Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth: Dondoko Island [Quick-Start Guide]

After 100+ hours, I have entailed all the major elements regarding Dondoko Island and its progression.

The Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth Dondoko Island is one of the game’s biggest pieces of side content. It instantly became my favorite for its Animal Crossing-inspired and addictive gameplay loop. After countless hours in that mode alone, I have compiled a beginner’s handbook to help you quickly meet the Resort Rank requirements needed to complete this side activity and the major features not to miss out on.

Key Takeaways
  • Dondoko Island is a brand-new side activity in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth, with features based on Animal Crossing.
  • The mode’s main goal is to bring the Island’s Resort Ranking to 5 stars by increasing its Popularity and Satisfaction values.
  • Popularity increases by customizing the Island with Furnishings, clearing blocked areas, and advertising from Commercials.
  • Dokobucks are required in high commodity for various purchases and are earned from a few sources such as guests, and Dodoko Dailies.
  • To quickly complete this mode, I recommend saving resources and crafting the Building Structures to boost Satisfaction and Popularity fast.

What Is Dondoko Island In Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth

Like a dragon infinite wealth dondoko Island
The introduction to Dondoko Island from Gachapin and Mukku. (Image Captured by eXputer)

Dondoko Island is unlocked during Chapter 6 where Ichiban will get transported to it, introducing him to the side activity for the first time along with the two mascots, Gachapin and Mukku.

The side activity is essentially an entire game mode dedicated to rebuilding an Island Resort with several elements akin to the Animal Crossing series such as farming, fishing, and customizing the Island with furnishings.

  • Any Restrictions: Upon unlocking Dondoko Island for the first time, you can continue to do this mode as you please since it doesn’t limit you from engaging in it too much.
  • Dondoko Dailies: These daily tasks will be generated randomly throughout your venture on the Island, from chopping a certain amount of food to catching Fish.
  • Resources and Furnishing: Furnishing can be crafted from the Workshop table near Ichiban’s House using materials such as Stone, Wood, Cloth, etc.
  • Dokobucks: The main currency of the activity, you’ll need this in high commodity later to clear locked-off areas, purchase lodgings, upgrade tools, and more.

Dondoko Island Resort Rank Levels & Requirements

Like a Dragon infinite wealth dondoko island
Achieve the maximum 5-star rating in Dondoko Island. (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

To make the Island lively again like the shell of its former past, you will need to fulfill certain requirements such as raising the Satisfaction and Popularity ratings, all done by placing furnishings around the Island, inviting guests, and opening more locked areas away from the Washbucklers, the main villains of this activity.

While I took my sweet time with the activity from start to end to make it a Five-Star resort, below is a summary of all the Star Rating requirements for Dondoko Island:

1-Star Rating
  • Satisfaction Level: 1000
  • Popularity Level: 700
  • Clear out the entrance
  • Clear out the great tree
2-Star Rating
  • Satisfaction Level: 5000
  • Popularity Level: 2000
  • Clear the hill
  • Clear the lighthouse
3-Star Rating
  • Satisfaction Level: 15000
  • Popularity Level: 4500
  • Clear out the fields
  • Win a battle on the lake
4-Star Rating
  • Satisfaction Level: 28000
  • Popularity Level: 8000
  • Clear the cave
  • Clear the forest
5-Star Rating
  • Satisfaction Level: 43000
  • Popularity Level: 13000
  • Defeat the Washbucklers

How To Increase Satisfaction And Popularity

Like a dragon infinite wealth dondoko Island
I recommend crafting the Building structures first for high Popularity and Satisfaction. (Image Captured by eXputer)

Most of the time, you must fulfill certain criteria of Satisfaction and Popularity to advance to the next star rating for the Island. You will also encounter guests who require certain Satisfaction and Popularity to live on the Island.

I have detailed the following ways you can increase both Satisfaction and Popularity in Dondoko Island:

  • Crafting and Placing Furnishes: Furnishings primarily increase Satisfaction but also contribute to Popularity, depending on the type you craft and put on the Island for guests.
  • Commercials: After reaching Three-Star, you can request Subaru to purchase either a TV ad for 100,000 Dokobucks or an online broadcast for 200,000 Dokobucks, which can greatly increase popularity.
  • My Suggestion: I strongly recommend crafting the large Building structures first as they provide a ton of Satisfaction and Popularity, perfect for meeting the Star Rating requirements.

How To Quickly Earn Dokobucks

  • lad iw dondoko farm
    Accomodating high-tier guests in Lodges is the best way to earn Dondoko Bucks. (Image Captured by Us)

You will need lots of Dokobucks to accomplish various tasks in the activity, ranging from purchasing Lodges for guests to upgrading Tools, Ichiban’s House, and even purchasing the exclusive Matayoshi furnishings. While they can be scarcely found initially, as the game opens up more features later on, so does the opportunity to acquire more of this currency become available.

After completing the entirety of the Dondoko Island storyline in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth, the following are my favorite methods to farm Dokobucks:

  1. Dondoko Dailies: Completing the Dondoko Dailies will be the best source of Dokobucks in the early game.
  2. Suggestion Box Milestones: The Suggestion Box displays your feats on Dondoko Island and meeting certain milestones can reward you with a ton of Dokobucks when completed.
  3. Dokobuck-Up Furnishings: Some Outdoor Furnishings can provide a passive income as guests will interact with them on their visits to the Islands, a slow but sure way to get Dokobucks.
  4. Dondoko Farm Workshop: The Dondoko Farm opens up with a 2-star Rating, and one feature there is the workshop, which can allow you to generate upwards of 300,000 Dokobucks with properly assigned Sujimon. 
  5. Selling Unwanted Items: You can sell High Dondoko value items such as the Golden Shark at Matayoshi’s General Store if you desperately want extra cash.
  6. Lodgings & Guests: By far the best way to generate Dokobucks in the endgame, as you can easily earn upwards of a million via A or S-rating Lodgings and premium guests as shown in the images above.

My Experience With Dondoko Island

If you ask me, Dondoko Island is easily my favorite side activity in the entire game, this is coming from both a JRPG and Yakuza series veteran. In my Review of Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth, I even went as far as to say that Dondoko Island becomes too addictive at one point that it’s hard to leave it to get back to the main game.

Aside from that, I highly encourage you to play this side activity in general too as once you complete it and start accommodating tons of guests, it becomes the best way to earn money in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth.

If you enjoyed reading this, then check my comprehensive guides to Upgrading weapons to changing or unlocking Jobs. Let me know in the comments below what you think of the game so far and if you have any further questions or queries, I’ll be sure to get back to them as quickly as possible.

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