NBA 2k23 BEST Teams: Shooters & Center [2023]

In our guide we will look into the best teams to play for in the the NBA 2k23 game.

We all want to play in the best team in NBA 2K23 but with such diverse options available in the game, which one to choose? If you have been stressing out about it, do not worry; we have you covered. In our guide, we will give insight scoop into which team you should play for. 

Key Takeaways
  • First on our list is the team called: Philadelphia 76ers, which consists of the following players: 
    • Joel Embiid.
    • James Harden.
    • Tyrese Maxey.
    • Tobias Harris.
    • P.J Tucker.
  • Second on our list is the Milwaukee Bucks, which consists of the following players: 
    • Giannis Antetokounmpo.
    • Jrue Holiday.
    • Khris Middleton.
    • Brook Lopez.
    • Bobby Portis.
  • Up next on our list is the Boston Celtics which consists of the following players: 
    • Jayson Tatum.
    • Jaylen Brown.
    • Robert Williams III.
    • Marcus Smart.
    • Al Horford.
  • The fourth good team goes by Golden State Warriors, which consists of the following players: 
    • Stephen Curry.
    • Andrew Wiggins.
    • Jordan Poole.
    • Klay Thompson.
    • Draymond Green.
  • Final on our list is the team named Phoenix Suns which is of the following players: 
    • Devin Booker.
    • Chris Paul.
    • DeAndre Ayton.
    • Mikal Bridges.
    • Cameron Johnson.
  • We also have a list of teams if you want to play center. First on that list is Charlotte Hornets which has these players:
    • LaMelo Ball.
    • Terry Rozier III.
    • Gordon Hayward.
    • P.J. Washington.
    • Mason Plumlee.
  • The next best team if you want to play center is called Brooklyn Nets and has these players:
    • Kyrie Irving.
    • Seth Curry.
    • Kevin Durant.
    • Ben Simmons.
    • Nicolas Claxton.
  • Los Angeles Clippers is also an excellent choice for playing center, and the players on the team are:
    • John Wall.
    • Normal Powell.
    • Paul George.
    • Kawhi Leonard.
    • Ivica Zubac.
  • The next team on our list that we consider great is  Los Angeles Lakers which has these players:
    • Russell Westbrook.
    • Patrick Beverley.
    • LeBron James.
    • Anthony Davis.
    • Thomas Bryant.
  • And finally, the list of the best teams for shooting guards is Toronto Raptors which consists of the following players:
    • Fred VanVleet.
    • Gary Trent Jr.
    • OG Anunoby.
    • Scottie Barnes.
    • Pascal Siakam.
  • Up next really great team for shooting guard has to be: New York Knicks and has these players:
    • Jalen Brunson.
    • Evan Fournier.
    • R.J. Barrett.
    • Julius Randle.
    • Mitchell Robinson.
  • Portland Trailblazers is also a respectable team and has these players:
    • Damian Lillard.
    • Anfernee Simons.
    • Josh Hart.
    • Jerami Grant.
    • Jusuf Nurkic.
  • And Finally, Denver Nuggets is also favored by many NBA players, and it consists of these players in the team:
    • Jamal Murray.
    • Kentavious Caldwell-Pope.
    • Michael Porter Jr.
    • Aaron Gordon.
    • Nikola Jokic.

Philadelphia 76ers

Philadelphia-76ers in NBA 2K23
Philadelphia-76ers in the game

First, let us look into the history of the team. Its rich roots will help you understand why we think it is the best team in the game. Before you move forward, why don’t you look at our guide on the best NBA 2k23 players?

Among a few of the earliest NBA teams, it was initially known as the Syracuse Nationals. Interestingly they were launched in 1946, but they remain one of just eight out of 23 teams to have survived the league’s first ten years. The 76ers seemed to have an illustrious past, thanks to the participation of numerous Hall of Fame players.

