Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth: How To Increase Personality

After 50+ hours, I have entailed a guide on all the known methods to increase the personality stats.

Ichiban Kasuga’s Personality stats make a return from the previous entry, requiring you to raise them again to meet various kinds of requirements, but knowing how to increase them can become a hassle. These six personality attributes include Passion, Confidence, Charisma, Kindness, Intellect, and Style. They become necessary parameters to bypass different elements in the game, such as unlocking Jobs or upgrading the efficiency of specific skills of Ichiban’s Hero Job.

Key Takeaways
  • There are six different personality stats, which all help in supporting Ichiban Kasuga in-game.
  • Certain personality levels are required to access various things in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth such as meeting Job requirements.
  • In my opinion, the most important personality is Style, to unlock Desperado Job, and increase Hero’s Flair skill viability.
  • From my experience, I found the Aloha Links and Ounabara School exams the best methods for increasing personality traits.

7. Honk Honk NPCs

  • like a dragon infinite wealth honk honk
    Honk Honk NPC on the beach. (Image by Me)

If you’re a veteran player like me, then you’d probably recognize these NPCs for their ridiculous requirement in the previous game to randomly get them to spawn and interact for a “honk honk”. They return in Infinite Wealth as you can randomly find them in specific parts of the map, after which you can request a “Honk Honk” service for a certain fee, allowing you to gain Personality stats of all types.

  • Known Locations: If you want to know of one such Honk Honk NPC location that I happened to come across in my playthrough, I have marked it in the images above.

However, I ranked this method the lowest on the guide because the money fee is absurdly high, as while it has its benefits, the price is upwards of 500 dollars, and if you ask me, you may not even have that much spare money to spend in the early-game stages.

5. Mini-Games And Side Activities

lad infinite wealth karaoke
Partaking in Karaoke at the Revolve Bar. (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

Personality points can also be earned by doing various kinds of side activities in the game, ranging from participating in Karaoke at the Revolve Bar with your party members to playing arcade video games.

You can even complete certain completion list requirements associated with those mini-games, which end up rewarding you with minor personality stat increases for Ichiban.

  • In my opinion: Now and then, I would go to the Revolve bar to play Karaoke songs of various characters, which increased my Passion stat by a few points.
  • Miss Match: The Dating mini-game known as Miss Match is also a decent way to rack up personality points but the mini-game can be time-investing.

But you can feel free to do anything you wish in the game when not doing main missions during random intervals for these minor increases.

4. Purchasing Magazines

  • passion man lad infinite wealth
    Passion Man magazine improves Passion. (Image by Me)

In the rare chance that you don’t know Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth features Personality Magazines shown above in the images, which can be bought and read from various vendors to increase particular personality stats. These magazines can be bought from quite a few vendors, such as the Sicko Snaps offering Passion Man magazines and the Sujimon Stadium offering the Colorful Panther.

While they can be costly, and other rewards might be more tempting, I recommend grabbing them whenever you need a slight point boost to reach the next personality level of a stat.

3. Party Drink Links

  • Drink Links lad infinite wealth
    Drink Links in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth. (Image by Me)

Throughout the main story, you can grow your bonds with fellow party members like Tomizawa or Chitose, and upon reaching a certain threshold, you can engage in Drink Links with them at the Revolve Bar. Drink Links allow you to get to know more about each party member and their background stories. But most importantly, you can answer back with certain dialogue choices each time in a drink link session for a Personality chance.

  • Choose any dialogue: You can freely choose any option that suits your preference here, but remember that each dialogue option rewards a different personality stat increase.
  • Minimal but good: The stat increase value here is also fairly minimal but enough to give a fair chunk of progression at earlier levels.

2. Aloha Links

like a dragon infinite wealth personality
Greeting and befriending Aloha Link NPCs. (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

Aloha Links is one of the brand-new gameplay features of Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth where you can go near several different NPCs around Hawaii to greet and become friends with them. When greeting these NPCs, you can gain random personality stat increases, as shown in the image above. You won’t get further points for greeting the same NPC again, aside from the last instance where you become buddies with them.

While the points may seem lacking at first, if you’re like me and keep exploring the city on foot, you’re bound to run into tons of NPCs you can greet.

  • Varied NPC progression: Certain Aloha Link NPCs can also be found in trouble by enemies, so saving them can also help you gain their friendship for Personality XP.

1. Ounabara Vocational School

  • like a dragon infinite wealth how to increase personality
    Ounabara Vocational School and its Exams. (Image by Me)

Lastly, arguably the best method to increase the Personality stats in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth is via the Ounabara Vocational School, another returning mini-game from the previous installment. Here, you can partake in various kinds of trivia-based exams which allow you to greatly increase a couple of your desired stats, just so as long as you successfully pass the exam with the correct answers.

  • How to Unlock: The Ounabara Vocational School can be accessed as early as Chapter 4 via the substory called “Playing with Fire.”
  • Location: On Harbor Street, towards the Southwest side of Honolulu, which I have also marked in the images above.

This brings me to the end of my guide, if you enjoyed reading this then I strongly suggest you check out my Review of Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth where I praise it for being the most ambitious JRPG of 2024. Aside from that, feel free to let me know if you need any help regarding this guide or about the overall game in the comments section below!

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