Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth: BEST Jobs [My Recommendations]

After 60+ hours and counting, here are my recommended Jobs to use for characters.

My list of the Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth best Jobs will allow you to get an optimal start in the game, whether it’s via the starting jobs you unlock or from the ones you unlock later on in Chapter 8. These jobs have their own stat modifiers, as some excel in giving you a different playstyle, such as a mage-focused class, while others provide support skills. Still, there are only a few that became my favorites to use during my playthrough.

Key Takeaways
  • A total of eight Male and five Female Jobs in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth.
  • You can unlock the option to change and unlock Jobs in Chapter 5 at Alo-Happy Tours Waikiki.
  • Specifically, you will have to wait until Chapter 8 for three additional male and two female jobs to unlock.
  • Advantage of using the best jobs is the different skills and stats; a life-saver depending on the situation.
  • In my opinion, the best jobs are the Kunoichi for Females and Desperado for Male characters.
Before You Start: My list does not include the special Sujimancer job for Ichiban nor the default character jobs/classes as they are primarily exclusive to the relevant party member.

Best Jobs Summary And Comparison

Below are my suggestions for the best Jobs to use in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth along with their stats:

6HostBest Job to Pick in Chapter 8.2/54/52/51/55/54/53/5
5AquanautBest Early Game Job2/54/53/53/53/53/53/5
4SamuraiBest Blade Damage Job3/53/55/54/52/52/52/5
3HousekeeperThe Best All-Rounder Female Job.3/53/51/53/54/54/53/5
2KunoichiThe Best Damage Female Job.2/54/53/52/53/52/55/5
1DesperadoThe Best Male Character Job.3/55/54/52/53/52/53/5

6. Host

The Best Male Job To Pick in Chapter 8.
likema dragon infinite wealth best jobs
The Host job is back from Like a Dragon 7. (Image by Me)
  • Why I Chose This: Host boasts some helpful magic and buff skills such as Coercive Shout, which immensely helps Mage characters such as Nanba.

The Host is a returning job from Like a Dragon 7, one that I immediately found myself picking up due to the basic but efficient Ice skills in Chapter 8. The highlights of this job for me personally were getting the Rose Stinger and Ice Spreader skills beyond Rank 18, after which you can inherit these skills and switch to some other class to focus on that you want to main.

  • Decent elemental skills.
  • Buff skills are available early on.
  • High MP and Magic Stats.
  • Low melee attack damage.
  • Lackluster steal-based skills.

5. Aquanaut

The Best Early Game Job.
like a dragon infinite wealth best jobs
The wave surfer Aquanaut Job specializes in Ice element skills. (Image by Us)
Unlock RequirementKindness Level 1
  • Why I Chose This: The first job you unlock at Alo-Happy Tours Waikiki, with some skills that are both beginner-friendly and powerful.

The Aquanaut will be handed to you for free as the beginner jobs/classes of Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth. It has a solid variety of skills, one that I think a few players might underestimate.

If it came to choosing any favorite skills, I’d say almost every single one worked well since I found most enemies in the early chapters to be weak toward the Ice element, and that’s where this job shined superbly. Lastly, I strongly recommend getting the Jellyfish Juice skill at Rank 20 due to its AOE effects and Paralyzing bonus.

  • Great single target and AOE damage Ice skills.
  • Cresting Collider Skill provides fantastic long-range opportunities.
  • Balanced Stats, fit for all male characters.
  • Jellyfish Juice skill locked at Rank 20.
  • Low HP bonus.

4. Samurai

The Best Blade Job.
Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth best jobs
The Samurai Job has amazing Blade Skills to use. (Image captured by eXputer)
Unlock Requirement1600 Dollars & Confidence Level 5
  • Why I Chose This: Provides an ample amount of Gun and Blade skills, which are great for the mid-game stages and against a few story bosses.

The Samurai Job had me intrigued when I first tested it back in the gameplay demo, but truth be told, I underestimated its viability despite its cool animations for attacks.

There’s a handful of great Blade and Gun skills here to cover weaknesses should you need them. I loved the Burning Arrow skill, available to you right off the bat with the Job and “Pine, Bamboo, Plum” at Rank 15, which is extremely good in crowd control encounters.

  • Glory Awaits Skill buffs’ attack and the critical chance of Party members.
  • Blade Skills such as ‘Wind of Laido’ can also apply the Bleeding status effect.
  • High Attack stat.
  • Burning Arrow Skill provides both Gun and Fire damage.
  • In my opinion, not viable for Mage characters such as Nanba.
  • Low Agility and Wisdom stats.

