CS2: How To See Damage Dealt [Mid & Post-Match]

Learn how to see the damage you've done in each round in CS2 and boost your gameplay with valuable insights after reviewing these figures.

Learning how to see the damage you’ve done to your opponent in CS2 is valuable in several ways. It reflects how effective you are, your progress, and your overall contribution. Sometimes, you might believe you’ve inflicted a lot of damage, but in truth, you’ve barely harmed your opponent.

Key Takeaways
  • Understanding damage in CS2 is essential for assessing performance and even understanding a gun’s spray pattern.
  • Players can check the damage they’ve inflicted in two ways: at the end of each round and through the scoreboard during gameplay.
  • At the end of the round, the damage done to each player and the number of shots it took will be displayed under the player’s avatar.
  • The stats, accessible with the Tab key, show players’ overall damage, kills, deaths, and headshot percentage.
  • Players can also see the damage done as ADR (Average Damage per Round) after a match has ended in CS2.

How To See Damage Done In CS2 During Match

After the update from CSGO to CS2, you’re able to see the damage done to your enemies, which is shown on the Scoreboard screen or the Stats table by pressing the “Tab” key.


Damage Done After the Round Ends
Damage Done After the Round Ends [Image by eXputer]
Once a round finishes, you’ll see a screen with different stats, including the damage you’ve done under the person’s avatar at the top of the screen in CS2. The small screen pops up at the end of every round, regardless of the match’s outcome.

On the scoreboard, below each player’s picture at the top of your screen, you’ll find two numbers after the round has concluded.

  • The first number, the larger one, shows the damage you’ve caused to that particular player.
  • For instance, if you’ve dealt 25 damage to someone, the number will be “25.”
  • The second number, in Italics and right next to the damage dealt, reveals how many shots it took to inflict that damage, so if it required 2 shots to deal 25 damage, it will show as “25 in 2.”


Overall Damage Done in Stats
Overall Damage Done in Stats [Image by eXputer]
While playing a Match, you can see your damage done by pressing the Tab key on your keyboard in CS2.

  • The stats will appear, and it includes a “DMG” stat at the end.
  • The “DMG” stat shows your overall damage done in the match.

Besides damage, the stats provide a range of other statistics, including:

  • Kills
  • Deaths
  • Headshot percentage

Monitoring both damage and headshot stats is important for understanding your performance in the CS2.

How To See Damage Done In CS2 Post-Match

See damage done as ADR after the match ends
See the damage done as ADR after the match ends [Image by eXputer]
You can view your ADR (Average Damage per Round) right after the match concludes in CS2.

ADR is a crucial statistic that indicates the average amount of damage you have done to your opponents in each round. A high ADR usually signifies that you are actively engaged in combat and assisting your team in securing kills. It can be a valuable metric for evaluating your contribution to the team’s success. Learning your mistakes is one way to get better at CS2.

That’s how you can see Damage Done in CS2 after the update. Read about the Best Cases to Open to see the chances you might get a Rare Knife. For more progression-based tips, use the Best Crosshair Settings to get better and Rank Up Fast at CS2. Also, be sure to check out this HLTV Forum thread to see how players feel about changing their sensitivity.


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