BEST NBA 2K23 Finishing Badges [Top 22]

Our guide covers all the NBA 2K23 best finishing badges that the players can use to get at the top of the game. Moreover, you will also know the uses of each badge mentioned and how to equip badges in the game.

All the NBA 2K23 Best Finishing Badges are mentioned in detail in our guide. The badges of NBA 2K23 are each divided into tiers individually. The weakest tier is one, while the third one is the weakest.

Each category of the attribute has sixteen badges. There are eight badges in Tier one, whereas Tiers two & three both have four badges; the build of your badges will be dependent on this factor. You can also have a look at the best challenges for Jordan.

As far as the previous versions of NBA 2K are concerned, the badges in NBA 2K23 have changed greatly. You will know all about the best badges from the category of finishing badges in this guide. So, without any further ado, let’s dive right into it. We have also curated a guide on the best shooting badges. 

Key Takeaways
  • NBA 2K23 has a variety of finishing badges with different uses and effects.
  • The badges are divided into tiers, with tier three being the highest.
  • Each badge has specific requirements and benefits for players.
  • These badges enhance players’ abilities in various aspects of finishing, such as dunks, layups, post moves, and shot timing.
  • Combining different badges can maximize their effectiveness.
  • Badges can be purchased with in-game points.
  • Following the recommended strategies and tactics can help players succeed in defeating defenders.

Best NBA 2K23 Finishing Badges

Badge NameDescription
Aerial Wizard BadgeIncreased success rate on alley oops and putbacks
Acrobat BadgeIncreased rate of completion of highly difficult layups
Backdown PunisherIncreased rate of completion on backing down your opponent
Bully BadgeAble to finish strongly despite having a lot of players in your way
Dream Shake BadgeChances of your defender getting bambozled by the fake shot in
the post and scoring is increased
Dropstepper BadgeImproves the player's ability to use dropsteps
Fast twitch BadgeIncreased speed of getting successful layups and dunks before
the defenders catch you
Fearless Finisher BadgeIncreased player strength and ability to get contact layups
Giant Slayer BadgeIncreased effect of layups on tall defenders
Grace Under Pressure BadgeBoosts the shot for standing
Limitless Takeoff BadgeIncreased distance for startups of dunks and layups
Lob City Finisher BadgeIncreases the chance of success in dunks, alley oops, and layups
Masher BadgeIncreased chances of finishing inside layups
Mouse In The House BadgeIncreased chances of scoring when against a small defender
Posy Spin Technician BadgeIncreased effectiveness of posts of spins and drives
PosterizerIncreased chances of dunking on your defender
Pro Touch BadgeBoosts layup correct timing
Put Back Boss BadgeIncreased chances of shots when trying a putback
Rise BadgeIncreases the chances of dunks when under the rim
Slithery BadgeEasier to gather around a lot of defenders
Tear Dropper BadgeHelps in avoiding any contact when attacking
Unstrippable BadgeIncreases the chances of not getting stripped while attacking

Below, we have listed all the NBA 2K23 best-finishing badges with their uses. Furthermore, you will also get to know about the dunks used with each badge.


Aerial Wizard Badge

One of the best badges used in NBA2K23 is called the Aerial Wizard. The badge requires a dunk while standing at bronze for fifty, silver for sixty-seven, gold for eighty-two, and ninety-three for the fame hall. However, the dunk for driving requires bronze for fifty, silver for sixty-six, gold for eighty-one, and ninety-two for the hall of fame.

The badges are used for picking and rolling up in NBA 2K23. What can players do other than being a bully to their defender after the switch comes up? You can ask for the pass of the lob as you hit the basket after picking the ball up. Moreover, the Aerial Wizard badge can also increase the possibility of drawing attention once you are on the receiving end. 

However, the job of having the alley-oops converted is not much easy; having the badge makes it less difficult. Nonetheless, the players should make sure they only ask for the lob if they are sure there will be an air open. 

Acrobat Badge

The next NBA 2K23 best finishing badge is called the Acrobat Badge. It gets the player‘s ability to strike when the layups are difficult to boost. Players can have a vigilant boost with the help of full spin, getting half a spin, a step of the hop, a step of euro, being able to cradle, and getting the attempts of shooting layups reversed or changed. Moreover, players can also defeat the defender more easily using the badge. 


