Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth: Wait For Me Substory [All Answers]

Learn everything about the correct dialogue answers required to complete the Wait for Me substory.

Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth has a plethora of substories, one of which is the Wait for Me Substory, which has you become a waiter and choose the correct answers to complete it. Speaking from experience with past Yakuza titles, the Substory will essentially be a memory test, requiring you to remember the ordered items of customers. While it can be mildly tedious to remember each item or the Chef’s name, I’ve got you covered for that with my streamlined guide to all the dialogue answers.

Important: The Wait For Me Substory can be accessed during Chapter 3 of Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth, located at Momo Street on the upper side of Hawaii.
Key Takeaways
  • The Wait for Me substory in Like a Dragon has Ichiban Kasuga tending to customers at a local cafe in Hawaii.
  • The main objective of the Substory is to correctly answer the ordered items and deliver them to the customer.
  • Early on: three customers and their orders, two of whom you must greet with the correct response.
  • Lastly, the Family has three dialogue questions; that must be answered correctly to complete the Substory.
  • You will be rewarded with an Employee Meal, The Epicurean’s Spirit, and 300 Dollars.
Important: The Wait For Me Substory can be accessed during Chapter 3 of the game, located at Momo Street on the upper side of Hawaii.

Memorizing Menu Items

Like a dragon infinite wealth wait for me
The menu list to memorize. (Image by eXputer)

Firstly, I strongly recommend glancing over the Hawaiian cuisine menu items in Obispo’s Cafe because you will need to remember them for the three main customers, along with other questions to follow after them. I’ve also attached these menu items in the image above.

Following are the six local menu items to memorize:

  • Ahi Poke
  • Acai Bowl
  • Lau Lau
  • Loco Moco
  • Haupia
  • Mahi Mahi

Answer #1 – Cheerful Customer

like a dragon infinite wealth
The correct answer to the Cheerful customer. (Image Captured by Us)

The Cheerful customer will be the first to arrive at the Cafe, whom you’ll greet with a friendly response. Her order can be rather simple when given attention as, at first, she’ll order a single Ahi Poke along with Haupia until she changes her mind instantly with the latter dessert item.

  •  As shown in the image above, the correct answer of the Cheerful customer is One Ahi Poke and Three Haupias.

Answer #2 – Elegant Customer

LAD Infinite wealth wait for me
The correct answer to the Elegant customer. (Image Captured by Us)

The Elegant customer will arrive secondly at the Cafe, and if you ask me, you should preferably greet me with a Refined response for the optimal outcome.

At first, he’ll be interested in the Lau Lau until, after learning that it contains pork, he will instead switch to a single order of Mahi Mahi, which is the correct answer as depicted above in the image of options.

Answer #3 – Customer In Black

lad infinite wealth wait for me
The correct option for the Customer in Black’s Order. (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

Lastly, the random customer sitting in the Black Shirt won’t require you to greet him in any formal way, but you’ll still need to ask him for his food order. However, his order may be the trickiest one as he’ll cycle through a few options before asking you to just go with the first option of items he initially mentioned.

  • The correct answer for the Customer In Black’s order is One Acai Bowl and a Lau Lau.

The Family

  • like a dragon infinite wealth answers
    Choosing the Lau Lau dish (Image by Me)

Finally, the Family will be the last customers you deal with; I chose the option to greet them with a highly friendly response, which ended up cheering the kids. Their dialogue options will occur after completing the previous three customers’ orders.

Below are the dialogue questions and their correct options for the Family in the Wait for Me Substory:

“….Could you run that Lau Lau with the family please?” The left dish
“…Take the Kalua pig over to the Family’s Table, yes?” The centre dish
What’s the Owner’s Name Obispo


If you manage to successfully give the correct answers and end up making Obispo happy, you will receive the following rewards from him for your efforts:

  • Employee Meal: Food that restores 300 HP.
  • The Epicurean’s Spirit: Technical Manual that increases your Job rank as a Chef by 1.
  • 300 Dollars.

In my experience, I only managed to screw up the Chef’s name, but despite that, I still managed to complete the Substory without encountering any errors. I haven’t tested whether the number of correct answers will affect the rewards or not, but the Substory is pretty simple to follow unless you purposely forget the answers.

This brings me to the end of my Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth Wait for Me substory and its answers guide. If you enjoyed reading this, then be sure to check out my Review of Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth, which entails a spoiler-free discussion and analysis of the game. Let me know if you have any questions regarding the game and if you’re enjoying it as far as I have over the week!

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