New World Furnishing Leveling Guide [Level 0-200]

New world is hands down one of the best, if not the best, MMORPG, and it even reached the milestone of the “most played game on steam”. It has 7 crafting trading skills with furnishing being the best in them. Leveling up furnishing in the new world all the way up to level 200 can be very intimidating for new players but at the same time, furnishing can also be a very fun and rewarding profession as it gives you storage benefits, permanent buffs, and of course! It’ll enable you to personalize your home. So, trust us when we say, “it’ll be worth your time and effort” and take the leap! In our new world furnishing leveling guide, we’ve written ways that give you the best bang for your buck in terms of time.

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Leveling Up The Prerequisite Skills


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Now, Although this may seem counterproductive, first, you want to invest your experience in the following skills as they will indirectly help you level up your furnishing skill in the long run. They are:

  1. Cooking
  2. Leatherworking
  3. Harvesting
  4. Weaving
  5. Mining
  6. Smelting
  7. Woodworking
  8. Logging

The Basics You Should Know


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Before we get to the hard part, let’s cover the basics. You can perform furnishing at any workshop as long as it has the required tier level for the item you want to furnish. You can raise the tier level of workshops by taking on town projects and completing them, but if that seems like too much work, you can simply leave the current town you’re in and move to another town with the required workshop tier and start working on leveling up your furnishing there.

Now, If you’re an MMORPG veteran, this next point is pretty obvious. You need to be at a high enough level to craft certain items.

The third basic is that you need to be critical of the items you use to level up your furnishing. While doing so, you just need to keep two things in mind. The first is that they use resources that are easily available in abundance, and the second is that they give a decent amount of XP when crafted.

Level 0-50 New World

There are two methods for power leveling your furnishing skill up to level 50.

Method 1

Wicker baskets
wicker baskets

Ok, so now you know the basics of furnishing and are can’t wait to become a furnishing god. Well, for that you need to start making wicker baskets at least till you’re level 50. In order to craft wicker baskets, you need a LOT of solvents, a bunch of reeds, and a few fibers. Let’s discuss them in detail one by one.


The solvent is hands down the most important thing when leveling up furnishing. You’re going to need it in an enormous amount. Worried where you’ll find it? Well, you shouldn’t because you can obtain it pretty easily from loot crates in low-level areas. Another mentionable thing is that these crates are highly respawnable ( it takes exactly 60 minutes for a looted crate to refill). Alternatively, if the solvent is available cheaply on your server, then we recommend purchasing it as you will be saving yourself a lot of time which you can spend gathering resources you can not afford to buy.


The next required resource is reeds. You can get them by harvesting bulrush plants, they can be found near any water source ( mainly lakes and ponds) and as an added bonus, you’ll also be getting a few bulrush cobs and by luck, a firefly bait. The latter resources can be used for improving your arcana. You can get these mainly from weaver’s farm, but if you’re too under-leveled to go there, you can still gather them from water bodies in the area you’re currently in. Also, read our The Ultimate New World Arcana Leveling Guide.


Lastly, you need to gather fibers. The locations most abundant in these are tress Campos farm on the border of monarch bluffs windsword, and the sunshade plains in the restless shore.

Combining And Crafting

Now that you’ve gathered all the mentioned materials, all you need to do is find a workshop with a suitable tier level and start crafting wicker baskets. You may be wondering that “wicker baskets don’t provide that much XP” and the truth is they don’t, it’s their reliance on easily available resources that make them ideal for power leveling your furnishing skill.

Method 2

Our second method is very important when it comes to new world furnishing leveling as you’ll be crafting a warm iron sconce bright. For this purpose, you’ll need timber, oil, and an iron ingot. Let’s discuss these further in detail.


Let’s start with timber. You cannot find timber just lying around in the world, you have to craft it from greenwood. Where do you find greenwood? Well, you cut tress, that’s it, and the best place to do so is in the southwest area of windward’s settlement. So get that logging axe and bring out your inner woodcutter.


Now to find the oil and the right type at that as there are different varieties of oil in the new world. The type you need is the regular one, which can only be found in weaver’s fen and first light. In order to farm oil, you at least need to be level 20 in the mining skill since oil is extracted from seeping stones. Being level 45 in mining can come in really handy in this case since at this level you’ll be able to track the seeping stones. But if you don’t have that you can still get by just fine, just look for steaming black spots on the ground ( these are the seeping stones).