Backdown Punisher 

The badge requires a control on the post with bronze for fifty-five and silver for seventy-two. Then there is gold for eighty and hall of fame for eighty-seven. Moreover, the strength has sixty-five bronze, seventy-six silver, eighty-six gold, and ninety-four halls of fame. 

As the badge of Bully is used next to the Backdown Punisher badge, it would not be easy to stop the build of a man who is within feet of fifteen. Backdown Punisher is used mostly to get the player ready.

The badge comes in handy when the enemy gets closer to the rim. The sportsman can become a little peculiar as the ups for the post and the lows for the low are not that common. Doing so would allow their teammates to become more open toward shots, and the defense is drawn.

Bully Badge

The badge requires strength for Bronze of seventy-four, solver for eighty-two, gold for eighty-nine, and hall of fame for ninety-five. The Bully badge is very similar to the Backdown Punisher 2.0 from NBA 2K22. The player will be imposing the will when they are near the basket and ask for attempts and layups. 

Moreover, due to the strength of requisite, the players would not be knocked down easily. You can push forward the opportunity of playing with points of three. When you hear of the badge, the first person to make use of it is Giannis Antetokounmpo. There are other players also, Nikola Jokic and Joel Embiid, to have the badge in their list of arsenals.

Dream Shake Badge

Next up, we have the Dream Shake Badge as the NBA 2K23 best finishing badge. The badge requires a control on the post by Bronze for forty-five, silver for sixty-two, gold for seventy-seven, and hall of the fame for eighty-six. Dream Shake can be used when the player gets into some kind of mismatch or if the switch turns out to be not so successful. Hall of the Famer Hakeem Olajuwon was the man the badge who gave a name to this badge. 

Dream Shake

The players can make their defender go for the fake shot and get their chances of having a score for the basket increased. Another important thing things about the Dream Shake badge is that it gives good control of the ball.

However, if the player does not have the badge, the ball will be stripped off them. Also, having the badge requires a good rating for the players in Ball Control so that the guards do not snatch it to help the defenders.

Dropstepper Badge

Players can use the drop steps through this badge in the post very effectively. Moreover, the badge is more useful when the players use the drop steps and hop steps post. It also protects the ball while the moves are being performed.

Fast twitch Badge

The badge helps in speeding up the ability of players to do layups while standing. Dunk-offs can also be done before the defender’s contest. Moreover, the players can combine the badge with the Putback Boss Badge and the Rise Up Badge.

Furthermore, the builds of the badge are perfectly suited to the Interior Scorers. And Glass Cleaners. The badge can be activated when the layups while standing or dunks are taken under the hoop. 

Fearless Finisher Badge

The badge gets the ability of the players improved to get the layups of contacts converted. The player’s strength is also increased so that they can have good control of the contact and be able to finish. Moreover, Fearless Finisher can reduce the energy that got lost due to the layups of contact.

Fearless Finisher

Giant Slayer Badge

The effects that layups have on the tall defenders are increased. Moreover, the percentage of the shot to have an attempt on the layup is also boosted if it gets mismatched against a tall defender. Furthermore, the chances of the player being blocked are also reduced.

Grace Under Pressure Badge

The badge boosts up the shots of standing, which occur when the player is next to the basket. Players can make use of good timing dependent on the match. Moreover, get the fakes pumped up and wait till the defender is out of his position to strike a shot. Players can also get to kick the man open if there is a good cover for the shot.

Limitless Takeoff Badge

The badge requires a Dunk for Diving with Bronze for sixty-five, silver for seventy-nine, gold for eighty-six, and hall of fame for ninety-six. The limitless badge can be used whenever the players see even a little opening to end their shot. The distance that the players begin with can be extended to get it finished for the basket. 

Limitless Takeoff

Sometimes, the defense will be defeated with the first step and the players having to use that distance to dunk easily is a good option for finishing. The other option to use is when the players see their defenders getting close.

During that, instead of risking a layup for the contest or dunking, the players can take one step taken off to get the contest of the shot avoided. However, if the defenders manage to get to you, it will be a minus-one scenario. 

