Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth: How To Change & Unlock Jobs

Learn everything there is about how to unlock and change jobs in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth as well as their requirements.

Jobs are the main classes in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth which can heavily impact the play style of the playable characters but knowing when to unlock them or how to change them can be annoying. Unlike the previous entry, there is a plethora of unique jobs to choose from for all party members, including special ones designed for Ichiban Kasuga that offer a brand-new set of skills.

Key Takeaways
  • Jobs in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth can be unlocked in midway chapters during the Alo-Happy Tours introduction.
  • A total of 8 Jobs for male characters (excluding Ichiban’s Freelancer and Sujimancer) and 5 for Females.
  • A few jobs unlock later once you reach Chapter 8 which has no specific unlock requirements.
  • Jobs can be changed in the changing curtain at either the main HQ of Alo-Happy Tours or its other locations.
  • To unlock different jobs, meet the personality criteria, but party members must have the appropriate Bond level.

How To Unlock Jobs 

  • like a dragon infinite wealth how to unlock jobs
    Location of Alo-Happy Tours. (Image Captured by eXputer)

You can start accessing jobs during Chapter 5 where you’ll be introduced to Alo-Happy Tours at their main office in Waikiki as shown in the image above.

  • Introduction: At the beginning, you’ll only have access to the Aquanaut Job, which you can claim and equip for free of cost.
  • Unlocking new jobs: You can speak to Elizabeth at the counter in the main office to purchase new tours and unlock more jobs for characters.
  • Sujimancer: The Sujimancer is an exclusive job, available only to Ichiban Kasuga, and is unlocked automatically when you’ve experienced the Sujimon activity.

How To Change Jobs

exputer like a dragon infinite wealth
The changing curtain. (Image credit: eXputer)

Jobs can be changed in the Dress Changing curtains at the Alo-Happy Tours office.

Still, you can also find this same station at other important activities or landmarks such as at the entrance of the Hawaiian Haunt dungeons, shown in the image above.

However, unlocking new tours for the jobs can only be done by speaking to Elizabeth at the Waikiki head office so be sure to keep that in mind.

  • Skill Inheritance: Lastly, you can also access the Skill Inheritance feature via the changing rooms which allows you to mix and match skills of other classes onto another equipped class.
  • My Recommendation: I strongly suggest equipping elemental skills that you have unlocked in other classes, which will allow you to cover almost all enemy weaknesses if possible.

Job Unlock Requirements

like a dragon infinite wealth jobs
Personality stat requirements for Jobs. (Image by eXputer)
Before You Continue: It is worth keeping in mind that certain jobs will require a specific Bond level to equip them on your party members.

Following is a table of all the jobs you can access at Alo-Happy Tours in Waikiki with their Personality stat requirements for Ichiban along with the tour’s purchase price:

AquanautDiving TourKindness Level 1Free
Action StarParasailing ExperienceCharisma Level 4200 Dollars
SamuraiTrolley TourConfidence Level 51600 Dollars
DesperadoWater Gun ShootoutStyle Level 51600 Dollars
PyrodancerFire Dancing ExhibitionPassion Level 3200 Dollars
Kunoichi (Female)Yoga on the ShoreIntellect Level 51600 Dollars
Housekeeper (Female)Duty-Free ShoppingKindness Level 4200 Dollars
Geodancer (Female)Hula ExhibitionPassion Level 1200 Dollars
Important: Three male jobs (Host, Breaker, Chef) and two female jobs (Idol and Nightqueen) will unlock for usage once you reach Chapter 8.

My Favorite Class: If you ask me, I strongly recommend the Housekeeper Job for Chitose in the beginning due to its helpful elemental skills and Desperado later on for the Male characters due to how fun it is to use.

This concludes my guide to unlocking the jobs system in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth. If you enjoyed reading this guide, be sure to let me know in the comments section below what class you’ll be using, and also if you’re enjoying the game so far like me. While you’re here, be sure to check out my detailed review of Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth for my detailed analysis of it as a fan of the series.

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