How To Get Unicorn In Far Cry 6

In our Unicorn guide, we are going to talk about which treasure hunt you will need to complete to get your hands on the Unicorn.

Ubisoft has always tried to introduce something new in their Far Cry series. In the fourth part, we got the chance to ride Elephants. And now, in Far Cry 6, we have horses. This is a new addition to the game’s transportation system. There are different types of horses available in the game and you can find them throughout the map. However, what some of you don’t know is that there exists a Unicorn in the game known as El Unicornio. And today, we are going to talk about how you can get the Far Cry 6 Unicorn. 

Key Takeaways
  • In Far Cry 6, among the different horses you can ride, there exists a unicorn-dressed horse called El Unicornio.
  • This unicorn-dressed horse can be obtained by completing a treasure hunt called ‘The Sweet Fifteen’, which is located in the El Este region.
  • In this treasure hunt, you have to solve a puzzle to get your hands on the birthday present of a girl who doesn’t want it anymore.
  • The puzzle includes turning on four switches which will draw the power of the warehouse back, after which you will be able to interact with a button.
  • After a small birthday celebration, you will gain access to the MG42 LMG and the Unicorn, which will be waiting for you in the shed.
  • Do keep in mind that El Unicornio is just a decorated horse, not a mythical creature like an original unicorn, but still, it is a pretty decent horse to ride.

How To Get Far Cry 6’s Unicorn 

Far Cry 6 has different treasure hunts for players to complete. These treasure hunts are fun and you earn exclusive rewards by completing them. For instance, there are different hidden weapons in Far Cry 6 that can only be acquired by completing these treasure hunts. And through one of them, you can also get your hands on the Unicorn. 

The Unicorn, El Unicornio, can be acquired by completing the Sweet Fifteen treasure hunt. This treasure hunt can be found in the Sierra Perdida sub-region of the El Este region. You need to go above a hill north of the Savannah Fields. You can see the exact location of the Sweet Fifteen treasure hunt below.

Far Cry 6 Unicorn
Sweet Fifteen Location On The Map

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Sweet Fifteen Treasure Hunt 

As per the official description of the treasure hunt, a little girl is no longer going to celebrate her birthday because both her parents were taken away by the soldiers.

Now, she wants her birthday present to rot in the “warehouse.” And your job? Well, it’s to go get the present for yourself. But you won’t be able to get your hands on it straight away. To do that, you will need to solve a puzzle first which will include finding and turning on four switches. 

Far Cry 6 Unicorn
Sweet Fifteen Location

The first thing you need to do is get inside the warehouse. This can be done by entering through the door that is right next to the note. Once you enter through the door, head right and you’ll reach the center of the warehouse.

There, you’ll see a button with which you can interact. But as soon as you press it, you’ll notice that you first need to get the power back on in order for it to work. And this can be done by pulling the four switches.

First Switch 

For the first switch, look at the right side of the main button and you’ll see a yellow ledge. Climb it and you’ll then see a couple of boxes at your front. Right behind these boxes, there will be a door with a lock on it. Shoot the lock with your gun as you’ll need to access it at a later stage.

Now, turn around and you’ll see a rail. Jump over it and then continue going forward. As you do that, you’ll see a room on the left side which you’ll need to enter. Head down the stairs and you’ll see the switch right in front of you.

Far Cry 6 Unicorn
First Switch

Second Switch 

After you have pulled the first switch, go back to the main button. Now, again look at the right side but instead of going up the yellow ledge, go to the room below it this time. There, you’ll see a room with a lot of electric wires on the floor.

In order to avoid getting damaged by them, simply jump from one table to another until you reach the front wall. Press the red button on the wall as this will put out the electricity of the wires. Once done, head inside the caged room and you’ll see the second switch.

Far Cry 6 Unicorn
Second Switch

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Third Switch 

To reach the third switch, get outside of the caged room and you’ll see stairs going above on the left side. Use them and continue your journey on the above portion until you reach the final room. There, you’ll see the third switch.

Far Cry 6 Unicorn
Third Switch

Fourth Switch 

As for the fourth and final switch, you’ll again need to climb the rail. I know, it seems like a time-consuming task. But you can’t expect to get the El Unicornio in Far Cry 6 without a little trouble. But instead of going left this time, continue going forward on the rail and you’ll see a room with a lot of boxes.

As soon as you enter the room, one of the boxes will break and a badger will come out of it. Since it won’t be happy to see you and will try to attack, kill it as soon as you can. Then, on the left wall of the room, you’ll see the fourth switch.

Far Cry 6 Unicorn
Fourth Switch

After you have pulled all four switches, head back to the center of the warehouse. After you interact with the main button, you’ll get to enjoy a small birthday celebration. You will then receive a couple of rewards, including the MG42 LMG. And to get the Unicorn, proceed forward and you’ll find it standing in the shed, waiting for you to mount it. 

One thing you need to keep in mind is that it’s not an actual Unicorn. Ubisoft wasn’t kind enough to include a mythical creature in their game. Instead, they just placed a cosmetic horn on the head of a random horse and decided to call it El Unicornio.

Well, at least it’s better than nothing. I personally found the Unicorn in Far Cry 6 better than most of the other horses available in the game. Therefore, completing the Sweet Fifteen treasure hunt is definitely worth it. 

Far Cry 6 Unicorn
Far Cry 6 Unicron

The best part is that unlike some of the other treasure hunts available in the game, this one isn’t that difficult and time-consuming. You can complete it in a couple of minutes and that’s just about it. And hey, you’ll be getting a powerful weapon too along with the mount, so you won’t regret your decision.

The MG42 LMG is easily one of the best weapons to use in Far Cry 6 because of its massive firepower. It can also be further improved at the workbench. 

This was all regarding Far Cry 6’s Unicorn and our guide on how to get it. We hope that it will help you get the unique mount. Before you leave, make sure to check out our Far Cry 6 review as well. 

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