Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth: Best Ways To Make Money

After 85+ hours, here are my recommended ways to farm money as easily and efficiently as possible!

Money is an important resource in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth as it allows you to purchase upgrades for your weapons as well as better gear for your party. Basically, if you want to succeed in the new world of Hawaii, you’ll have to accumulate as much cash as possible.

Key Takeaways
  • Money has multiple uses in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth including getting better gear and weapon upgrades.
  • Thankfully most of the main story and a lot of the side content reward money for completing them.
  • There are different methods of farming money, some of which can get a bit frustrating.
  • The best way to get money is by playing through Yokohama Underground and Hawaiian Haunt.
Important: Make sure to equip the Lucky Money Charm before starting your money farm as it greatly increases the amount of cash that you receive from battle.

Best Methods To Make Money Summary

Here is a list of all of the methods with a brief explanation of each;

No.BEST FORMoney Farm MethodExplanation
1The Best Money Making Method.DungeonsDefeating Enemy Encounters in Yokohama Underground and Hawaiian Haunt.
2The Quickest Money Farming Method.SmackdownsUsing smackdown on low level enemies to get quick cash.
3High Money Output.Mini-BossesBeating strong mini-bosses scattered around the map to get large chunks of money.
4Best Money Grind For Kiryu.Part-Time Hero GigsSaving people as Kiryu and getting rewarded with money for doing it.
5Best Early Game Money Farm.SubstoriesPlaying through fun substories and getting money for completing some of them.

1. Dungeons

The Best Money Making Method.
like a dragon infinite wealth best ways to make money
Encountering Enemies In The Yokohama Underground. (Image Captured by Us)

There are procedurally generated dungeons that unlock for both Kiryu and Ichiban. Yokohama Underground is Kiryu’s dungeon whereas Hawaiian Haunt is Ichiban’s. You will encounter enemies in randomly generated levels but each encounter will net you a good sum of money.

Additionally, this method felt less like grinding to me since I was having fun clearing the dungeons. If you’re struggling in these dungeons, I recommend using the Poisoned Cloudburst AOE skill from the Desperado job which destroys groups of enemies and will become helpful in clearing multiple encounters inside these dungeons.

Why I Chose This: I love playing through dungeons in Infinite Wealth, so getting huge sums of money as a reward was almost like a bonus.

2. Smackdowns

The Quickest Money Farming Method.
making money in yakuza
Initiated A Smackdown With Low-Level Enemies In Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth (Image Captured by eXputer)

Once you level up enough, you’ll start coming across enemies with blue markers on top of their heads. These enemies can be beaten with a smackdown option because they are low-level at that point and the game allows you to finish up the job quickly. Initiating a smackdown by pressing L2 will instantly beat these enemies.

You should know that the XP gained by smackdown is pretty low but the money that you get is good enough and actually life-saving during the early game. I recommend visiting the Honolulu Beach area once you level up enough. I found many under-leveled enemies there that I could smackdown for instant cash.

Why I Chose This: I do not have to perform any action except initiating a smackdown, and I’m a huge fan of passive income.

3. Mini-Bosses

High Money Output.
like a dragon infinite wealth best ways to make money
A Mini-Boss With The Crown Icon Above His Head Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

Mini-bosses are scattered around the map with a distinct crown sign above their heads. These enemies are tougher than normal but drop higher sums of money upon defeat. I noticed in my playthrough that most of these mini-bosses are located mostly in faraway areas of the map.

I also noticed in my playthrough that the mini-bosses refreshed after I crossed the halfway point in the main story. This allowed me to beat the same mini-bosses again to get a lot of money. Additionally, you should be prepared with elemental skills to target the weaknesses of these enemies. Capitalizing on their weakness will allow you to finish them off quickly.

Why I Chose This: I was getting a lot of XP and money by beating the mini-bosses, so I ended up beating almost all of them that I came across.

4. Part-Time Hero Gigs

Best Money Grind For Kiryu.
like a dragon infinite wealth best ways to make money
Accepting Part-Time Hero Gigs As Kiryu (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

If you’re a fan of Yakuza 7, then you must remember the part-time gigs for Ichiban which were mostly fetch quests. However, in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth, Kiryu ends up receiving these part-time gigs but he has to actually save people this time around.

Part-time hero gigs pay a good chunk of cash and in return, you have to act like a hero and save people in trouble. I recommend completing hero gigs at the lower side of Yokohama first because it is relatively easy compared to the upper half, especially when you are a little under-leveled when you first unlock them.

Why I Chose This: When I was in Yokohoma, part-time hero gigs and completing the dungeon were my main methods of obtaining cash.

5. Substories

Best Early Game Money Farm.
making money in yakuza
The List of Substories In Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth. (Image Captured by Us)

The substories in Yakuza games have always been really fun to play through and Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth is no exception. After completing Chapter 4, a huge list of substories unlocks in Infinite Wealth. Each of these substories is really interesting and sometimes rewards money on completion. Even if there is no monetary reward, you will be compensated with other items.

Why I Chose This: Substories have always been really fun to play for me, so getting money for completing some of them really helped me out in my playthrough.

My Thoughts On The Money Farm Methods

If you ask me, I’d personally suggest you do a couple of runs of those randomly generated dungeons, at least the initial tiers. With that activity, you’ll not only receive a huge sum of money via the encounters but also tons of experience to level up for both characters and their parties.

Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth is one of the best releases of 2024 so far. It is jam-packed with content and you can play through multiple substories like the Anaconda Escape or Wait for Me in addition to the main story. You can also equip Ichiban and Kiryu with the best jobs to make their individual play styles stand out even more.

This concludes my guide on the best methods of making money in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth. I hope that the guide helps you become the richest person in Hawaii. Let me know if you’re enjoying your time with Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth in the comments below!

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