Counter Strike 2: BEST CS2 Grenade Spots Dust 2 [My Picks]

Explore this guide to find some of the best CS2 smoke and grenade spots in Dust 2 to gain an advantage over your opponents.

Knowing the best spots for your CS2 grenades in the Dust 2 map might be more important than you think, which is why you need this “CS2 best grenade spots Dust 2” guide. Your grenade placements on the Dust 2 map have the potential to shape the game’s outcome, so it’s crucial to know the best CS2 smoke and grenade spots in Dust 2. Having this knowledge will put you and your team at an overall advantage.

Key Takeaways
  • If you know the proper grenade spots in Dust 2, you will be at a massive advantage over your opponents.
  • The advantage of utilizing the grenade spots is you can max out the damage and surprise one or multiple enemy team members in a single grenade throw. 
  • Even if the grenade does not land a kill, it serves as a distraction, allowing your teammates to move from other directions and surprise enemies. 
  • The disadvantage of grenade spots is that repeated spots make the strategy predictable & the enemy team can anticipate your incoming grenades in CS2.  

Besides Grenades, you can view our YouTube video to learn the best Smoke lineups in CS2’s iconic Dust 2 map:

YouTube video

Best Grenade Spots For T Side 

Best T Side Grenade Spots

I believe each of the grenade spots has its own pros and cons, which are listed below:

  • Block CT snipers
  • Cut off information
  • Site Fakes
  • Hard to learn
  • Predictable

If you’re playing as the Terrorist side in Counter-Strike 2, you must know about the following six best grenade spots in Dust 2:

Xbox Via T Spawn

You will notice many professional players throw smokes from Xbox during high-level CS2 matches. This is a highly advantageous place for the T side because you can completely block CT’s vision with your smoke. However, note that you need to have proper jump-throw execution with your grenade for this to be effective.

Go back to Xbox in T spawn. Now, stand beside the railing that’s protruding out of the structure. Set your aim in front of you, where you can see the smoke rising from behind a building. Aim toward the left side of the smoke, right at the corner of the building, and then do a jumping throw.

CS2 T Grenade Spot
Xbox T Spawn Spot [Image by Us]

Xbox Via CT Spawn

The best course of action you can take here is to block off one side of the A players. Navigating through the small door already places you at a disadvantage, but deploying this smoke will provide you with a slight advantage while also providing support to your team.

Stand right behind Xbox and take your aim towards the left wall. Now, do a normal throw. You should also throw a flash in case someone is waiting further outside or towards the left side. 

CS2 T Grenade Spot
Xbox Via CT Spawn Spot [Image by Us]

A Site Long

If you want to be competitive in CS2, the A Site Long smoke spot is a must-learn as a T. This smoke will block the CT’s vision to the only possible entry they can take towards Long. Now, with CS2, you will only require a single smoke to block the entire entry point.

Go to the Taxi area and climb up the boxes you see beside the Taxi. Take your aim right above the palm tree in front of you and perform a jump throw.

CS2 T Grenade Spot
A Site Long Spot [Screenshot by: eXputer]

A Site Long 2

Alternatively, if you have already gotten control of Long, you can use this spot to throw your smoke. This will completely block off the CT Spawn area.

Get to the corner and take your aim towards the antenna that you can see in front of you. Now, slightly move your crosshair toward the left side of the antenna. Once your aim is set, perform a running throw.

CS2 T Grenade Spot
A Site Long 2 Spot [Screenshot by: eXputer]

A Site Short

This smoke will allow you to enter A site from Cat much more easily. It achieves this by blocking CT’s vision toward the Bridge and Stairs. Not only that, you can stand on top of a nearby box to look above the smoke.

Get to the stairs and aim towards the right side of the ridge. After your aim is set, just do a normal throw.

CS2 T Grenade Spot
A Site Short Spot [Screenshot by: eXputer]

B Site Window & Door Smoke

The Window and Door smokes will put the B players at a massive disadvantage. You will be able to block out all of their vision with just two smokes. Not only that, you can accomplish this from a safe distance.

First, to smoke the door, go outside the tunnels and head to the right corner. Now, aim slightly below the top of the wall and do a jumping throw.  

CS2 T Grenade Spot
B Site Door Smoke Spot [Screenshot by: eXputer]
For the window, go backward until you can see the wooden plank on the floor. Stand towards its left side and aim for the upper gap of the structure, as shown in the image below. Now, do a jumping throw.

CS2 T Grenade Spot
B Site Window Smoke Spot [Image by Us]

Best Grenade Spots For CT Side

Best CT Side Grenade Spots

The CT side is also not lacking when it comes to the best CS2 grenade and smoke spots in the Dust 2 map. However, do note that, unlike the T side, CTs have to be very reactive and aware when throwing a grenade or smoke.

  • Stop Terrorist pushes
  • Block information
  • Hold sites individually
  • Easy to learn
  • Easy to counter

The following are the best CT side grenade spots according to my CS2 experience:

From CT Spawn Box

Use a smoke at CT Spawn when you notice the T’s not throwing any smoke from Xbox and just waiting for your team. This will obstruct the T’s vision, and they won’t be able to properly see the CT’s attempting to go to the B site. Aim at the box in the CT spawn area and do a normal throw.

CS2 CT Grenade Spot
From CT Spawn Box Spot [Image by Us]

CT B Site Tunnel Smoke & Molotov

You have to be technical and reactive when using this spot to smoke the tunnel. First, throw the smoke at the exit to obstruct the T’s view and to stop them from immediately coming inside the B site. If you notice any footsteps or see a flashbang, immediately throw your Molotov at the exit.

CS2 CT Grenade Spot
CT B Site Tunnel Smoke & Molotov Spot [Image by Us]

A Site Short Smoke & Grenade

While you are defending A short and your teammates defending A long are struggling for backup, you must use this smoke and grenade combo. It will completely catch the T’s off-guard.

Head over to the Boost area and set your aim to the top-right side of the building in front of you. Now, perform a standard throw. It will take the smoke a few seconds to go off. Until that happens, you must quickly run off to Long and throw a grenade at the wall. This will give you a second of clear vision and allow you to fire surprise shots at the T’s.

CS2 CT Grenade Spot
A Site Short Smoke & Grenade Spot [Screenshot by: eXputer]

My Experience With Best Grenade Spots

I love exploiting the mentioned grenade spots as these spots help me to easily block the enemies’ vision if I am throwing a smoke grenade without showing myself in the enemy line of sight. These spots prove to be very handy as they help players utilize the in-game utilities easily without exposing themselves too much to the enemy players.

However, I recommend not to use these spots again and again, as the enemy might be able to predict your next move based on the spots where you land the grenade. So, it is best to use different variations; you can throw a grenade on B site to start a fake push and then execute a bomb plant on A site.

There you have it. These are some of the best CS2 smoke and grenade spots in Dust 2. If you coordinate with your team well enough while using these grenade spots strategically, you will surely go up faster in the CS2 ranks. Before you leave, I recommend going through CS2: How To Change FOV Settings, BEST Crosshair Settings, and BEST Cases To Open guides.

While you are at it, make sure to check out the Counter-Strike 2 review by our competent game reviewer, Asad Ahmed.

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