Lob City Finisher Badge

The badge helps in improving the chances of getting a dunk, alley-oop, and layup complete. The ability of the player to end with the alley-oop is also made better. However, the shot should be used before the receiver comes in between. 

Masher Badge

The badge requires a close shot of Bronze for sixty thee, silver for seventy-three, gold for eighty-two, and hall of the fame for ninety-five. The badge helps in completing the trifecta of the bully ball. Moreover, the player can become dominant for a little defender.

The badge is activated if any switch comes up during the play of picking and rolling. After the main man gets the defender posted up once the switch is done, backing him down becomes easier. You can use the strength you have to get the will imposed on the defenders by using the first three badges along with the Masher Badge.

Mouse In The House Badge

When the player attacks a smaller defender, the chances of finishing with success are higher. You can get the badge combined with the Acrobat Badge, Pro Touch Badge, and Fearless Finisher Badge. The build of the badge is best for the Bigs.

Posy Spin Technician Badge

The badge can make the posts of spins and drives operate become more effective. If the players do the post of spins or drives, there is a lesser chance of them being stripped. 


The Badge requires Dunk for Driving by seventy-two Bronze, eighty-five Silver, ninety-three gold, and ninety-nine for Hall of the Fame. The Posterizer badge helps you by proving a score. The players get an extra amount of animations to dunk from the defenders.

Moreover, the players can have screenshots of the dunks you make and post them for everyone to look at. The best way to use a badge is to find a clear path. The badge should be the last on your list of badges to use. 

Pro Touch Badge

The badge provides more boost to get a good timing for the layup. Moreover, an extra shot of the boost is given if the players are either early, late, or a good shot with the perfect timing for the layup.

Players can get the badge combined with Consistent Finisher Badge, Acrobat Badge, and Giant Slayer Badge. The effects versus the layups of contests increase the layups rate of being successful. 

Put Back Boss Badge

The badge helps in increasing the percentage of the shot when the player attempts for a putback after getting a rebound offense. The attributes of the shots are also boosted by the players who attempt that. 

Rise Badge

The badge requires a Dunk for Standing at sixty-seven Bronze, Silver for eighty, Gold for ninety, and Hall of the Fame for ninety-eight. Rise badge is a good option to get the moves of power imposed on the opponent. When the players are under the rim, the badge helps in increasing their chances to dunk.

Moreover, the badge can also be the best for using to provide the player with a second chance when they nab the rebound for an offense. Furthermore, the badge will be even more effective if the MyCareer of the players plays in three, four, or even five. 

Slithery Badge

The badge helps in gathering while in traffic easier. Also, all the collisions and strips are avoided. To get the best result of the Slithery Badge, players can combine it with the Posterizer Badge, Fearless Finisher Badge, and Quick Step Badge. 

The best build for the badge is Finishers and Slashers. Players can get the badge activated by using the drive into the hoop, plus the finishing. The badge helps the players to get the hoop easily with very little resistance. 

Tear Dropper Badge

The badge helps in increasing the chances of getting to hit the floater and all the runners. Moreover, the ability of the player is also improved to get the floaters knocked down. Players can combine the Tear Dropper Badge with Pro Touch Badge or the Hot Zone Hunter Badge.

Players can shoot the runners or floaters when they are in the area of the FT line. Furthermore, players can also call out for picking so that the space for driving the floater can be created.

Unstrippable Badge

The badge can be used when the player attacks the basket and performs either a layup or a dunk. The chances of the player getting stripped are also lessened. Furthermore, players can also make a combination of the Unstrippable Badge with the Unpluckable Badge and Slithery Finisher Badge,

The best badge built for Unstrippable Badge is Finishers and Slashers. The attributes are increased for the handling of the ball. Laying up the drive and dunk driving. Players should always be ready for the defenders to come and should be ready to get the ball protected. 

Unlocking The Badges

To unlock the NBA 2K23 best finishing badges, players need to purchase them by using their points for the Badge. The points can be earned by using some skills and moves. Afterward, players can get the points exchanged for any badge they are interested in. 


With that, our guide on the best badges comes to an end. You can use the NBA 2K23 best finishing badges in your best interest. Try not to ignore all the important tactics mentioned in our guide so that you can defeat the defender with less force.

Images Credit: KingmellTV 

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