NBA 2K23: All 15 Jordan Challenges

In the game, NBA 2K23, the players play as the world famous athlete Jordan and take over his challenges to win every match against powerful teams.

Here’s a guide on all the challenges of Jordan in the game NBA 2K23 to help you know how the player celebrated his time on the grounds of the NBA. Moreover, you will also learn how he accomplished all his goals and faced challenges.

Key Takeaways

There are a total of 15 challenges you have to complete in NBA 2K23 Jordan Challenges.

  1. 1982: UNC vs. Georgetown – Jordan’s first iconic shot in the National Championship.
  2. 1984: USA Basketball Scrimmage – Jordan’s capability displayed against top stars.
  3. 1986: “The Arrival” – Jordan scored 63 points against the Celtics.
  4. NBA All-Star Game – Jordan’s astonishing 40-point performance in 1987.
  5. 1989: Eastern Conference Round 1 – Jordan led the Bulls to victory over the Cavaliers.
  6. 1990: “Sixty-Nine Points” – Jordan scored 69 points in a game.
  7. 1990: “The Shootout” – Jordan faced Dominique Wilkins.
  8. 1990: “Bad Boys” – Bulls in the Eastern Conference Finals against the Pistons.
  9. 1991 NBA Finals – Jordan led the Bulls to victory over the Lakers.
  10. 1991: “The Shrug” – Jordan scored 35 points in the first half against the Trail Blazers.
  11. 1995: “Double Nickel” – Jordan scored 55 points in a game.
  12. 1999: “Father’s Day Victory” – Bulls won against the Supersonics.
  13. 1997: “The Flu Game” – Despite being sick, Jordan led the Bulls to victory.
  14. 1997: Lakers vs. Bulls – Jordan won against Kobe’s team.
  15. 1998: “Last Dance” – Bulls won against the Utah Jazz with Jordan’s last goal.

I’ve summarized all the Jordan Challenges right here: 

Sr No.Challenge DateConditions
FirstThe University of North Carolina versus Georgetown: 1982 National ChampionshipMarch 29, 1982Win the game,
Score 16 points,
Grab nine rebounds
SecondThe United States Of America Scrimmage Of Basketball Of Team 1984July 9, 1984Win the game,
Score 12 points,
Win by 15 points or more
ThirdThe ArrivalApril 20, 1986Win the game, Score 63 points, Get six assists
FourthAn All-Star Game of NBAFebruary 7, 1988Win the game,
Score 40 points,
Grab eight rebounds and get three assists
FifthThe Eastern Conference of The Game’s First Round In 1989May 7, 1989Juke Larry Nance, Correctly aim "The Shot", Win the game
Sixth Sixty-Nine PointsMarch 28, 1990Win the game, Score 69 points, Shoot 50 percent or better from the field
SeventhThe Shootout1989Win the game, Outscore Dominique Wilkins, Score 40 points and hold Dominique Wilkins to under 20 points
EigthBad BoysMay 26, 1990Win the game, Score 47 points, Grab ten rebounds and get four assists
NinethFinals Of NBA 1991June 12, 1991Win the game,
Score 30 points and get ten assists,
Shoot 50 percent or better from the field and grab four rebounds
TenthThe ShrugJune 3, 1992Win the game, Hit six threes in the first half, Score 39 points and hold Clyde Drexler to under 17 points
EleventhDouble NickelMarch 29, 1995Win the game, Score 55 points, Hold John Starks to less than two threes
TwelvethFather’s Day VictoryJune 16, 1996Win the game, Score 22 points and grab nine rebounds,
Get seven assists and win by 12 points or more
ThirteenthThe Flu GameJune 11, 1997Win the game, Score 38 points, Grab seven rebounds and get five assists
Fourteenth Los Angeles Versus Chicago Bulls In 1997December 17, 1997Win the game, Score 36 points and hold Kobe Bryant to under 20 points, Win by ten points or more
FifteenthLast Dance Of MichaelJune 14, 1998Win the game, Score 45 points, Hold Jeff Hornacek to under 15 points

1. The University of North Carolina versus Georgetown: 1982 National Championship

Date March 29, 1982
Conditions Win the game

Score 16 points

Grab nine rebounds

The National Championship features the future of the Hall of Famers and all the matchups. Clutch’s gene will also be shown as the first glimpse.

