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Everything you need to know about factions

In Fallout 4 you get to join different groups here and there and end up leading them in a short period of time. In Fallout 4 things are different, where every faction out of the four you can join is generally not happy with the other groups. In this guide, we’re going to point the facts and details of each group. We’ll be mentioning the rewards you can get for sticking with a particular group.

Key Highlights
  • In Fallout 4, players have to join different groups or factions which they can, later on, lead as well after progressing the game.
  • There are 4 different factions a player can join including:
    • The Commonwealth Minutemen is a faction in Fallout 4 that used to protect the general population of the Commonwealth. Joining the Minutemen is easy, you just need to help Preston Garvy.
    • The Institute is a faction of advanced scientists and their surroundings are based on technology. Led by a man called Father, joining the Institute requires the completion of specific main quests
    • The Brotherhood of Steel is a military and religious organization in the Fallout series. To join, complete the quest “A Call To Arms” with Paladin Danse. R
    • The Railroad is a faction in Fallout that smuggles synths out of the Institute to give them a fresh human life. To join the Railroad, one must complete the quest Road to Freedom. 

Commonwealth Minutemen Faction

Image: Fallout Wiki

The Minutemen are nice people who used to look out for the universal population of the Commonwealth. The Minutemen fell to internal power problems and eventually failed to protect a settlement which turned everybody else a bit sour to them.  Even though The Minutemen are the first faction you really get the opportunity to join, you will get to know the people wearing cool cowboy hats.

The process of joining the Commonwealth Minutemen is quite easy, Codsworth will point you into the Concord quickly, where you can help Preston Garvy and his tiny untidy group of survivors. As soon as you have the first conversation with Preston at Sanctuary he will send you on missions to help the settlements, and this will boost the process of you becoming the General of the Minutemen in no time if you accept.

The key rewards you get for joining the Minutemen includes a flare gun which you can use to call a backup of Minutemen nearby to give you a hand in your fights. After completing several quests you will get access to a huge a sea fortress and the ability to build artillery at settlements.

The enemies of Minutemen aren’t that much aggressive. Most of the time Minutemen stay under the radar, and they execute their operations in silence.  However, this means they won’t be doing anything directly to attack the Institute unless you yourself become an enemy of the Institute If you do something very aggressive like killing a bunch of Institue scientists, know that trouble is coming your way. If you are going to end the main story with the Minutemen whilst also being the enemies with the Brotherhood, they will turn up to attack the Minutemen in their own way but you can always prepare to fight back.

The Institute Faction

Image: villains wikia

A group of scientists founded The Institute, these scientists dug up a massive hole in the basement of an old scientific Institute naming the faction as “The Institute” as well. Inside the Institute you will meet advance robots called synths, more than humans. The Institute is all about futuristic things and the surroundings are based on technology. The people of the Institute have never been to the surface. This faction is being led by a mysterious bearded man called Father.

Joining The Institute is not easy, You will have to follow the main quest far wide enough to complete the Glowing Sea, Hunter and Hunted missions. You will have to build links with one of the other factions to make the machinery which will enable the access of the Institute. As soon as you get to the Institute, you’ll meet the father and he’ll start giving you errands to run just like everyone else in the game.

The main rewards you’ll be getting for joining the Institute includes the ability to teleport in and out of the Institute. The fun part is that you can get a legendary laser rifle (Waser Wifle) from the tech wing from a young synth who’s going to need random junk from you in order to get that gun from the synth.

Due to the Institute being very much different from everyone, almost everybody hates the Institute. If you are going to complete the quest Mass Fusion using Institute’s resources then you need to rethink your decision because if you do, You’ll become enemies with the Brotherhood of Steel. If you want to destroy the Railroad, complete the quest End of the Line. Sticking up with the Institute means that you will have to attack the Railroad at some point if you don’t want to.

The Brotherhood of Steel Faction

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The Brotherhood of Steel is the oldest organization in the Fallout series. Brotherhood Of Steel faction has appeared in every part of the Fallout series casually.  The brotherhood of steels are a military group and somewhat of the “Want to be” religious people, they believe in an indistinct entity called “The Creator”, even though they don’t trust on science and technology but at the same time, Steel’s are the biggest hoarder of technology products.

Joining The Brotherhood of Steel is fairly easy, first, you need to pass Cambridge which enables you to pick up a military beacon leading to the Cambridge Police Station. At the Cambridge, you will find the Brotherhood recon team going towards with Paladin Danse.  After the completion of the quest called “A Call To Arms” with Paladin Danse, he’ll offer you to officially join the Brotherhood as a beginning.

The rewards you get for joining The Brotherhood of Steel are impressive, you’ll be getting a new suit of power armor in their own paint and access to the armory of The Brotherhood of Steel, although you will have to pay for everything. More special tag grenades and weapons will be coming your way as you proceed further. Upon the completion of all Brotherhood missions you will be getting a jetpack for your power armor as well and a name tag of “Sentinel”.

The Brotherhood of Steel hate synths, so therefore they are the enemies of the institute from almost the start. After accepting the Tactical-Thinking quest, you will become permanent enemies with the RailRoad. Also, after completing the Ad Victorian, you will become enemies with the Institue as well.

The Railroad Faction

Image: Otrixx

The members of Railroad live in catacombs, in the tombs below the famous church in Boston. The people of Railroad run a business of smuggling synths out of the Institue to freedom by flashing their factory settings and implanting them with a new memory of an entire fresh human life.

To join the Railroad, you will have to complete the quest Road to Freedom by following the Freedom Trail which goes through the Boston streets. Pay extra attention to the letters and numbers that you read through from the road markers along the trail, because they are going to reveal the password for the Railroad’s secret tunnels under the Old North Church. Once you are inside the church, you can then complete the quest with Deacon before the Railroad will trust you, after all of this you’re allowed to come and go as you like.

You will be getting a skillful silenced pistol after the initial quest of the Railroad. As you proceed through, the Railroad will give you a ballistic weave upgrade which you can apply on the cloth armor. From my point of view, The Railroad rewards are one of the best in comparison with other factions.

The Railroad doesn’t like The Brotherhood of Steel and The Institue both, so you better watch out for the missions the conflict with the brotherhood if you want to stay friendly with the brotherhood. You will lose your good deed with The Institute if you will be fighting with synths on a Railroad mission. It will be very hard for you to stay on each other’s side because Railroad and The Institue are always actively working against one another.

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