How To Fix Xbox Series X Not Recognizing Disks? [All Solutions]

Some users are having issues with their Xbox Series X Consoles while using Disks, learn how to fix them down below!

Several users are encountering a few different issues with their Xbox Series X. The Microsoft console is facing an issue where people are reporting that the console is unable to read disks and cannot access their games, whether they be current-gen or last-gen. Fortunately, today you will learn all the fixes for Xbox Series X not recognizing disks error!

So here are a few tips from us on how to solve this issue:

Key Takeaways
  • If your Xbox Series X is not recognizing disks, you can try the following fixes:
    • Reinsert the disk into the console: This may seem like a simple solution, but it often works.
    • Lay the Xbox Series X on its side: It can help to clear any obstructions that may be preventing the disk drive from reading the disc.
    • Ensure your disks are not damaged: If the disk is scratched or dirty, it may not be readable by the Xbox Series X.
    • Check the power mode of your Xbox Series X: If it is set to Instant-On mode, try switching to Energy-saving mode and restarting the console.
    • Perform a hard power cycle on your Xbox Series X: This can sometimes clear up any temporary glitches that may be preventing the console from reading discs.
  • If you have tried all of these fixes and your Xbox Series X is still not recognizing disks, you may need to contact Microsoft for further assistance.

Try Reinserting The Disk Into The Console

Fix Xbox Series X Not Recognizing Disks
Xbox Series X Disk Slot [Image by eXputer]
A few people are reporting that when they turn their consoles off with a disk already inside and then cold boot it later, the Xbox Series X does not act like there is a game inside it at all.

To solve this issue, press the eject disk button on your device and reinsert the disk into the Xbox. It should now recognize the game.

NOTE: Sometimes you may have to press the eject button twice for the console to push out the disk. There is also a chance that this issue might result from a faulty disk drive, but reinserting the disk usually does work.

Lay The Xbox Series X On Its Side

Fix Xbox Series X Not Recognizing Disks
Lay The Console On Its Side [Image by eXputer]
Multiple users have reported that they are unable to insert game disks into their Xbox Series X consoles and that they feel a strong pushback from the disk drive when they try to use even the smallest amount of force.

And if they occasionally manage to get a disk into their Series X, the console makes a constant loud clicking noise as it reads the game.

If you face this particular issue, laying the console on its side seems to solve the problem for some people. This method has not only made it possible for the consoles to accept disks; it has also dramatically reduced the noise it makes for some users.

Last-Gen Games Need To Be DRM Activated

If you’re someone who’s trying to play either your old Xbox 360 or Xbox One games offline on the Series X with a disk, you might have noticed that your games don’t register on the new console. This is DRM at work here, and you need to be connected to the internet at all times for your disks to work.

So if you’re facing this issue, your disks don’t need to be at fault here. The Xbox Series X uses DRM even for physical media, which is just a massive bummer.

Make Sure Your Disks Are Not Damaged

Many people are making use of their new Xbox Series X consoles to play some older games, several of which are over a decade old at this point.

And if you’re someone who’s attempting to do the same thing, please make sure that your disks are not the ones at fault if your new console fails to read them. Game disks suffer degradation over time, so you must make sure that they are in good physical condition before you try to insert them into your Xbox.

If you’re still convinced that the problem lies with your Series X and not your disk, make sure that’s the case by testing the game on either your older Xbox console or on a friend’s Series X.

Your Series X Might Have A Faulty Disk Drive

The worldwide launch of the next generation of consoles is currently ongoing, and as with any product launch of this scale, there are bound to be some faulty or damaged units.

There is a small chance that you might be one of the unfortunate recipients of a damaged Xbox Series X, and your best bet, in this case, is to either reach out to Xbox Support or bring the console back to the retailer you bought it from. Your Warranty should still be in effect. Either way, you should be able to get a replacement without a hitch.

These are some of our tips on how to solve the issues of the Xbox Series X not reading disks. Some of these issues are relatively easy to solve, but there is also the chance that your console might just be damaged, in which case you should try and get it replaced as soon as possible.

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