Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth: Anaconda Escape [Walkthrough]

Learn everything about how to complete the Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth Anaconda Escape substory and its quizzes, and puzzles.

The Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth Anaconda escape is one of the various substories in the game, which sees Ichiban competing in a game show of sorts in the Shopping Mall of Honolulu. The substory can be confusing to complete on a first attempt as you need to correctly answer trivia questions, open chests and avoid patrolling enemies at the same time to successfully the substory for the best rewards.

Important: Like most early-game substories, the Anaconda Escape sub-mission can be accessed during Chapter 4: Into The Ghetto.
Before You Start: I strongly recommend surveying the upper floor of the Mall to get an idea of its layout and the shop names (if you want to solve the trivia yourself).
Key Takeaways
  • The Anaconda Escape is a substory in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth, found on the 2nd floor of the Anaconda Shopping Mall.
  • Main objectives: Complete trivia quizzes, open chests, and get to the finish before time runs out.
  • Most patrolling enemies near the first and second quizzes can be avoided by walking past their range.
  • The Red chest and second quiz can be found in the central courtyard, while the blue key and chest are towards the right side of the mall.
  • The grand prize for completion is 2x Silver Plates and 1x Safe Key.

The First Quiz

  • LAD Infinite wealth anaconda run
    Sprint to the first quiz while avoiding enemy. (Image by Me)
Important: I strongly recommend walking when close to enemies, as they will have a reduced detection state unless you walk right into them.

As soon as you start, you will be given another brief tutorial regarding the Anaconda escape run, the 6-minute timer, and other minor guidelines, such as securing the highest reward by solving everything.

However, that aside, follow the steps below to the first quiz from the starting position:

  1. As soon as the tutorial pop-up disappears, make a beeline to the laptop with the Quiz in the right corner of the area, as shown in the images above.
  2. A single nimble enemy is circling in front of the laptop; make sure to move past him unnoticed and interact with the laptop.
  3. Quiz: True Or False, Treasure Select Pawn is located on the 2nd floor of the Anaconda Shopping Centre.
  4. Correct answer: True.
  5. After solving it, carefully maneuver past the patrolling enemies near the plant area; again, take your time and walk rather than sprint.

Second Quiz & Red Chest Location

LAD Infinite wealth
The second quiz. (Image by Me)

Once you reach the central area, you’ll need to locate the 2nd quiz and a red chest, which will end up giving you three points.

  1. In the Central Courtyard area, facing from where you come from, head to the left side first, as shown in the images above.
  2. Crossing to the laptop here can be tricky, but I found walking is immensely useful here, and when the patrolling enemy turns away, sprint and interact with the laptop.
  3. Keep note of the brute here, too, as even a slight angle will gain his detection.
  4. Quiz: What kind of establishment is Thorstone?
    LAD Infinite wealth
    Second quiz answer. (Image by Me)
  5. Correct answer: A Hat Shop.
  6. Upon successfully answering the quiz, you will receive the code for a nearby red chest.
    • LAD Infinite wealth
      The unlock code of the Red chest. (Image by Me)
  7. The Code is 8931, which is also depicted in the images above.
  8. Now, the chest is on the opposite side of this courtyard, so carefully return the way you came back and reach the right side.
  9. From my experience, I found that going through the patch of grass with the palm tree near the Red chest side allowed me to reach it easily by walking.
  10. Interact with the chest, enter the code from the laptop, and receive three points and a bottle of Divine Water.

Blue Key & Chest Location

like a dragon infinite wealth anaconda
Location of the Blue Key, under the benches. (Image by eXputer)

There is one last objective left: the blue key for the chest, which will reward you with the final set of points.

  1. From the Red chest, if you follow the images above, you will now need to cross over to the right side of the mall on the map.
  2. The Blue Key is located under one of the benches found as you’re heading over to the stairs area of the mall.
  3. Pick it up and get ready to carefully maneuver yourself through hordes of enemies.
    lad infinite wealth anaconda escape
    Sprint to the blue chest through the side. (Image by Me)
  4. As soon as you reach the right side of the mall filled with many patrolling enemies, stick close to the wall and sprint over to the chest in the image above.
  5. With any luck, you’ll probably need to beat a couple of enemies quickly even if you run into them, so quickly grab the chest and get out of there.
  6. Now, simply head down the stairs to the finish line to complete the Anaconda Escape run.


Receiving the Grand Prize rewards. (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

Finally, if you manage to do all the tasks I pointed out, Imada will be overjoyed at your results, going as far as to provide a little extra with the Grand Prize. But it is worth keeping in mind that if you miss a couple of tasks, such as the chest or quiz, you will receive lesser rewards from him.

  • Regarding the Grand Prize, you’ll receive 2x Silver Plates and 1 Safe Key.

This concludes my guide to the Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth and the Anaconda Escape substory; if you enjoyed reading this, then check out my comprehensive Review of LAD Infinite Wealth, where I discuss both its highs and lows as the most ambitious JRPG. If you have any questions or queries about the game to discuss with me, let me know in the comments below so I can get back to you as soon as possible!

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