Project Slayers Codes [May 2023]

Use our Project Slayers Codes guide for free breathing styles reset, race reset, Wens, EXP, daily spins, and a lot more freebies!

Are you on the search for free goodies in order to be the next best Demon Slayer or Demon In Project Slayers? If that is the case, your search stops here. Our Project Slayers Codes guide will provide you with the latest codes that you can redeem for Clan spins, Demon Art spins, Daily spins, EXP, Breathing Style Reset, and Race Reset. The freebies mentioned above can be utilized to obtain various breathing styles, blood demon arts, Wens (in-game currency), level-up, and more.

If that wasn’t enough, we will also be sharing where to find even more codes and how to redeem them to obtain rewards. So, ensure that you read till the end.

Key Takeaways
  • Upon redeeming Project Slayers Codes, you can get Breathing Style Reset, Race Reset, Wens (in-game currency), EXP, Clash Spins, Demon Art Spins, and more.
  • These rewards can be used for various purposes such as leveling up, attaining blood demon arts, resetting your race and breathing styles, and more.
  •  Some of the active codes include EastaBreathingR3S3T and H@pPY3AsTeR.
  • If players want to search for more codes on their own, they should join Project Slayer’s Official Discord and the Trello page.
  • If for some reason, players find that they are unable to redeem the codes, they should check out our Ultimate Code Guide to find out all the possible errors and their solutions.
  • We regularly update this guide whenever new codes are released, therefore, we recommend bookmarking this page and visiting at least once or twice a month.

Active Project Slayers Codes

Quite a lot of codes have been released for Project Slayers over the years; therefore, we have decided to separate the active codes from the expired ones. The list below contains all the codes that are fully functional at the time of writing this guide. Make sure to redeem them before they expire!

  • Last checked on May 1st, 2023.
H@pPY3AsTeRRedeem for 35 Clan Spins, 15 Demon Art Spins, and 2 Daily Spins!
3AsTeRRaceResetUse the code to reset your race.
EastaBreathingR3S3TUtilize for resetting your breathing style.
UPDATE1PoiNT5HYPESounDClaim for 15 Clan Spins, 5 Demon Art Spins, and 1 Daily Spin.

List Of Expired Codes

The list below features all the Project Slayers Codes that are expired and no longer working; however, feel free to try them if you wish!

MerryChristmas2022Attain 50 clan spins and 10 art spins!
AkazagoBRRUtilize the code for Race Reset.
HappyUpdateYears!Redeem to reset your race.
MerryChristmas2022RaceResetClaim this code to reset your race.
HappyNewYears!Redeem this code for 50 Clan Spins, 10 Demon Art Spins, and 5 Daily Spins!
IncreasedDropsBreathResetRedeem to reset Breathing Styles.
2023BreathingResetClaim to reset your breathing style.
IncreasedDropsRaceResetClaim to reset your Race.
MerryChristmas2022BreathingResetRedeem to reset Breathing Styles.
sCyth3Showcase!Attain 15 Clan Spins, 1 Daily Spin & 10 Demon Art Spins.
400KlikesraceresetUse this code to reset your race.
miniupd2breathresetResets your Breathing Style.
miniupd2Claim the code for 20 Clan Spins, 10 Demon Art Spins, and 2 Daily Spins.
miniupd2raceresetUse the code to Resets your Race.
400KlikesbreathingresetThis code resets your breathing style!
400KlikesObtain 30 Clan Spins,10 Demon art spins and 2 Daily Spins!
350Kupvotes!BreathingClaim the code to reset your breathing style.
350KupvotesGain 30 Clan Spins, 20 Demon Art Spins, and 1 Daily Spin!
MUGENTRAINFINALLYClaim for Breathing Reset.
100K+likesiglolObtain 2K EXP, 75 Clan Spins, and 35 Demon Art Spins.
200K+upvotestysmClaim the code for 1K EXP, 50 Clan Spins, and 30 Demon Art Spins.
Upd@te1B1gCodERedeem for 18 Clan spins, 8 Demon art spins, and 3 Daily spins.
300klikes!Gain 50 Clan Spins, 30 Demon Art Spins, 2 Daily Spins, and 3k EXP.
soryagainguys:VClaim for 75 Clan Spins.
miniupdateAttain 75 Clan Spins, 40 Art Spins, and 3k EXP.
gettingthere!Obtain 25 clean spins.
shutdownnumb2Utilize this code for 35 Clan Spins, 15 Demon Art Spins, and 1 Daily Spin.
miniupdatedailyRedeem for 5x daily spins.
shutdown!Obtain 35 Clan Spins, 15 Art Spins, and 1 Daily Spin.
sorryforanothershutdownlolClaim for 40 Clan Spins.
sorryforshutdowns!Get 25 Clan Spins and 10 Demon Art Spins using the code.
MistBreathing!OMG!Redeem for 10 clan spins, 3 Demon Art spins, and 1 daily spin.
FINALLYRELEASETIME!Claim for 120 Exp, 15 Clan Spins, and 300 Wen!
twittaspinsObtain 30 Clan Spins, 15 Demon Art Spins & 2 Daily Spins.
FlAm3!Shawcas31Claim For 20 Clan Spins, 5 Demon Art Spins, and 1 Daily Spin.

How Can I Redeem My Codes?

How To Redeem Codes In Project slayers
Codes Redeeming In Project Slayers

In order to obtain your rewards, you must first redeem the codes. Luckily, the process is not that complex. Follow the list of step-by-step instructions provided below in order to redeem your Project Slayers Codes.

  1. First and foremost, launch Roblox.
  2. After that, Launch Project Slayers.
  3. Once the game has been launched, choose your character and press play.
  4. After that, press the “M” key on your keyboard.
  5. A tiny menu with several icons should now appear.
  6. Find and click on the “Open Book” icon.
  7. A new window with an input box for codes should appear.
  8. Copy and paste an active code from the list of codes above into the input box.
  9. Click on “Submit Code” and enjoy your freebies!

What Is Project Slayers?

Developed by Wop, Project Slayers is a Roblox RPG game inspired by the famous anime series Demon Slayer. In Project Slayers, you can start out as a human or demon and embark on your journey to become the greatest demon slayer or the deadliest demon. Additionally, the best way to become strong revolves around collecting the Best breathing Styles and Blood Demon Arts to help you fight against the main bosses. As you level up, you will be going against foes from the anime.


With that, we end our Project Slayers Code guide. We hope you were able to get yourself some freebies. Additionally, If you have any questions, you can ask us down below in the comment section. Furthermore, if you enjoy Project Slayers, we have a similar Roblox title in store for you called Slayers Unleashed that we are sure you will love.

Also, if you are encountering the new Roblox Error Code268 or Error Code 103, we have covered them in detail. Make sure to read the guides thoroughly to enjoy an error-free experience in Roblox.


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