15 Best NBA 2K23 Ways To Get VC Faster

The guide covers 15 ways to earn VC faster in NBA 2K23, which is an important part of the game.

NBA 2K23 is a great addition to the sports gaming genre, featuring a lot of your favorite players. The game has extraordinarily smooth gameplay and is more realistic. One thing that is extremely valuable in the game is VC, so we have covered NBA 2k23 best ways to get VC in this guide.

Key Takeaways
  • VC is the in-game currency in NBA 2K23, which you will need throughout the gameplay.
  • You can buy VC or earn it for free in the game using various different methods.
  • Some common methods to earn VC include:
    • Daily Rewards.
    • NBA 2K23 App.
    • Events.
    • Daily Challenges.
    • Daily Trivia.
    • Locker Codes.
  • Players can spend their VC in different modes in NBA 2K23. Apart from that, players can also use the VC to get new outfits, attributes, and even animations for their Player in the game.

What Is Visual Currency?

NBA 2K23 best ways to get vc
What Is Visual Currency

Visual currency, widely known as VC, is the in-game currency for players that they can use throughout their gameplay in NBA 2k23. It is extremely important for the players to earn VC, as it has various uses in the game.

You can use VC to unlock several apparels, animation packages, and player attributes. You can also spend VC on different game modes. No matter what you use VC for, knowing ways to earn VC is mandatory.

The two important game mode, MyCareer, and MyTeam require VC at various points in the game, so try out the following ways to get your hands on VC.

VC In MyCareer

You will need VC in MyCareer to upgrade the players’ attributes. It will be very hard to complete this game mode without having access to VC.

VC In MyTeam

You will need VC in MyTeam for buying packs or bidding on decent players. Making a competitive team without accomplishing both tasks will not be possible.

Best Ways To Earn VC Faster

Best ways to earn VC
Best Ways To Earn VC Faster

You can earn VC by buying it from your actual money. We have listed a few VC packages stating their prices. If the listed prices do not work for you, there is no need to worry, as we have got you covered by explaining ways to earn VC for free. 

VC Amount Price In US Dollars
  5000   1.99$
15000 4.99$
35000 9.99$
75000 19.99$
200000 49.99$
450000 99.99$

Here are all the best ways to Earn VC quicker summarized: 

Method Description
NBA 2K23 AppEarn VC by login bonuses and by playing short mini-games within the app
Play Daily RewardsChoose Daily Rewards on the City Map in MyCareer mode to earn VC quickly
Test Your Basketball KnowledgeAs a devoted basketball fan earn free VC by picking the daily NBA game winner during the season
Play MyCareer GamesEarn VC fater by playing MyCareer games, the most rewarding mode with fixed rewards
Play Now Online ModePlay online and get 400 VC even if you loose
Daily ChallengeComplete the Daily Challenges and earn upto 500 VC
Event ScheduleEngage in themed events throughout the NBA season to earn VC rewards
Daily TriviaAccess Daily Trivia through your phone, answering diverse questions to progress and potentially win up to 1000000 VC
Battle In The CagesEarn VC easily in the game by playing in the unique outdoor cage situated on the Silver Deck
Play The Ante UpAccelerate VC earnings by betting on your team against others in the arena, accessible with a Gold Deck
Career QuestsEarn 600 to 1000 VC by completing Career Quests
Personal QuestBoost VC earnings through personal quests, which, unlike court-focused methods, involve tasks unrelated to basketball
Season QuestQuickly accumulate VC through season quests with tasks that don't require much time
City QuestTackle city quests, the most time-consuming of all, for a faster VC boost
Theatre 4Secure 300 to 400 VC by utilizing the new theatre feature in the game

NBA 2K23 App

A very unfamiliar way of earning VC in the game is just by logging on daily on the NBA 2K23 app. You will not only be able to earn VC by logging in but also by playing mini-games within the app.

This method will enable you to earn 500 to 600 VC per day and will not even require you to turn on your gaming console. VC can be accessed just by spending a minimum of five to a maximum of 15 minutes in a day.

Play Daily Rewards

It is possible to earn free VC on MyCareer mode by selecting Daily rewards on the City Map. The next step will be to go to the statue and click on “Claim Daily Reward” to get free VC. This is an easy and faster way to earn VC.

Test Your Basketball Knowledge

Test your knowledge
Test Your Basketball Knowledge

If you are a true basketball fan, you can earn free VC using this effortless way. During the gaming season, you will have the opportunity to select the real-life NBA game player who won that day. You will be rewarded with free VC for the correct choice.

If there are more games being played in a few nights, making a few picks will enable you to earn around 1000 VC. It is an easy and not at all time-consuming way to get free VC in the game.

Play MyCareer Games

Playing MyCareer games is definitely the fastest way to earn VC in the game. The games not only have fixed rewards but are more rewarding than any other game mode. An important aspect of MyCareer games is sponsorships. 

You will eventually hit the All-Star level with time and progress in this game mode. After reaching this level, the more you play, the more you will earn. It will not be a tough task to earn 1000 VC using this method. 

Players usually get bored of these games, as they are a bit dry, but the rewards and VC you earn using this method are worth the effort. The rewards you will get using this mode will save you in the long run.

Play Now Online Mode

Out of all the game modes, the “Play Now Online” Mode is a good way to earn the free VC. You will be required to go online, make the team, and start playing against someone. 

