text Box labeled “Enter Code“.
  4. Press the Return key on your keyboard.

What Is Master Pirate?

Published by Sinon Studio, Master Pirate is a Roblox Title inspired by the renowned Anime One Piece. In Master Pirate, players can complete quests to level up while exploring many islands. These quests can reward players with Rubies, Cash, EXP, Devil Fruits, and various other rewards.

Alternatively, players can also spend Cash and Rubies to purchase Devil Fruits from the shop. These Devil Fruits offer various special Abilities that can help players turn the tide of a battle.

With that, I finished my Master Pirate Codes guide. Here I have given you all the information regarding the latest codes as well as how to redeem them. These codes offer a lot of freebies that can help you progress your journey a lot faster. Therefore, I highly recommend that you redeem these codes.

Additionally, if you have a question, you can leave a comment in the comment section below. If you are a fan of One Piece Inspired Roblox titles, make sure to check out the A One Piece Game for even more freebies!

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