The Last of Us Part I Remake Has Excellent Accessibility Options

Ann accredited industry insider gives us our first look at the remake's convenience.

Accessibility options have gained a lot of importance in the gaming industry during the past few years. Developers now try to make their games easy to play for all kinds of players. The Game Awards even has a specific category to highlight this very important niche of video games.

Lots of games in the recent past have set examples of how to integrate accessibility into games. One of those games was The Last of Us Part II, which had top-notch accessibility options. Not only do they help players with disabilities to access games, but normal players can also customize them however they like.

The Last of Us Part I has been in the news recently for all the leaks that it has had. One of those leaks gives us our first look at the accessibility options for the game, and these options certainly follow the lead of the second game in being remarkable.

Leaked screenshots give us our first look at The Last of Us Part I’s accessibility options and they are first-class. An accredited industry insider, @Shpeshal_Nick, posted the leaked images of the remake’s accessibility options recently. From what we can see, the options set new standards for convenience.

You can structure the combat according to your needs in the combat accessibility tab. Gameplay can be significantly altered and the options make it easy for every player to enjoy combat. Players can customize the enemy any way they like and enjoy the game adjusted to their abilities.

Sound and audio cues will also be available for players in combat which help in aiming and evading enemies. While navigating The Last of Us Part I, you can also choose many options to help you on your way. An enhanced listening mode is available and you can skip puzzles if you want to.

The Last of Us Part 1 remake
Magnification and visual aids in The Last of Us Part I.

Players can also change the camera angle in any way they like and adjust the field of view. Other visual and magnification aids are also present for players in the game, including HUD customizations. You can change the HUD color, background, flashing, or turn the colorblind HUD on to adjust it to your needs.

Translation prompts are also present for all in-world text in the game. Basic control customization is also present in the game and you can change it any way you prefer. All in all, the game has really good accessibility options for all kinds of players.

The Last of Us Part 1 remake
Control options in The Last of Us Part I.

Hence, enjoying the game will not be a problem for players with any kind of disabilities or preferences. We hope that other developers can also follow this example and make their games easy to play for every player. The Last of Us Part I is scheduled to release on September 2, 2022, for the PlayStation 5

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