Even if you lose the game, you will be promised 400 VC just for playing the match. However, winning the match will reward you with an additional 150 VC. The amount of VC that you will earn will considerably increase if you beat the opponent with a large score margin.

Daily Challenge

Playing Daily Challenges is another way of earning VC faster in the game. Players usually do not take enough advantage of this method, and it is usually ignored. A new challenge appears in the game every day under the side tab.

Completing one such challenge will help you earn up to 5000 VC in a 24-hour window. The difficulty level of challenges varies a lot. On some days, you can get very simple tasks asking you to complete a simple task five times a day.

However, the difficulty level may increase on other days and require you to complete the task in more time. No matter the difficulty level, daily challenges are a great way to cash some VC.

Event Schedule

best way to earn vc
Event Schedule

Throughout the NBA season, there are a lot of events to engage in. All these events have various themes associated. If the goal of the event is reached, there is a VC reward for every participant. 

It is important that you keep all the events tab open and contribute to them. Players who are contributing more to these events are likely to get extra VC. Try to make the best out of these events to earn VC every week.

Daily Trivia

Every day there is a daily trivia at the same time which you can access using your phone. This trivia will have a set of questions that you can answer to progress to the next round. The daily trivia prizes can be as high as 1000000 VC. 

The questions of the trivia are diverse, ranging from basketball questions to history and science. You can use this method to earn VC faster without needing to spend hours of your day playing the game. 

Battle In The Cages

A unique way to earn VC in the game is the cages. The cage is situated in outdoor courts, which you can access using the Silver Deck in the elevator. We can also say that this is a great way for players with lower ratings to earn VC. 

The location does not really require your players’ attributes, ratings, and badges. That is why it is a great way for lower-rating players to work in this easy environment to get extra steals and rebounds. 

Not only is the cage a change from the regular basketball matches, but also a great source of earning VC for you. The best thing about this game mode is your ability to make fouls without any consequences. 

Play The Ante Up

You must have heard of high-risk, high rewards; the same is the case for Ante Up. You will need a Gold Deck to access the Ante Up arena. It involves betting on your team against others. One downside is that beginners are not recommended to use this method. 

Every court has a different payout and is targeted toward different players. You can try playing a few games and then see if this method works for you to earn VC. You must consider reading NBA 2K23 Memphis Grizzlies Ratings guide.

Complete Quests

nba 2k23 best ways to earn vc
Complete Quests

A great way to earn VC in the game is to make the best use of quests. These quests are categorized into four different sub-categories. Each of the sub-categories has its unique features. The following passages cover the description of each of these quest types.

Career Quest

You can complete career quests by progressing through MyCareer games. There will be various tasks and objectives associated with every quest. Once these objectives are accomplished, you can unlock various rewards such as VC, MVP points, and much more. You can earn 600 to 1000 VC using this. 

Personal Quest

Another way to earn VC along with MVP points is the personal quests. Personal quests are not court-focused, as the tasks are not related to basketball. The tasks will also help you grow your brand, so if you are focused more on growing your brand, you should definitely play more personal quests. 

Season Quest

The tasks assigned in season quests do not take a longer time. However, there is a deadline to complete these tasks, and you will get the reward upon completion. Just take care of the time window, and you will be good to complete the season quests. 

City Quest

These will be the most time-consuming out of all the quests. The quests will involve various challenges ranging from daily to weekly. The key here is to get a good grasp of the city map, as it is quite big. 

The main goal of completing city quests will be to earn VC, so set aside several checkpoints on the map. Skateboard is worth investing in at this point so that you can travel across the map easily. The time required for these challenges will vary from hours to days. 

Theatre 4

The theatre is a new addition to the chances, which you can use to earn VC faster in the game. There are a total of four theatres in the game. The only difference between theatre 4 and others is that it takes less time to start a match in theatre 4.

Theatre 4 is definitely a good place to earn 300 to 400 VC. You can use theatre 4 as a great opportunity to earn VC by carrying two random teammates when you feel like things are getting tough.

Watch NBA 2KTV

You can find the NBA 2KTV option on the main menu screen. Accessing the NBA 2KTV screen will allow you to watch the weekly series show. There will be a lot of interactive questions and elements, which you can respond to in order to get rewards.

Watching this weekly series will enable you to earn VC and is a quick and easy way to earn VC. This method will not require you to put in a lot of effort. Answering trivia questions or survey questions will reward you VC just by answering.

City MVP Objectives

All the city MVP tasks depend on the number of MVP points you earn from different tasks. In accomplishing city MVP objectives, you will get a lot of MVP points. You can strategically complete these objectives to earn up to 1000 VC. 

Enter Locker Codes

Keeping an eye on the locker codes for VC rewards is an important way to earn this in-game currency. The usual rewards for locker codes are Card Packs, Tokens, or other in-game cosmetics.

However, you can occasionally earn VC using this way. Try to look out for locker codes because this might be when codes roll out VC. It is worth trying this way out.


You can never progress in the game without having access to the in-game currency. VC is the in-game currency in NBA 2K23, which you can earn using different ways. We have listed 15 different methods to earn VC, and you can use any of them to get it faster. Buying VC is not a feasible option for a lot of players, so all the ways mentioned in the guide above will help you earn it for free. 

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