Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth: Best Party Members [Personal Favorites]

After 85+ hours of playtime, here are my favorite party members in the game, based on their base job effectiveness and roles.

My guide to the Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth best party members comprises my favorite ones, who impressed me with their overall kits and effectiveness during combat with their base Job skills. There are some new party members to the cast while some return to reprise their roles such as Nanba, Adachi, and Saeko. If you’re just starting, knowing these best party members will give you a headstart on properly utilizing them in-game.

Important Note: My basis on the viability of each party member is based on their default Job in the game that they initially start off with when joining the party.
Key Takeaways
  • Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth has a total of 10 Party members, featuring both new and returning faces.
  • Each Party Member has their own advantages and disadvantages, such as resistance to or weaknesses in certain attributes.
  • All Party Members come with their default jobs but you can unlock new jobs and change them at Alo-Happy Tours.
  • In my opinion, the best party members are Kiryu for his versatile Dragon of Dojima Job and Tomizawa for his diverse Skills.

The following is a summary of the Best Party Members/Characters in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth along with their Jobs and unlock criteria:

6Chitose FujimoiyaThe Best Support Party Member.HeiressSleepSilence
5Eric TomizawaThe Best Early Game Party Member.CabbieRageFear
4Saeko MukodaThe Best Utility Party Member.BarmaidDrunkennessRage
3Tianyou ZhaoThe Best Male Sub-DPS Party Member.GangsterBurnCold
2SeonheeThe Best Attack Party Member.AssassinStunBurn
1Kiryu KazumaThe Best Party Member.Dragon of DojimaCharmFear

6. Chitose Fujinomiya

The Best Support Party Member.
like a dragon infinite wealth best party members
Chitose Fujinomiya, a new party member. (Image Captured by eXputer)
UNLOCK Joins Ichiban’s Party in Chapter 4
BASE JOB Heiress
  • Why I Chose This: Chitose’s Support role is derived from her high physical damage blunt Skills and sustainability via buff and debuff skills early on.

Right from the first time I played the demo in Like a Dragon Giaden, Chitose became my favorite character because her Heiress Job has a diverse skill set, and her overall story has a subtle sense of ulterior motives at stake. The latter of which made her character realization moment hit that much harder in Chapters 10 through 11.

Despite the various Jobs I changed around on her during my playthrough, she is still a versatile character with balanced stats and can specialize in any role depending on the Job you equip.

  • Heiress Job has great Blunt skills such as Grand Jete.
  • Access to Buff and debuff skills.
  • High Healing and Magic properties.
  • Balanced stats.
  • Squishy against Boss Battles.

5. Eric Tomizawa

The Best Early Game Party Member.
like a dragon infinite wealth best party
Eric Tomizawa is a new mage/DPS hybrid party member. (Image Captured by eXputer)
UNLOCK Joins Ichiban’s Party in Chapter 3.
  • Why I Chose This: Despite having Kiryu on the team initially, Tomizawa earned the best early party member role because of his AOE-based Gun and single-target Elemental Skills.

Eric Tomizawa is one of Ichiban’s first party members he befriends upon arriving in Hawaii alongside Kiryu Kazuma. He is essentially the new utility mage of the party after Nanba, reflected by his Cabbie Job, which provides various types of elemental skills immediately along with the Lug Launcher Gun skill.

The reason why I declare him versatile is solely how he can fit with any other Job of your choosing like a glove. Still, I strongly recommend changing him to any of the other semi-magic-focused jobs such as Desperado or Aquanaut.

  • High Magic and MP characteristics.
  • Diverse range of skill types.
  • Works well on other Mage Jobs.
  • Low HP and Defense stats.

4. Saeko Mukoda

The Best Utility Party Member.
like a dragon infinite wealth best jobs
Saeko reprises her role with her hard-hitting and utility Barmaid Job. (Image Captured by eXputer)
UNLOCK Joins Kiryu’s party in Chapter 8.
BASE JOB Barmaid
RESISTANCE Drunkenness
  • Why I Chose This: Saeko provides a utility kit; via her high-damage blunt attacks and simultaneously, fulfills a support role when required.

Saeko is a returning party member in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth who retains her default Barmaid Job from Yakuza 7. However, I’m glad to have experienced the fine-tuning adjustments made to it in this game as her skills perform remarkably well with the knockback effects of the revamped combat system.

Furthermore, I can’t understate the usefulness of her buff and debuff abilities, which are extremely beneficial in main-story boss fights. Overall, it made me incentivize using her more as a sub-DPS rather than a supporting party member at times to chain attacks into other characters on the playing field and vice versa.

  • Knockback-effect Skills and Attacks.
  • Buff and Debuff Skills are available early on.
  • Jewel Breaker and Shopper Dropper Skills have high critical damage.
  • Balanced Attack and Magic stats.
  • Low HP and Defense.
  • Barmaid Job lacks Gun and Blade Skills.

