CS2: BEST Viewmodel Settings [Commands]

Here is the Viewmodel Settings you can have to give you the best perspective and gun position in CS2!

The view models in CS2 basically refer to the position of the player’s hands and weapon, which is equipped by your character. The best thing about the view models is that players can customize it according to their preferences and desires. Each player has their own CS2 best ViewModel list. To use the CS2 Viewmodel you would have to know its commands.

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Key Takeaways
  • Viewmodels are the settings that allow the player to shrink or widen their perspective in CS2.
  • Using the best and the optimum setting of the Viewmodel will also allow the player to improve their visuals and gameplay.
  • FOV changes the position of the gun as desired by the player.

Best Viewmodels

Viewmodel Settings
Viewmodel Settings – (Image Taken By eXputer)

The Best Viewmodel basically depends on the player. Generally, the players prefer the more out of the way, the better it is to have a better view of the surroundings and see the enemy by any sight possible. Here is the best and the most optimum CS2 Viewmodel with commands and settings allowing players to improve their gameplay.

  • viewmodel_offset_x: 2.5
  • viewmodel_offset_y: 1
  • viewmodel_offset_z: -1.5
  • viewmodel_fov: 68

By using these settings in your command console box, you will have the best Viewmodel because it allows the player to have a full view of their screens, allowing the player to see the enemy with full sight. It also allows them to kill enemies without scope, and players can improve their shooting skills.

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Field Of View

Another thing to focus on with the Viewmodels is the FOV (Field Of View). The FOV allows the player to keep their weapon on their desired hand side, either left or right, and after that, you can even change the gun’s position by bringing it towards the center or to the outer side of the display.

The Viewmodels allow players to greatly improve their gameplay by adjusting the weapon to their desired position. Changing the Viewmodel will also help you make great shot and no-scope shots. Many players on Steam have Viewmodel settings that they think are the best, proving that it is really the end up to your preference.  If you want to know the best spots to smoke in Inferno, check out the guide by Arham Abro. 


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