Down to sixty-two to sixty-one with the play of no more than twenty seconds. MJ was a first-year Tar Heel and took the title with a shot of jumping within fifteen seconds left for the regulation.

The players, who are a little old, get folded under the lights and championship of national intensity. However, not for No.23. Moreover, players will also be experiencing the iconic first shot by Jordan through the magic created by the National Championship of 1982. 

2. The United States Of America Scrimmage Of Basketball Of Team 1984

Date July 9, 1984
Conditions Win the game

Score 12 points

Win by at least 15 points 

About 67,596 fans gathered at the Dome of Hoosier in the year 1984 to watch the NBA giants clash with each other. The team Olympics of the USA Michael Jordan led went head to head with the All-Stars of the NBA and Magic Johnson. Jordan proved his capability of defeating the greatest of stars in the game, including Larry Bird, Kevin Michael, and many more. 

Challenges Of Jordan
USA vs All-Stars

3. The Arrival

In the third number of the challenges Jordan faced in NBA 2K23, the athlete made a goal in a game of playoffs, scoring sixty-three points. Moreover, it was a challenge against the Celtics. 

Challenges Of Jordan
The Arrival
Date April 20, 1986
Conditions Win the game

Get six assists

Score 63 points

Furthermore, the game took place on the 20th of April, 1986. The second game was against the Boston Celtics in the playoffs’ first round. In the first goal, the team got sixty-three plus points. On the second goal, there was a shot from fifty percent plus of the field. 

4. An All-Star Game of NBA

Date February 7, 1988
Conditions Win the game

Score 40 points

Grab eight rebounds 

During the challenge, Jordan was able to lead the scores with forty points, although he only played for twenty-nine minutes. The percentage of that goal by Jordan was 739. The sportsman took the court against the Conference of Western All-Stars, where Magic Johnson, James Worthy, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and many more were present. 

5. The Eastern Conference of The Game’s First Round In 1989

Date May 7, 1989
Conditions Win the game

Juke Larry Nance

Rightly aim “The Shot”

The games of elimination ultimately provided the test for the players who are looking to move forward and become a player of a clutch. There was a tie between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Chicago Bulls with a tie of two by two in a situation of winning or going home.

The natives of North Carolina scored forty-four points, nine rebounds, and six assists for the Cavs. Furthermore, Jordan gave his team a point for winning. Their skills in Jordan were showcased, destroying their plans for Cleveland for any playoffs. 

6. Sixty-Nine Points

Date March 28, 1990
Conditions Win the game

Score 69 points

Shoot 50 percent from the field

Jordan wins by scoring sixty-nine points and throwing off the Cavalier’s plans for playoffs. The match happened on the 28th of March in 1990. The game was played between the Regular Season and Cleveland Cavalier. Jordan scored sixty-nine-plus points in the first goal and 50-plus shots off the field. With the third goal, Jordan won the game. 

7. The Shootout

Date 1989
Conditions Win the game

Score 40 points

Hold Dominique Wilkins under 20 points

During the challenge, Jordan and Dominique Wilkins faced off and performed their best performances and great scores of the era. The match took place on some date in 1990.

The game was between the Regular season and the Atlanta Hawks. During the first goal, Dominique was outscored. The second goal is Dominique under points of twenty-five. The third goal resulted in a win for the team. 

8. Bad Boys

Date May 26, 1990
Conditions Win the game

Score 47 points

Get ten rebounds

Grab four assists

During the match, Jordan made sure everyone knew that none of the Piston’s strategies for defense would stop him for a long time. The match took place on 26th May 1990.

