Monster Hunter Rise Rock Roses: Location, Farming & Use

Our Monster Hunter Rise Rock Roses guide will show you the location, optimal farming route, and uses for Rock Roses.

If you play Monster Hunter Rise and are looking for Rock Rose, then we diagnose you with the irresistible urge of gamers to complete everything in a game. When it comes to collecting Rock Roses in Monster Hunter Rise, the process is simple but not easy. Since you can technically mark its location on your map from the icon selection list but it is still tricky to pinpoint its exact location.

So if you, like many other hunters in Elgard, also find yourself in a similar dilemma, then our Monster Hunter Rise Rock Roses guide is written just for you. However, before continuing, it is important that first, you make some preparations in order to make your farming journey as efficient as possible.

Steps To Farm Rock Roses

Monster Hunter Rise Rock Roses Dango Tickets
Dango Tickets

Your first and probably the biggest obstacle when farming for Rock Rose in Monster Hunter Rise is their long respawn timer of 5 minutes. So it only makes sense that we try to shorten that time, and for that, you need the Raisin D’ietre Dango. It basically shortens the time it takes for Rock Rose to respawn or any other item for that matter.

In the case of Raisin D’ietre Dango, it will reduce the respawn timer to just 3 minutes. However, the activation of its effect is purely based on chance. So in order to guarantee the activation D’ietre Dango, you need to order it at the Tea Shop or Canteen. And to further maximize the chance of its activation, use a Dango ticket before ordering the Raisin D’itre Dango.

The next thing you need is the Geologist Skill upgraded to Level 2. This skill basically grants you an additional chance at harvesting items from the same spot, which makes it a must-have for every farming run you go on.

Now that you have learned about everything you need to farm the maximum number of Rock Roses in the shortest time possible let’s see where they are located and how to farm them.

Rock Roses Location

Monster Hunter Rise Rock Roses Sandy Plains
Sandy Plains

The only place where you will find Rock Roses in Monster Hunter Rise is the Sandy Plains. As for the rank selection, you can only collect it on high and master-ranked expeditions. That said, once you have arrived at the Sandy Plains, select “desert roses” from the icon selection screen. They will appear as orange question marks on your map.

You also should know about the appearance of the desert since the orange question marks do not pinpoint it. Once at an orange question mark, you want to look for brownish-yellow round stones on the ground with light brown lines etched on their surface. Also, if you are having trouble choosing a build for your hunter, then try reading our BEST Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Builds guide.

Another thing worth noting is that the Rock Rose is unique, which means that you cannot find it anywhere else in the game. But the pro is that you are guaranteed to receive it when you harvest it from the mentioned harvestable. Depending on how you look at it, it is a double-edged sword. Speaking of swords, here is our Monster Hunter Rise Weapons Tier List.

That said, let us provide you with a farming route that will ensure efficiency for collecting Rock Roses in Monster Hunter Rise.

Best Rock Roses Farming Route 

The following section of our guide will show you the optimal route for collecting all the Rock Roses in Monster Hunter Rise, so make sure to follow in the correct order.

1st Rock Rose

Monster Hunter Rise Rock Roses 1st Rock Rose
1st Rock Rose

You will find your first Rock Rose in Area 2, so make your way there. Upon arrival, look for the tallest mountain. Make your way to its top; once there, jump down onto the second tallest mountain there just beside the tallest. Look under the shadow of the tallest mountain, and there you will find your very first Rock Rose.

2nd Rock Rose

Monster Hunter Rise Rock Roses 2nd Rock Rose
2nd Rock Rose

To find your second Rock Rose, make your way to the sub-camp 1, located between Areas number 3 and 7.  Once you are there, use the great Wirebug to launch yourself towards the small cliff located between Areas 10 and 11. After finishing your huge jump and landing, climb to the top of the cliff. Now move your camera around, and you will find your second Rock Rose fixated on the cracked ground.

3rd Rock Rose

3rd Rock Rose
3rd Rock Rose

Obtaining your third Rock Rose in Monster Hunter Rise is fairly simple. All you have to do is head all the way to Area 12. Arrive exactly at number 12 on the minimap and look for a broken half wall. The Rock Rose is just beside the wall.

4th Rock Rose

4th Rock Rose
4th Rock Rose

Now let’s get your fourth Rock rose. To obtain it, simply fast travel to sub-camp 2. Run through the big and bright green leaves and run up the wall in front of you. When you make it to the top of the wall, start heading towards Area 4.

On your way there, keep out an eye for two attached cliffs to the right just after passing the fallen log. Get on the cliffs, and on the second tallest cliff, you will find the fourth Rose Rock.

5th Rock Rose

5th Rock Rose
5th Rock Rose

After getting the fourth Rose Rock, jump across and onto the platform in front of you. Upon heading a little towards sub-camp 2, you will see an enormous pit. Jump into the pit and keep hugging the wall while falling. When you are just about to hit the ground, you will see a small cliff, land on the cliff, and harvest your last Rose Rock. This was one run; keep repeating it until you get the desired number.

Rock Roses Uses In Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise Rock Roses uses
Rock Roses Uses

Finally, let us take a look at what these rose-looking rocks are actually used for. Now, although Rock Roses’s uses seem pale compared to the uses of other collectibles, they can still be very important for completionists. So without further ado, let us discuss them in detail.

Rock Roses in Monster Hunter Rise have two uses. The first and the most important one is that you need them to complete the “Economic Stimulation” quest. The reward for completion of this quest is an additional submarine slot. Consequently, allowing you to send the pets you do not use on gathering runs. On a side note, you also need King Rhino and Bismuth Prisms to complete that quest.

Its second use is more like a reward; basically, it gives you 65 Kamura Points for collecting every Rock Rose. That about sums it up. If you found our Monster Hunter Rise Rock Roses: Location, Farming Tips and Uses guide helpful, then you will also find our Monster Hunter Rise Thunder Sac guide helpful.

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