3. Housekeeper (Female)

The Best All-Rounder Female Job.
best jobs like a dragon infinite wealth
The Housekeeper for female party members is essentially the Jack-of-all-trades. (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)
Unlock Requirement200 Dollars & Kindness Level 4
  • Why I Chose This: Almost every skill of this Job can prove beneficial to have in the right scenario with a couple of them extremely helpful in bossfights.

While the Housekeeper may be slightly lackluster in melee damage, it makes up for that regard via the quintessential skills it provides. Power Wash and Iron Maiden is available right off the bat making short work of enemies weak to Ice and Fire.

However, my personal favorite skill is Scum Sweeper at Rank 15, which I inherited immediately for Chitose across all her other Jobs just because of how it can erase any buffs of the target, making it perfect for boss battles. Aside from that, Iron Matriach is great in mid-game as well as Suction Spiral against groups of buffed-up enemies in late-game.

  • Buff-removal skills.
  • Elemental skills are available from Rank 1.
  • High Magic and Wisdom stats.
  • Bland melee attack damage.
  • AOE Skills unlock at higher Job ranks.

2. Kunoichi (Female)

The Best Damage Female Job.
like a dragon infinite wealth best seonhee jobs
The Kunoichi are female Shinobis that specialize in high damage. (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)
Unlock Requirement1600 Dollars & Intellect Level 5
  • Why I Chose This: Various kinds of high damaging and AOE skills, the latter excellent for crowd control.

The Kunoichi is one of the brand-new Jobs for the female characters in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth and might just be the best one on my list for them. It is because this Job has an array of high DPS skills such as Flicker of Light which can break enemy guards and other useful elemental ones too like Scattering of Flowers at Rank 15 to cover potential weaknesses.

Moreover, I especially loved the fact that there’s an assortment of AOE skills at your disposal from Moth Scales Jutsu at Rank 18 to Essence of Hell Hive at Rank 24 which can decimate the HP of enemies.

  • Great AOE Skills.
  • High Agility and Movement speed.
  • Balanced Attack and Magic stats.
  • Few Skills can also potentially boost Agility stat.
  • Low HP and Defense stat.
  • Single elemental Skill.

1. Desperado

The Best Male Character Job.
like a dragon infinite wealth best jobs
The Desperado is a cowboy gangster Job that has fantastic skills and deals ranged weapon damage. (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)
Unlock Requirement1600 Dollars & Style Level 5
  • Why I Chose This: Excellent ranged damage and a variety of great skills to use in every type of encounter.

The Desperado Job is straight out of an old-school western flick, one that I was personally excited to use since its initial reveal. Most importantly though, it skips traditional melee attacks for ranged damage using the Revolver, which I like because of how easily follow-up attacks can be done instead of getting up close to the target.

If I had to pick my favorite skills, Poisoned Cloudburst at Rank 10 can decimate trash fodder enemies and may also apply the Poison status effect.

The Bourbon Buster is also great but has a risk-reward advantage due to the drunkenness effect. However, the best skill here is Essence of High Noon at Rank 24 which can outright KO enemies if they’re inflicted with a status ailment.

  • Variety of Skills and their Damage types.
  • Elemental Revolvers can deal both Gun and Element damage.
  • Range damage.
  • A few Skills can also apply status ailments to targets.
  • The ‘Campfire Cook’ Self-Heal Skill is situational.
  • Low HP and Defense stats.

Other Honorable Mentions

While I listed my most used Jobs/Classes in the game, I have also briefly entailed a couple of alternative options that are just as good as these jobs in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth:

  • Action Star: Has a decent set of Blunt and Grapple Skills which can be paired well with elemental Nunchucks to deal great damage.
  • Breaker: With an optimal elemental Anklet equipped, can provide some great damage from AOE skills as well as grapple attacks, especially behind the backs of the enemy.
  • Night Queen (Female): Has some excellent skills like Candle Rush and Vital Vibration, both viable in crowd control and boss fights.

My Thoughts On The Best Jobs

like a dragon infinite wealth my thoughts
My playtime in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth.

While Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth impressed me a lot with its diverse set of Jobs to use, if I had to recommend you a job to stick with till the end instead of the default ones, I’d either go with Desperado or Samurai for Males and Housekeeper for Females just because of their balance set of resources and overall kits.

But that aside, I suggest min-maxing them in the late-game and instead try to get the skills you want for Inheritance. Also, these jobs are entirely based on my preference so make sure to try each one out yourself to see which suits your playstyle.

This concludes my guide to the Best Jobs in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth. If you have any questions or queries related to the game, feel free to let me know in the comments section below! While you’re here, be sure to check out my in-depth Review of Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth for my thoughts on the game.

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