Jordan Challenges in NBA 2K23
Bad Boys.

The game was between the Eastern Conference Finals and the Detroit Pistons. The teams scored 47 plus points in the first goal. During the third goal, the game was winged.

9. Finals Of NBA 1991

Date June 12, 1991
Conditions Win the game

Score 30 points

Gain ten assists

Shoot 50 percent from the field

Get four rebounds

During the match, Jordan made everyone go silent with his coming back from the embarrassing game to thrashing the Lakers in the finals. The game took place from 2nd June to 12th of June in the year 1991.

Moreover, the game was against the Los Angeles Lakers. The first goal gave points of 31.0 plus; the second one had a shoot of fifty-five percent off the field. During the third girl, Jordan won the entire match. 

10. The Shrug

Date June 3, 1992
Conditions Win the game

Hit six threes in the first half

Score 39 points

Jordan set up the tone of the series and dominated the first half of the game’s finals just to prove his point. The match took place on 3rd June 1991. The first round of playoffs for the game was against Portland Trail Blazer.

Jordan Challenges in NBA 2K23
The Shrug

The team scored thirty-five plus points in the first half during the goal. The second goal had six plus 3s during the first half. With the third goal, Jordan won the match.

11. Double Nickel

Date March 29, 1995
Conditions Win the game

Score 55 points

Hold John Starks

After getting a bat stint, Jordan was back in New York to defeat the Knicks for points of fifty-five, along with an unforgettable pass. Moreover, it was between Regular season games and New York Knicks. The first goal had fifty-five plus points; the second one was shot with 55 percent off the field. With the third goal, Jordan won the match.

12. Father’s Day Victory

Date June 16, 1996
Conditions Win the game

Score 22 points

Gain seven assists

Get nine rebounds

Win by at least 12 points

During the match, Jordan had the table run over the whole league. However, the title given to him as his fourth was as important as the first one that he got. The match took place on 16th June 1999.  The game of the finals of 1996.

It was the last game of the series where the Chicago Bulls had a win from four-by-two scores against the Seattle Supersonics. During the game, the first goal scored twenty-two plus points, the second grabbed rebounds of nine plus, whereas the third goal resulted in a win for the team.

13. The Flu Game

Date June 11, 1997
Conditions Win the game

Score 38 points

Grab five assists

Get seven rebounds

Jordan, while being extremely sick, managed to win the game and score the shot to win during the final seconds. The match took place on 11th June 1997. The game was the sixth of the finals, not the last one, however. The match was against the Utah Jazz.

In the match, during the first goal, Jordan scored thirty-eight plus points; in the second one, they grabbed rebounds of seven plus, and during the third goal, Jordan won the match.

14. Los Angeles Versus Chicago Bulls In 1997

Date December 17, 1997
Conditions Win the game

Score 36 points

Hold Kobe Bryant to under 20 points

In the match, Kobe Bryant stepped foot in the NBA, and the kind of confidence was just like Jordan. However, it was yet to be seen if he could be as great as MJ was. Kobe idolized Jordan and was determined to prove that he was worth getting the limelight. 

Lower Merion High School hit thirty-three points, with Jordan being the opponent with the Bulls. However, their thirty-six hits of Jordan were good proof that he was still in the game. He taught Bryant new tactics to secure a powerful win.

15. Last Dance Of Michael

Date June 14, 1998
Conditions Win the game

Score 45 points

15 points for holding Jeff Hornacek 

At the final match, Jordan stole the legacy as well as the fate of Jazz’s championship by striking the last round of shots. The match took place on 14th June 1998.

Moreover, the 6th Game was in the 1998 finals against the Utah Jazz. The teams scored forty-five plus points during the first goal. With the last goal, the team won the match.

Jordan faced many challenges during his career, and all of these are listed in our guide on NBA 2K23. Make sure to know the challenges you will be facing while playing as Jordan and accomplish all the goals as the athlete during the matches.

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