Gran Turismo 7 Being Delivered A Week Early By Amazon

Some lucky players are getting the racing game a lot earlier than others

Everyone is looking forward to the upcoming release of Gran Turismo 7 next week. The game’s trailer and gameplay have excited every player about the upcoming exclusive. It will be our first look at new generation racing games on the PS5 but there is still a week of waiting to go before anyone can play it. However, some very lucky gamers got the game much earlier than anyone else due to Amazon.

Many players got the launch edition of Gran Turismo 7 as early as Friday evening through Amazon’s shipping. Others have their 25th Anniversary edition of the game ready to ship as early as Saturday, February 26. This is over a week before Gran Turismo 7 officially releases worldwide physically and digitally. 

Some gamers who had already received the game posted pictures with the physical copy in hand. You can clearly see the physical copy of Gran Turismo 7 in the player’s hand and the “shipped” message from Amazon themselves.

Other players on GTPlanet also showed how their order for the 25th Anniversary edition of Gran Turismo 7 is arriving on Saturday, February 26. You can clearly see the shipping time and date which is much earlier than the official release. So, Amazon has clearly jumped the gun in shipping Gran Turismo 7 to its customers.

Gran Turismo 7
The photo proof from a member of GTPlanet showing the early delivery.

Gran Turismo shipping before the original launch isn’t anything new. Gran Turismo 6 was also sent to many customers in the Middle East days before its actual release. But, such a huge retailer like Amazon making a mistake like this is something new. Also, most of these early shipments reports are from the US and this doesn’t happen a lot in such a major market. Therefore, Amazon has truly messed up the game’s delivery.

Gran Turismo 7 is still not available anywhere else. The game is still on lock for anyone who has bought it online as a pre-order. The physical editions of the game also don’t hit stores until Friday, March 4th. Hence, these lucky few Amazon buyers of the sequel are the only players who have it right now.

Gran Turismo 7 will officially launch on March 4th all over the world. So, there is still a week before all of us can play the much-awaited racing game. The reviews for the game are also not out until March 2nd and no impressions or gameplay will be seen before that time. In short, these Amazon customers have got the game extra early due to this shipping mix-up. Saying all that, hopefully, the game is enjoyable for them and for everyone else when it releases officially this coming week.

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