Civ 6: Hermetic Order [How To Unlock & Guide]

Hermetic Order in Civ 6 is a secret society focusing on alchemy, mysticism, and magical concepts included in the "Gathering Storm" expansion.

The “Secret Societies” game mode allows the players of Civ 6 to have the option of joining one of the numerous secret societies, which provides their civilization special advantages, benefits, and skills. One of these secret societies is the Hermetic Order in Civ 6, which focuses on alchemy, mysticism, and magical concepts. Players can learn how to unlock hermetic order civ 6 in detail by following the steps below.

Key Takeaways
  • The Hermetic Order can give leverage to players who desire to play Civ 6 with a magical or mystical theme.
  • Secret Societies is a mode in Civilization VI that allows the player to join the Hermetic Order.
  • Joining the Hermetic Order gives you access to unique units, buildings, and powers based on mysticism and alchemy.
  • Ley Lines is an exclusive resource that becomes available to the players after joining the Hermetic order, which offers great benefits.
  • The four membership levels of the Hermetic Order:
    1. Initiation
    2. Ritual
    3. Indoctrination
    4. The master plan.
  • The civilizations which offer some of the best synergies in Civ 6 are:
    1. Canada
    2. Russia
    3. Brazil
    4. Kongo
    5. Scotland

What Is The Hermetic Order In Civilization 6

Governors of the Hermetic Order-
Governors of the Hermetic Order

Players who know how to unlock the Hermetic Order Civ 6 have access to special units, structures, and powers that are based on mysticism and alchemy. They might learn how to transform resources into more valuable ones, for instance, or they might learn how to examine ancient manuscripts to improve their knowledge of science and production.

Players who want to play Civilization VI with a magical or esoteric theme can gain a tactical edge over the Hermetic Order. To join the Hermetic Order in Civilization VI, you need to partake in the “Secret Societies” game mode, which is included in the “Gathering Storm” expansion pack. Here’s how you can join the Hermetic Order:

  1. Start a new game in Civilization VI and enable the “Gathering Storm” expansion pack.
  2. Make sure to select the “Secret Societies” game mode during game setup.
  3. You can accomplish this by selecting the “Secret Societies” checkbox in the advanced game setup options.
  4. You can choose the civilization with which the game will begin.
  5. You will be informed of the secret societies’ arrival as soon as it begins.
  6. You can learn more about the available secret organizations, including the Hermetic Order, from the announcement.
  7. Click on the notification or head to the “Government” screen, which is found in the top left corner of the screen, to join the Hermetic Order.
  8. A new tab titled “Secret Societies” will appear on the “Government” screen.
  9. To view the available secret societies, click that tab.
  10. Click the “Join” option after selecting the Hermetic Order from the list of eligible secret societies.
Unlocking the Hermetic Order
Unlocking the Hermetic Order

Once you have joined the Hermetic Order, you will have access to special units, structures, and skills that are connected to society. You can use these resources to advance your gameplay and strategy in Civ 6.

Exclusive Resource Of The Hermetic Order: Ley Lines

In Civilization VI, ley lines are special features that can offer considerable advantages to nearby districts and improvements and are made available to civilizations when they join the Hermetic Order. When the player joins the Hermetic Order, ley lines are exposed to them after being produced on the map at the beginning of Civilization 6.

Ley Lines in Civilization 6
Ley Lines in Civilization 6

The following are some general  guidelines and pointers for making efficient use of ley lines:

District Location

It is crucial to arrange your city’s district location with ley lines in mind because they can grant advantages to neighboring districts. For instance, situating areas like Campuses, Industrial Zones, and Theater Squares close to ley lines can boost local production, culture, or science, respectively.

To benefit from the advantages offered by ley lines, try to establish cities in areas where they are present or strategically situated districts.

Improvement Placement

Ley lines may also benefit nearby projects, including farms, mines, and plantations. To increase the returns of these upgrades, think about sitting them next to ley lines. For instance, building a Farm or a Mine adjacent to a ley line can increase food output or production, respectively, increasing your city’s overall productivity.


It’s crucial to explore the map early on to find the ley lines because they appear at the beginning but aren’t disclosed until you join the Hermetic Order. Plan your city settlements and district placements based on the position of ley lines by giving exploration a high priority and trying to uncover as much of the map as you can.


This last bonus makes Ley Line the main point of playing this secret society. You ought to receive a reward similar to this after advancing to the Industrial Era and becoming the governor of the Hermetic Order. a single tile with 20+ results (without considering district adjacency bonuses). 

  • Each earned Great Scientist, Great General, and Great Admiral contributions to science.
  • Each Great Engineer earns Culture, which drives production
  • Each great writer, musician, and artist contributes to culture.
  • Each Great Merchant earns Gold.
  • Faith is earned by each Great Prophet.

Membership Levels Explanation

Players can advance through four levels of membership in the Hermetic Order in Civilization VI. These degrees of membership are:


This is the beginner’s level membership of the hermetic order, usually unlocked by discovering a natural wonder. It reveals Ley Lines on the map, which, when enabled, offer Great People and Science adjacency bonuses.


In order to achieve this level of membership, you have to reach the Medieval Era. It opens the Alchemical Society, an exclusive organization that takes the place of the University.


To unlock this level of membership, you have to reach the industrial era. Ley Lines offer higher yields dependent on your age as of right now. (Faith, Gold, Production, or Science).

Master Plan

The Master is the highest level of membership in the Hermetic Order. As you progress further, you can achieve the Master’s level by reaching the atomic era. It enables the Occult Research project, which, when finished, awards a free technology or civic award at random.

Membership Levels of the Hermetic Order
Membership Levels of the Hermetic Order

You can improve your gameplay and strategy in Civilization VI with the help of the increasingly strong perks and powers that come with each degree of membership in the Hermetic Order.

