Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth: Best Kiryu Jobs [Top 4]

After 75+ hours, here are my recommendations for the jobs to use for Kiryu Kazuma.

Knowing the overall best jobs in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth can add a variety of playstyles to characters, especially regarding Kiryu Kazuma, the secondary protagonist. Initially, he’ll join Ichiban as a party member, later on in Chapter 8, you’ll start playing as him and a separate party but if you manage to progress the best jobs for him from the early going, you can have an easier time when using him without feeling under-leveled.

Key Takeaways
  • Kiryu can change from up to eight classes in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth.
  • An advantage of using the best classes is that diverse stats and skills are applied to him for whatever base class you choose.
  • Each job has pros and cons, as some are great for raw damage such as Action Star while others are magic-focused like Host.
  • I recommend switching to Action Star early on, leveling any Job you wish, and applying their benefits to the Dragon of Dojima job.

Best Kiryu Jobs Summary And Comparison

Following is a summarized version of the best jobs to choose and level up for Kiryu in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth:

4HostThe Best Mage Job.2/54/52/51/55/54/53/5
3Action StarThe Best Early Game Job.5/53/54/53/51/52/53/5
2DesperadoThe Best AOE Skill Job.3/55/54/52/53/52/53/5
1Dragon of DojimaThe Best Overall Job For Kiryu.5/51/55/53/53/52/53/5

4. Host

The Best Mage Job.
like a dragon infinite wealth best kiryu jobs
The Host Job excels in magic-based skills. (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: The Host offers some great single and multi-target AOE skills while also immediately giving you some useful buff skills.

While the Host job won’t be available to you initially when playing as Ichiban, it will unlock once you reach Chapter 8 and control Kiryu. Skills like Hyper Shout and Coercive Shout helped greatly since I could use them on Kiryu’s Dragon of Dojima job in certain situations when required. Aside from that, if you like this Job fully and min-max it, I recommend checking out the Rose Stinger skill at Rank 18 for Skill Inheritance too.

  • Strong stat buff skills.
  • Magic-focused skills are great for crowd control.
  • Wonder Cocktail at Rank 22 is excellent for increasing skill damage against bosses.
  • Does not excel in melee attacks.
  • Low Defense stat.
  • In my opinion, Host’s steal-based skills are useless on Kiryu.

3. Action Star

The Best Early Game Job.
like a dragon infinite wealth best kiryu jobs
Action Star job fits Kiryu like glove with its Physical attacks. (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Available from the early going when you unlock classes and offers fantastic physical skills that work effectively for Kiryu.

For me, Action Star was the first job I ended up switching to Kiryu not long after unlocking the option to change and alter jobs in Chapter 5. This job perfectly suits him in the early going since it heavily relies on maximizing blunt damage output. Swirling Dragon’s Throw Skill available immediately can benefit you against enemies weak to Guns.

Still, for me, the highlight of the job is the Relentless Dragon’s Dance skill at Rank 18 which can double physical attack damage.

  • Excellent Melee-based attacks.
  • High critical damage.
  • Some skills can apply attribute effects on attacks if paired with elemental nunchucks.
  • No elemental damage skills.
  • Low magic stat.

2. Desperado

The Best AOE Skill Job.
like a dragonm infinite wealth best kiryu jobs
Desperado Job grants access to Poisoned Cloudburst, one of my favorite skills. (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
Unlock Requirement1600 Dollars & Style Level 5
  • Why I Chose This: Allows for range-based attacks and one of the best AOE skills, which was extremely effective against certain bosses and trash fodder enemies.

In my best Jobs guide, I discussed how I loved that the Desperado Job skips the animation to do melee-based attacks from afar using the revolver weapon. Regarding Kiryu, I think it has the best AOE skill I occasionally use in the brand-new side dungeons and the main story battles themselves: Poisoned Cloudburst at Job Rank 10.

  • Ranged normal attacks.
  • Poisoned Cloudburst is viable to use across all Jobs via inheritance.
  • Desperado also offers various Gun and Blade damage skills.
  • Useless self-heal skill.
  • It is not the most suitable min-maxing job for Kiryu.

1. Dragon Of Dojima

The Best Overall Job For Kiryu.
best kiryu skills lad iw
The default Job of Kiryu, the legendary Dragon of Dojima. (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Dragon of Dojima’s Three Styles all excel at different moments and is by far the best job for Kiryu, even though it’s his default job.

While it may have been obvious that the Dragon of Dojima Job is Kiryu’s best out of the various options available in the game, you could possibly make it shine even better using inherited skills.

It doesn’t particularly benefit from the fact that the skills are mostly blunt damage-focused hence why you’d largely find it more beneficial to get the desired skills you want from the previous jobs I mentioned, which makes using this job extremely more versatile in the endgame of Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth.

  • Brawler, Rush, and Beast all provide a versatile basic attack approach.
  • Extremely good overall stats.
  • The Bucket List Awakening tasks improve viability of all three styles.
  • Dragon’s Resurgence completely negates Turn-based gameplay.
  • Essence of Remembrance and Dragon God skills offer great damage.
  • On its own, the Dragon of Dojima Job lacks elemental skills.
  • Low MP stats can make skills usage costly.

My Thoughts On Kiryu’s Best Jobs

Like a dragon infinite wealth ps5
My playtime of Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth on PS5.

While I certainly loved using Kiryu and being introduced to his unique gameplay design in a turn-based format with Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth, I strongly urge you to focus on other Jobs as soon as possible to get the skills that you want to make him feel limitless in combat. Mix and match different skills you like using to get the optimal results when playing as him since you will need to cover various attack types in the late-game stages.

Before you go, I recommend reading my detailed review of Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth for my critical analysis of it both as a JRPG and Yakuza series fan. Please let me know if you have any questions or queries about the guide or the game in general via the comments section below!

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