3. Tianyou Zhao

The Best Sub-DPS Party Member.
like a dragon infinite wealth best party members
Zhao is back and better than ever thanks to the improved combat mechanics. (Image Captured by eXputer)
UNLOCK Joins Kiryu’s party in Chapter 10.
BASE JOB Gangster
  • Why I Chose This: Similar to Saeko, Zhao has fantastic raw Physical attacks and a decent Heal-over-time Skill, making him a solid sub-DPS in the party for Boss Battles.

Believe it or not, while I certainly loved Zhao as a character and adore having him return in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth, his base Gangster Job was just underwhelming to use in the previous entry. But just like Saeko, he finally gets to shine in Infinite Wealth in a separate party this time with Kiryu.

His skills perform remarkably better from what I remember and some even have an excellent damage output, capable of making him a solid DPS with Kiryu on the frontlines during major battles. My favorite skills are Shell Shatter and Dragon’s Ascension, the latter of which dishes out fantastic damage.

  • Shell Shatter weakens defense, which is beneficial in boss battles.
  • Most Skills can weaken attributes of targets.
  • Heal-over-time Skill removes harmful ailments.
  • AOE Skills have a strong range.
  • Normal weapon attack lacks damage.
  • Heal-over-time skill has poor HP restoration value.

2. Seonhee

The Best Attack Party Member.
like a dragon infinite wealth best party memebers
Seonhee uses her Assassin Job to tear through enemies. (Image Captured by eXputer)
UNLOCK Joins Kiryu’s party in Chapter 8 alongside Nanba.
BASE JOB Assassin
  • Why I Chose This: Seonhee’s Assassin Job has a high attack rating and access to overpowered skills to decimate enemies, making her the best Attack-focused character.

Seonhee was one of my most anticipated characters to try out ever since her first reveal and it’s safe to say she remains true to that hype. Her Assassin Job is extremely viable in all circumstances, from the Voltaic Whip’s powerful Paralysis status damage to dealing high critical damage to bosses using Bloodied Bowgun. The closest to her Assassin Job would be Kunoichi whose skills can equally benefit her in the long run.

  • High Critical damage.
  • Strong HP, Attack, and Agility Stats.
  • Fast movement speed.
  • Resistance to Stun.
  • Low MP and Defense.
  • High MP cost of latter Skills.

1. Kiryu Kazuma

The Best Party Member.
like a dragon infinite wealth best party
Kiryu Kazuma utilizes his Legendary Dragon of Dojima fighting Job. (Image Captured by eXputer)
UNLOCK Joins Ichiban’s Party in Chapter 3.
BASE JOB Dragon of Dojima
  • Why I Chose This: Kiryu’s three unique stances and the highest overall Job stats make him the best Party Member, and a fitting protagonist in the 2nd half of the story.

Even though Kiryu later transitions to his own leading role in the story with a separate cast of party members, it’s hard to undermine his potential as a playable party member in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth. His three fighting styles from Yakuza 0 are all brilliantly translated into the turn-based gameplay format and unlocking Dragon’s Resurgence is an icing on top to make him a stand-out party member and protagonist at the same time.

However, while the normal attacks of these styles can be great on their own, Kiryu’s weapon-based skills in this Job such as Essence of Kali Sticks and Pistol are great for dealing extra damage.

  • Extremely high HP and Attack stats.
  • Gun and Blade Skills to exploit additional weaknesses.
  • Dragon Resurgence allows you to attack without turn-based properties.
  • Brawler, Rush, and Beast provide a strategic play style.
  • Low MP.
  • Kiwami Skills have a high MP cost.

Honorable Mentions

Despite discussing my favorites in the cast for the best party members, I had to briefly mention a few other fan favorites in the community that are just as good:

  • Joon-Gi Han: Another returning character I loved due to his overpowered Hitman Job, unfortunately, gets shafted in Infinite Wealth as he gets unlocked towards the closing chapters.
  • Yu Nanba: The original Glass Mage party member I occasionally used to target weaknesses or debuff targets using the Malodorous Stench Skill.

My Opinion On The Best Party Members

If you ask me, as someone who achieved the Platinum Trophy of the previous entry, I’m glad that Infinite Wealth’s dual-protagonist narrative makes sure that each character gets their spotlight, even the returning party members. But in terms of gameplay, I suggest you don’t undermine Zhao’s potential as in this improved combat system, he is just as good, if not better, making me use him over Nanba in most situations.

This brings me to the end of my guide, but before you go, I highly suggest reading my Review of Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth for my critical analysis of the title. After that, I have also covered guides on substories such as the Anaconda Escape which might also interest you. In the comments below, let me know if you have any questions regarding the guide!

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