Due to such a strong background, the team has been able to attract a large number of famous and well-recognized players easily. You will be absolutely baffled to read the whole NBA 2k23 lineup! It includes: 

NamePosition Rating
Joel EmbiidCenter 96
James HardenPoint89
Tyrese MaxeyShooting Guard85
Tobias Harris Small Forward 82
P.J Tucker Power Foward77

So as you can see, Joel Embiid and James Harden are a force to be reckoned with. In fact, Joel Embiid’s stats are out of the world; calling him one of the best centers would be a very fair analysis. With a 90 Standing Dunk, 86 Mid-Range, and also an 81 3PT, he is unlike we have ever seen before.

However, if you are still not satisfied, we have more! Take a look at our guy James Harden. We all know that the moment he enters the court, it is game over. How could he not? With an 89 score, he is one of the most lethal threats.

Milwaukee Bucks

bucks in the game
Bucks in NBA 2K23

The Bucks are a part of the Eastern Conference Central Division of the NBA. The squad was established as an extension team during the 1968 period. The Bucks also have won 17 division crowns and three conference championships. But that is not all; they have even won two league championships.

Before you continue forward, we suggest that you look at our guide on the NBA 2K23 Jordan challenges that players can do in the game. Hence, you will not miss out on any one of the 13 challenges the game has to offer! Now that we have a little idea about the team itself let us talk about the different players the game has to offer.

NamePosition Rating
Giannis Antetokounmpo Power Forward 97
Jrue Holiday Point Guard86
Khris Middleton Point Guard86
Brook Lopez  Center80
Bobby Portis Center72

Players can not help but feel intimidated by these five giants as soon as they walk into the court. Perhaps the team soars to new reached new heights thanks to Giannis Antetokounmpo. Who is without a doubt one of the finest athletes in the league right now, but Jrue Holiday plus Khris Middleton also do contribute with 86 each! If you want to complete all the finishing badges, Bucks is your ticket!

Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics in the game
The Boston Celtics NBA 2K23

The Boston Celtics are among the initial eight clubs in the league; the Celtics were established in 1946. Without a shadow of a doubt, they are among the best basketball squads in Major league history. The club has Seventeen NBA Titles. The team now maintains the NBA team record with the most victories ever documented. While you are here, why not take a look at our guide on the best NBA 2K23 Dribble Moves?

You might now know the following, but The Boston Celtics have a knack for selecting young players who end up being the heavy hitters. It is more obvious in the NBA 2k23 round-up. Let us show you what we mean. The main five players for the team are: 

NamePosition Rating
Jayson Tatum Small Forward 93
Jaylen BrownShooting Guard87
Robert Williams IIICenter85
Marcus Smart  Point Guard 82
Al HorfordPower Foward82

Golden State Warriors

Golden State Warriors in the game
Golden State Warriors in NBA 2k23

The Warriors were established in Philadelphia in 1946. However, they relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1962. After which, they adopted the name of the town and renamed it Golden State in 1971. The team boasts a very strong lineup in NBA 2k23, So let us look into that!

NamePosition Rating
Stephen curry Point Guard96
Andrew Wiggins Small Forward 84
Jordan PooleShooting Guard83
Klay Thompson Small Forward 83
Draymond GreenPower Foward83

Phoenix Suns

Somewhere at the beginning of the 1968–1969 League season, the Suns were one of the new teams. While their years playing have been hit or miss. In the NBA 2k23 team, the lineup is off the charts. Don’t believe us? Look for yourself! While you are here, we suggest you look at our guide on NBA 2k23 Best Builds.

NamePosition Rating
Devin BookerShooting Guard91
Chris Paul Point Guard90
DeAndre Ayton Point Guard85
Mikal BridgesSmall Forward83
Cameron JohnsonPower Forward 80

Best Teams If You Want To Play Center 

If you are good at playing center, you would want teams that lay heavy emphasis on that position. But with so many teams in NBA 2k23, which one is perfect for you?

