Gran Turismo 7 Fastest Credits Farming Method

Our Gran Turismo 7 Credits or money Farming guide will help you get your hands on tons of Credits quickly and easily.

Gran Turismo 7 offers the ultimate racing experience for players. You get the luxury to choose from 424 cars that you can drive in 34 beautiful locations. Furthermore, as you build up your car collection, you can also apply different upgrades to make it faster and better. But to do that, you’ll need money. In other words, in-game Credits. And today, through our Gran Turismo 7 Credits farming guide, you’ll be able to become rich quickly in the game.

Key Highlights

In Gran Turismo 7, players can acquire credits through various methods to get upgrades and cars. Here are some effective ways to earn credits:

  1. Roulette Tickets: Completing the Car Menu Book from GT Cafe can reward you with Roulette Tickets, which can yield a substantial amount of credits.
  2. Driving Tests: Successfully completing challenges in Driving Tests can also earn you a significant amount of credits.
  3. Races: Participating in races like American Clubman 700, American FR Challenge 500, Clubman Cup Plus, GT Cup Gr.4 Race, and Dirt Champions can be lucrative in terms of credit rewards.
  4. Race Performance: Achieving the required performance points or optimizing your race efficiency can enhance your credit earnings.

Getting the best cars in Gran Turismo 7 is important. But what’s more important is that you apply the right upgrades to them. At their base level, they will perform great, but it won’t be something that will help you break records or quickly finish races. Therefore, to increase their performance and make them perform better, you will need to upgrade them. We also recently did a Gran Turismo 7 best starter car guide, through which you can select the right car that can provide you a great headstart in the game. 

Credits Or Money Farming In Gran Turismo 7

Both cars and upgrades can be purchased by using Credits in Gran Turismo 7. Different methods can earn credits, but it’s important to know which methods are the quickest and the best. This way, you’ll get tons of money in the game without wasting any time. So, without any further due, let’s take a look at our Credits Farming methods.

Summary of all the credits you’ll receive in each race: 

Race NameAmount of credits
American Clubman 70030,000-45,000 per race
600,000 per hour
American FR Challenge 50015,000 - 22,500 per race
60,000 per hour
Clubman Cup Plus35,000 - 52,500 per race
850,000 per race
GT Cup Gr.4 Race65,000 - 97,500 per race
900,000 per hour
Dirt Champions 65,000 - 97,500 per race
1.7 Million per hour

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Roulette Tickets 

The first method of quickly making money in Gran Turismo 7 is through Roulette Tickets. For those who don’t know, these tickets can be acquired by completing Car Menu Books from the GT Cafe. Through these tickets, you can get your hands on some of the best cars in the game, and even some tuning parts. However, you can also earn tons of Credits through these tickets. But keep in mind that the higher the star rating of a Roulette Ticket, the more chances will be of getting big rewards. 

Roulette Tickets
Roulette Tickets

Driving Test Challenges 

Completing Driving Tests is another quick way of farming Credits in Gran Turismo 7. If you’re just starting out in Gran Turismo 7, then it’s highly recommended that you take part in such tests.

The Driving Tests are filled with challenges that you can complete. Upon successfully completing these challenges, you will get rewarded with a lot of credits. The challenges mostly include time records, which keep on getting tough as you progress through the driving tests. But the rewards you get will also keep on getting better.

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Completing Races 

Completing Races is another best method of getting money or credits faster in Gran Turismo 7. By completing races, you can get tons of Credits quickly. However, not all races are going to reward you with a lot of Credits, and it’s important to know which ones offer the most Credits so you don’t waste any time on the wrong ones. Following are some of the best races for Credits in Gran Turismo 7.

American Clubman 700

  • Unlock at Menu Book 26.
  • No strict Performance Points limit.
  • Focus on high-speed cars.
  • First place rewards 30,000 Credits, clean performance grants 45,000 Credits.
  • Quick and easy race, ideal for earning around 600,000 Credits per hour.
Gran Turismo 7 Credits Farming
American Clubman 700

American FR Challenge 500

  • Unlock at Menu Book 13.
  • Requires an American road car with front-engine and rear-wheel drivetrain.
  • No strict Performance Points limit.
  • First place rewards 15,000 Credits, clean win gives 22,500 Credits.
  • Efficient for earning around 600,000 Credits per hour.
Gran Turismo 7 Credits Farming
American FR Challenge 500

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Clubman Cup Plus

  • Unlock at Menu Book level 2.
  • Use Mini Coopers with 350 Performance Points or less.
  • First place rewards 35,000 Credits, clean win gives 52,500 Credits.
  • Races are quick, allowing you to earn around 850,000 Credits per hour.
Clubman Cup Plus
Clubman Cup Plus

GT Cup Gr.4 Race

  • Unlock at Menu Book 4.
  • Requires a Group 4 vehicle (complete International B license test to obtain one).
  • First place rewards 65,000 Credits, clean win grants 97,500 Credits.
  • Takes about six to seven minutes per race, ideal for earning around 900,000 Credits per hour.
GT Cup GR4 Race
GT Cup GR4 Race

Dirt Champions 

  • Unlock after completing Menu Book 36.
  • Requires a Gr.B rally car.
  • Obtain a Gr.B rally car by completing World Rally Challenge or International A License – Bronze.
  • No strict Performance Points limit.
  • First place rewards 65,000 Credits, clean win gives 97,500 Credits.
  • A single lap event takes around 3.5 minutes, allowing you to earn around 1.7 million Credits per hour.
Gran Turismo 7 Credits Farming
Dirt Champions

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Gran Turismo 7 Credits Farming Tips 

Now that we have discussed the best methods to farm Credits in Gran Turismo 7, let’s talk about some tips that you should keep in mind while following them. First and foremost, make sure to complete the race as quickly as possible. This is because the sooner you finish the race, the more money you’ll make every hour.

Then, remember the Performance Points requirement of each race. While some races allow you to participate with whatever you like, others have strict rules. Therefore, when upgrading your car, make sure to install the right upgrades so that you don’t waste any of your car’s Performance Points. 

Lowering the game’s difficulty is another trick that can greatly help you quickly farm money in Gran Turismo 7. Some races can help you get tons of Credits, but they are difficult to complete. However, lowering the game’s difficulty allows you to complete these races quickly and easily. Higher difficulties are only recommended for times when you want a challenge. But since your focus is going to be on credits only, it’s best to lower it until you’re done acquiring a lot of credits. 

As you can see, the best way to get Credits is by completing races. However, the methods mentioned before them should also be followed, especially by those who are just starting out in the game. You can use them to earn enough Credits to purchase a powerful car that can then help you win races mentioned in our guide. 

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