The Last Of Us Part I Remake Footage And Screenshots Leaked

While the price tag for the game is on the steep side, it's certainly a must-buy for those that have never experienced The Last of Us Part I.

The Last Of Us Part I has been no stranger to controversy since its announcement, with players criticizing the apparent unjustified price tag. The remake of the 2013 masterpiece will include fully redone characters and models, new and improved textures and animations, 60 FPS performances, and more.

However, recent leaks and official gameplay footage releases from Naughty Dog haven’t conveyed these features to a satisfactory standard, at least when Twitter is concerned.

Admittingly, I’ve not yet played The Last Of Us Part I, but I’ve spoken to several of those who have recently been given access to the game before the embargo lifts on August 31st.

I’ve also been provided gameplay and cinematics, some of which can be seen in this article.

There’s no denying that The Last Of Us Part I looks great, and the improved textures, buttery-smooth 60 FPS experience, and revamped AI give an added element of immersion to the game.

However, if you’ve already played the game (probably twice, thanks to the remastered version released in 2014), the $70 price tag is on the steep side – but if you’ve never played the game, I’d say this is a must-buy.

I can’t help but think some additional incentive to those who have already played the game needs to be offered, but what that could entail is a cause for speculation. Perhaps some form of discount for those who bought the original game seems fair.

Ultimately, The Last Of Us Part I is a good remake, and the game will further be cemented as a true classic in the future. At $70, though, you can’t help but feel like a big dark cloud has ruined a clear sky day (but hey, some of us still like a bit of shade).

The Last Of Us Part I is scheduled to release next month, on September 2nd, for the PlayStation 5 and is currently in development for PC as well.

The game was announced back in June, and players have since been anxiously awaiting to see what Naughty Dog has come up with to justify the $70 price tag, which has been a cause for controversy on every forum.

YouTube video

As of recent, the game has also been accredited for its outstanding and detailed accessibility options for all sorts of players, as unveiled by an accredited industry insider.

However, whether all these up-and-coming features are worth the cost of the game is yet to be seen.

What do you think about this? Do tell us your opinions in the comments below!

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