Charlotte Hornets

In 1988, the famous NBA team Charlotte Hornets was founded. The Charlotte club, then known prior, was called Charlotte Bobcats. 

The team has been a host of many outstanding players in recent years. What we find to be very exciting is the fact that if you really like to own a lot of defense and rebounding badges playing as the Hornets is your best bet.

NamePosition Rating
LaMelo BallPoint Guard87
Terry Rozier IIIShooting Guard82
Gordon Hayward Small Forward80
P.J. WashingtonPower Forward 78
Mason PlumleeCenter75

Brooklyn Nets

Now, this particular team is one of the fan favorites in the NBA 2k23 game. How could it not be with world-class players who make sure that each game they play is better than the last? You can see it for yourself, the top five players for the Brooklyn Nets are very formidable. They will help you get all the best NBA 2KK23 shooting badges!  

NamePosition Rating
Kyrie IrvingPoint Guard89
Seth CurryShooting Guard78
Kevin Durant Small Forward96
Ben SimmonsPower Forward 83
Nicolas ClaxtonCenter76

Los Angeles Clippers

Many fans are excited to play with their favorite team, the Clippers. The team’s Point Guard and Center duo makes it one of the best in the NBA league. We would recommend that if you have been eyeing those playmaking badges go for the Los Angeles Clippers. It will not disappoint!

NamePosition Rating
John WallPoint Guard78
Normal PowellShooting Guard80
Paul George Small Forward88
Kawhi LeonardPower Forward 94
Ivica ZubacCenter77

Los Angeles Lakers

The LA Lakers are certainly one of the strongest teams you will encounter in the game. With multiple members that have a score of 90. It is certainly a huge undertaking to defeat them!

In light of the Los Angeles Lakers’ subpar guards, certain gamers may avoid them. However, Thomas Bryant can be easily replaced. Therefore will soon start to work with LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

NamePosition Rating
Russell WestbrookPoint Guard78
Patrick BeverleyShooting Guard78
LeBron James Small Forward96
Anthony DavisPower Forward 90
Thomas BryantCenter76

Best For Shooting Guard

Shooting Guards are, without a doubt, the backbone of any strong team. The shooting guard post in NDA 2k23 is one of the highly adaptable spots. So let us look at the NBA 2k23 best plays for shooters.

Toronto Raptors

If you want to be in a team that will help you in the match. All while making sure not to take your spotlight, we would encourage you to join the Toronto Raptors. With its impeccable line of players, it will certainly help you in your defensive badges!

NamePosition Rating
Fred VanVleetPoint Guard83
Gary Trent Jr.Shooting Guard79
OG Anunoby Small Forward81
Scottie BarnesPower Forward 84
Pascal SiakamCenter86

New York Knicks

Have you gotten used to the game and want to challenge yourself to see how far your skills can take you? With Jalen Brunson and R.J. Barrett, you will do exactly that! But that is not even the best part; playing with the team will help you unlock all the finishing badges in the game. Name something more ideal, and we’ll wait!

NamePosition Rating
Jalen BrunsonPoint Guard83
Evan FournierShooting Guard76
R.J. Barrett Small Forward84
Julius RandlePower Forward 82
Mitchell RobinsonCenter81

Portland Trailblazers

With Anfernee Simons and Damian, Lillard players will certainly be able to get a taste of what playing like a professional basketball athlete would be like. Prepare to unlock all the shooting badges with the team!

NamePosition Rating
Damian LillardPoint Guard89
Anfernee SimonsShooting Guard80
Josh Hart Small Forward80
Jerami GrantPower Forward 82
Jusuf NurkicCenter82

Denver Nuggets

Now the Denver Nuggets is the home for shooting guards. If you fancy yourself an amateur shooting guard, we would highly recommend you join the team. The stats really show it all; Kentavious Caldwell-Pope is certainly a very good player with a solid 76.

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