Gaining points by performing tasks like creating a certain structure, hiring Great Scientists, or applying Hermetic Order specializations is the basis for moving forward in the Hermetic Order.

Hermetic Order In Different Eras Of Civ 6

Out of the four societies present in Civilization 6, the Hermetic Order is the least trustworthy one. Society improves significantly due to Ley Line Ley Lines’ bonuses and modifications to their spawn sites, but the reliability problem persists. Compared to the other three societies, their perks begin and peak considerably later, and they focus significantly on Ley Line Ley Lines, a new resource that only their members can see.

Civ 6 consists of four eras, namely the early game (ancient/classical era), the medieval era, the industrial era, and the atomic era. Strategies of the Hermetic Order in Civilization VI can be situational and depend upon the era you are currently in. Here are some strategies for utilizing the Hermetic Order in different eras:

Early Game

To meet the hermetic order in the early stages, you have to find a natural wonder. As a member of the Hermetic Order, your primary goal in the early game should be to accumulate points. You can change less valuable resources into ones that are more valuable by using the “Transmutation” skill.

This can be especially useful for getting resources, such as strategic or luxury resources, that may be hard to come by in your region or for gaining resources necessary for your early-game plan.

You must find a Natural wonder as soon as possible since cities must be designed around Ley Lines, a resource whose locations are not known until you join the Hermetic Order.

Medieval Era

As you progress through the Medieval Era, aim to advance to the next level in the Hermetic Order to unlock additional bonuses. The Hermetic Order grants you entry to its unique facility, the Al-chemical Society, which takes the place of the University in the Medieval Era.

The main benefit of this building’s benefits, as we previously mentioned, is that it grants you additional Great Person points, which is the cornerstone of the Ley Lines tactic.

When you reach a certain number of Great Scientist points, you can strategically hire Great Scientists and take use of their prowess to advance science, find new technologies, or produce more resources. To be most effective, sync their skills with the benefits of the Hermetic Order.

Hermetic Order Bonus in the Medieval Era
Hermetic Order Bonus in the Medieval Era

Industrial Era

You need to get to the industrial level to unlock the indoctrination membership level of the hermetic order. If there are enough Ley Lines in their regions, this is the power boost for civilizations that choose the Hermetic Order.

You have access to alchemical skills in this era, which can offer significant advantages like greater profits from resource transmutation. To increase your productivity, gain access to more resources, or grow your economy, strategically use these skills.

Atomic Era

By the Atomic Era, strive to reach the Hermetic Order’s Master level to access the most powerful perks, such as the “Alchemy” ability. You have access to Occult Research in the Atomic Era, a city project that, while in progress, awards Gold and, upon completion, rewards Great People points and Science for each Ley Line in the city.

In the Atomic Era, science is still crucial, and the Hermetic Order’s benefits and powers can support you in keeping a competitive technical edge. To stay competitive, focus on science-related structures, innovations, and Great Scientists.

Best Civilization Synergies For The Hermetic Order

The hermetic Order depends on the large yields of the ley lines. Therefore, the Hermetic Order works best in societies that generate many Great Persons. The best ones are Sweden and Scotland for science, and Brazil, Russia, and Kongo for culture.


The Scots must be content because if they are, they will gain additional points from Campuses and Industrial Zones for Great Scientist and Great Engineer, which is crucial for this plan. Cities in ecstasy receive double the bonuses.

Civilization of Scotland
Civilization of Scotland


The Nobel Prize civilization ability of the Swedes gives them an additional Great Engineer and Scientist point from Universities and Factories, respectively. Additionally, this civilization gains +50 Diplomatic Favour upon hiring a Great Person.

This Diplomatic Favour can be exchanged with other Civilizations for up to 400 gold, which can then be used to patronize another Great Person, starting a beneficial cycle.

Civilization of Sweden
Civilization of Sweden


In Russia, a religious civilization, the Lavra serves as a substitute for Holy Sites, awarding an additional great writer, prophet, artist, and musician point.

If you’re determined to play with the Hermetic Order, Russia is a good option, although this civilization works much better with the Voidsingers’ secret society.

Civilization of Russia
Civilization of Russia


Brazil, under Pedro II’s leadership, enjoys a significant advantage in the race for Great People. Magnanimous is the leader agenda of Pedro II; if a Great Person is hired or patronized, 20% of their point cost is refunded.

Civilization of Brazil
Civilization of Brazil


In Civilization VI, the unique civilization Kongo, commanded by Mvemba a Nzinga, has its own set of skills and units. The cultural and religious aspects of Kongo’s talents can work nicely with specific gameplay techniques.

Civilization of Kongo
Civilization of Kongo


In Civilization VI, Wilfrid Laurier’s Canada is a distinct civilization with its own set of skills and units. The skills of Canada are centered on diplomacy and tundra geography, and they can work well with specific gameplay techniques.

Civilization of Canada
Civilization of Canada

Remember that the map structure, game settings, and play style are a few examples of the variables that might affect how well civilizations work together. To get the most out of your gameplay, it is critical to modify your approach based on your game situation and take advantage of the skills of your selected civilization in conjunction with the Hermetic Order.

Thus, the Hermetic Order is a civilization in Civilization VI that excels in scientific breakthroughs due to its special traits and abilities. Consider playing as the Hermetic Order and take advantage of their special benefits, skills, strategies, synergies, and bonuses to win if you love a scientific play style.

The Hermetic Order prevails in a science-focused playstyle from a strategic standpoint. Players should place developing Campuses and Research Labs, find natural wonders, and build Ley Line Nexuses first to maximize  Science Production. They have a major advantage in unlocking strong Great Scientists because of their ability to earn Great Scientist points through structures and projects.

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