NBA 2K23: All Changes In My Team [Explained]

In This Guide We List All The Changes That Have Been Implemented In The All New NBA 2K23

NBA 2K23 has changed its most popular game mode, My Team. In our guide on NBA 2K23 My Team Changes, we will list every change implemented in the new NBA 2K23 My Team game mode.

Key Highlights

  • The franchise of NBA 2K23 has made many NBA games before, but in NBA 2K23, they made some major changes to their most played game mode called “My Team.
  • In NBA 2K23, their ‘My Team” is the same as FIFA’s games, where it is also “Ultimate Team,” and it basically removes the restriction of having players from the same team and can make your own roster featuring whatever players you want.
  • One of the biggest changes with “My Team” is that they have removed the “Contracts” feature due to the NBA 2K23 community’s demand, and now you can use your permanent player cards without “Contracts”.
  • A new feature called “Triple Threat Online Co-Op” has been added, letting you compete against other players.
  • Players can now finally use the “Player Lock” feature, which lets you lock on players and lasts the whole match unless you change it.
  • The developers of NBA 2K23 have also redesigned the “Unlimited Mode,” where they have added Prestige Ranks and Leaderboards.
  • The NBA franchise brought back the “Unlimited Tournament” with a prize pool of $250,000, but you must reach Emerald Rank first to enter.
  • The developers of NBA 2K23 have also added “Clutch Time” because it was also favored amongst the NBA players.
  • Another new feature in “My Team” is that players now have a trial period to choose their starter card trial as previously players faced problems with what cards to choose.
  • Finally, they have added a way to earn “Trophy Case Rewards” By completing 15 event cards which are basically key moments.

My Team
The New NBA 2K23 My Team

The NBA My Team game mode is the equivalent of FIFA’s Ultimate Team, where the game allows the players to build their own legendary team, which can consist of players from any era, like Michale Jordan and Lebron James can play in one team if the player wants it to happen.

Also, the players are represented as a card in your team, and these cards can be acquired by the player through completing challenges or opening packs. Furthermore, NBA has put out an official statement on what they were focusing on in the new NBA My Team for 2K23. 

The Statement is as the following:

Our focus for NBA 2K23 was to bring brand new experiences never before seen in MyTEAM, make the entire mode more accessible, and give our community more freedom in how they play.

All Changes Implemented In NBA 2K23 My Team

Now, under this section of our guide, we will be listing all the changes that have been made to the new NBA My Team game mode. Also, we would like you to acknowledge that the NBA 2K23 My Team is getting some major changes, and all of them are good for the NBA 2K community. Now without further due, let us get started on the list.


It is our pleasure to break the news to the NBA 2K community that the contracts for players have been finally removed because so many people recommend it to happen. Now, your permanent player cards can be used in My Team without you having to fill out their contracts. And we will also like to inform you that no other kind of mechanism will be replacing the contracts in the new NBA game.

Furthermore, with the contracts out of the way, you are able to restart your single-player games as you will not have contracts to worry about. Also, 2K has announced that the game will now feature a quick restart option in every game mode, including all Challenge games, Domination, and Triple Threat.

Triple Threat Online Co-Op

Triple Threat Online Co-Op
The New Triple Threat Online Co-Op In NBA 2K23

Next, the NBA 2K23 now also features a Triple Threat Online Co-Op which is a first for the franchise. Essentially, it is a game mode that will allow you to compete against and with your friends. 

The developers have also stated that the game mode will further have different modes like the Party mode, Co-Op mode, and Competitive mode. Also, we would like to make it clear that, unfortunately, this game mode is not available on Nintendo Switch, as the developers have reported.

Player Lock

Finally, at last, players can choose the option of player locking anybody in their lineup in NBA 2K23. This feature can now also be utilized in any of the My Team game modes, and it lasts for a whole My Team match. Furthermore, the player locking feature is especially effective for managing a specific player or enhancing a certain player during a match, or if you just like a position and want to play there all the time.

Redesigned Unlimited

Unlimited Leaderboard
The Unlimited Leaderboard In NBA 2K23

Yes, in NBA 2K23, the Unlimited mode has been redesigned to where they have now introduced New Prestige Tiers and leaderboards. The Prestige Tier revolves around Season Points which are earned in every match, but the amount varies according to different factors. Also, Unlimited now has a leaderboard through which you can keep track of your rank in the game, and a special icon is reserved for the Top 10.

Unlimited Tournament

The Unlimited Tiers In NBA 2K23

We are very excited to inform you that the new NBA 2K23 will be featuring a $250,000 My Team Unlimited Tournament, which was a thing in the old NBA games. The old NBA game fans will appreciate it as it will be nostalgic for them. 

Furthermore, we must clear that to be able to enter the tournament, you will have at least to reach Emerald Tier in the new Unlimited Tier system, and this has to be done before the first of many Game Day, the deadline date which is the 15th of October.

Also, the finalists of the tournament will be competing for $250,000, among which $50,000 is for the Console Champions and $200,000 is for the Grand Champions.

Clutch Time

In NBA 2K22, Clutch Time was first introduced as a single-player arcade mode where a four-point line was placed for better clutch moments in the game. The game mode was a hit with the 2K22 community, and that is a major reason why the developers have made it an official launch feature of the new NBA 2K23.

Strater Card Trial 

Starter Cards
The Three Available Starter Cards In NBA 2K23 My Team

First of all, maybe one of the most exciting parts of My Team is getting to pick your starter cards, and as you might know that the first problem an average player faces is which among these cards he should pick.

Well, we are here to tell you that this is not a problem anymore as the new NBA 2K23 features a Trial Period for the starter cards, during which you are able to play with all the cards to determine the best for you amongst them. 

And in NBA 2K23, the three starter cards are Ja Morant, Joel Embiid, and Jimmy Butler. Furthermore, the My Team enthusiast can enjoy an Over All 90 rated Amethyst Fred Jones card which is obtained right after completing 10 My Team matches.

Trophy Case Awards

Well, there are multiple ways in the new NBA 2K23 My Team through which you can earn multiple rewards, and one of the new additions is the Trophy Case Awards. In this section, there will be 15 event cards available for each of the NBA franchises, and these cards will show some of the key moments in the team’s history. 

Furthermore, the way to earn trophies is to collect the trophies that are connected to these key moments cards. And completing these trophy cases will reward you with a Pink Diamond NBA player for each of the teams.


It is another way to earn rewards, but this time, sending a player card outside of your 13-player lineup will help you receive an amazing reward. The exhibitions provide a very good passive method to earn game-changing rewards.

With this, our list is complete, and we bring it to an end. In our guide on the NBA 2K23 My Team Changes, we listed every change that was being implemented in the new NBA 2K23. However, if you feel like we missed something in the list, then please do let us know through the section down below.

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