Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth: Best Chitose Jobs [Expert Picks]

After 80+ hours, here are my suggestions for Jobs to equip and progress for Chitose Fujinomiya.

Not long after you land in Hawaii, you’ll soon be introduced to Chitose, one of the playable party members in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth, after which you’ll probably wonder about the best jobs to equip for her. Since female characters have fewer Jobs than Male ones, you’ll only ever need to focus on a couple unless you’re planning to head into NG+ on legend difficulty, for which you’ll need to min-max all of them for stat gains.

Key Takeaways
  • Chitose is a brand-new female party member in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth and can switch between 6 different Jobs.
  • Equipping the best jobs for Chitose can provide various advantages such as essential inherited skills and upgraded stats.
  • The Jobs I recommend are Kunoichi and Housekeeper, both extremely versatile RPG classes that have their own benefits.
  • In my opinion, the best job for Chitose is her base one, Heiress, which has a special set of skills focused on Support and Blunt melee attacks. 

The following is a summary of the best jobs for Chitose, along with their stats:

3KunoichiThe Best DPS Job.2/54/53/52/53/52/55/5
2HousekeeperThe Best Early Game Job for Chitose.3/53/51/53/54/54/53/5
1HeiressThe Best Overall Job for Chitose.3/53/53/52/53/53/54/5

3. Kunoichi

The Best DPS Job.
like a dragon infinite wealth best chitose jobs
The Kunoichi is great in mid-game for its Blade and Magic Skills that boost agility. (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)
Unlock Requirement1600 Dollars & Intellect Level 5
  • Why I Chose This: Kunoichi offers a high-agility playstyle and great skills to decimate enemies.

Kunoichi is arguably one of my favorite female jobs in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth but regardless of which, you might not easily meet the requirements early on when you first unlock the option to change jobs. Hence why, I recommend equipping it on Chitose towards the mid-game. The Job itself grants a few helpful blade and magic skills which I often used on characters like Seonhee including Scattering of Flowers and Illusory Slash.

Furthermore, a particular skill here is Shadow Clone Jutsu at Rank 22, allowing you to perform more hits depending on your current Agility Buff. This can easily decimate enemies if you keep increasing the Agility buff via other Kunoichi skills.

  • Superb skills set featuring high-damage Magical, Blade, and Gun skills.
  • High Agility stats.
  • Specific skills such as Throatslitter and Deluge of Stars further boost Agility.
  • Inadequate HP and Defense stats.

2. Housekeeper

The Best Early Game Job for Chitose.
like a dragon infinite wealth best jobs
Housekeeper Job for Chitose allows for fantastic elemental skills early on. (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)
Unlock Requirement200 Dollars & Kindness Level 4
  • Why I Chose This: Housekeeper offers a mixed bag of skills that can aid in exploiting elemental weaknesses and simultaneously provide support.

In my experience, Housekeeper was one of the first jobs I switched to for Chitose in the early-game hours of Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth. It was partly because you can access elemental skills such as Iron Maiden for single targets and Bubble Breach for AOE crowd-control, which is extremely good against certain enemies and bosses.

Furthermore, I can’t understate the benefits of Scum Sweeper at Job Rank 15, which allows you to remove any buffs on the enemy, making it a must-have inherited skill for boss fights in particular and across all female jobs.

  • Best beginner Female Job.
  • Variety of elemental and Magical skills.
  • Strong Magic and Wisdom stats.
  • Low melee attack damage.

1. Heiress

The Best Overall Job for Chitose.
like a dragon infinite wealth best chitose jobs
Chitose’s default job/class in the game, Heiress. (Image Captured by eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: The Heiress provides a diverse set of skills for Chitose which benefit her more than any other job till the endgame.

The Heiress is the default job for Chitose which surprised me when I first used her in combat as she possessed a unique skill set such as her buff skill called Palm Tree Rose and Disarming Fragrance at Rank 12 to lower enemy attack stats.

But the skill I often used was “Faire La Pirouette” at Rank 20, which greatly helped in late-game crowd control encounters. Meanwhile, the Kiwami skill Essence of Puppy Playtime proved viable for boss fights if I needed extra damage instead of support.

  • Variety of unique skills.
  • High blunt damage skills.
  • Apértif healing skill is great for endgame battles.
  • Balanced Stats.
  • No magic skills.

My Thoughts On The Best Chitose Jobs

If you ask me, Chitose reminds me of Eri from Like a Dragon 7 and her Clerk Job. Both have a unique kit for their base jobs, and I think that besides providing strong damage or support, they have great agility stats to make applicable characters for any job. Aside from the jobs I mentioned, you can also check out Nightqueen which has excellent raw attack damage skills.

For now, I conclude my guide here. Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth has become one of my favorite JRPGs, as discussed in my recent Review of the game. While you’re here, why not check out my guide to completing the Anaconda Escape substory? I hope you’re enjoying the game as I am. Besides this, if you have any questions regarding the guide, please let me know in the comments below!

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