Iron Ingots

Last but not least, you need iron ingots. Just like timber, you cannot find them directly but have to craft them from iron ores which are mined from iron veins. Thankfully, a new world is FILLED with iron veins and if that alone wasn’t enough, vein mining is not level specific meaning you can start mining them at any level, all you need is a pickaxe and you’re good to go. The best place to mine iron ores that you can find early on is the midnight den in the east of ever fall. After mining the ores just throw them in a smelter found in settlements and wollah! You have iron ingots.

Crafting And Combining

Now, put the gathered resources together and enjoy the fruits of your hard work by crafting warm iron sconces at least till you’re level 50.

Level 50-75 New World

For these levels, you need to craft old straw cots. In order to do that you need linen, feathers, oil, weak solvents, and maple stains. Let’s explore each in detail.


Linen again has to be crafted from fiber which is harvested from hemp plants. Although there are plenty of hemp plants scattered across all grasslands and forests in the new world, still the best place to farm them is Primrose located at west of Windwards. All you need to do is a circle around primrose and gather hemp plants and by the time you reach the starting point of your circle, you’ll be blessed with respawned hemp plants ready to be harvested again. After collecting enough fiber, head back to a settlement and start crafting linen at a loom station.


Next are feathers. Feathers in the new world are really cheap so we advise you to buy them, but still, if you’re still looking forward to gathering them then you should start killing some turkeys. They can be found fairly easily outside early game settlements roaming around in forests. But the best place to farm them is windsward just outside the Greenhaven settlements. Keep this one thing in mind you have to skin the turkey after killing it to get the bonus of feathers and occasionally some raw meat, don’t make the mistake of leaving it there just after looting it, and then be surprised to find no feathers in your inventory afterward.

Maple Stains

Finally, you need maple stains. You can buy them at trade posts but if for some reason they’re too unaffordable to buy at your server, you can always sort to crafting them, as crafting maple stains will also give you experience so there is your little bonus. To craft maple stains you need oil and weak solvents. We’ve already mentioned where to find oil above so we’ll be focusing on finding weak solvents here. Finding weak solvents Is’nt that big of a deal, you can easily find them in crates and chests located in low-level areas.

Combining And Crafting

At this point we’re pretty sure you know the drill, combine your materials, and craft a bunch of cots. Now what made these cots so appealing for leveling up your furnishing is that they have an amazing cost-to-experience ratio. They almost cost nothing to craft yet give a ton of experience.

Alternate Option

In case the crafting materials for a cot are too pricy on your server, you can try crafting sunny rags as an alternative. which relies mainly on crossweave and a bunch of other materials.

Level 75-100 New World

minor weapon smithing trophy
minor weapons smithing trophy

At this level, you are able to craft trophies, although they don’t give you XP right away they do make earning it easier in the future. A good option to consider would be a minor weapon smithing trophy. You need lumber, iron ingot, obsidian flux, charcoal, maple stain, and fire mote. Let’s discuss each in detail.


Lumber has to be crafted from aged wood, obtainable from mature trees. The mature trees are not as common as young trees but are still fairly easy to find. However, you do need a level 50 in woodworking skills in order to convert aged wood into lumber.

we’ve already covered the Iron ingot and maple stain above so you can read it there.

Obsidian Flux

Obsidian flux is one of the rarest crafting resources in the new world. it has to be looted from chests and crates, but you’ll only find it in them if they’re in zones from levels 34-to 56. These include weaver’s fen, great cleave, and morning dale. Ebonscale reach and restless shore. As you can tell, finding obsidian is completely based on luck, however, you can increase your luck role by crafting trophies that give you luck buffs.


To get charcoal, all you need is an axe and you’re good to go. Just chop some trees up and once you have enough wood in your inventory, just convert it into charcoal at your nearest settlement.


The last and the most hard-to-get resource is firemote. You can get firemotes in three ways dragonglory plant, salamander snails, and scorch stones. The dragonglory plant found in ebonscale reach, Brightwood, reekwater, windsward, cutlass key, and monarch’s bluff can only be harvested with a sickle. The scorchstone found in morning dale, great cleave, monarch’s bluff, windsward, and Brightwood needs a pickaxe to be mined. Finally, the salamander snail found in windsward, ebonscale, edengrove, shattered mountain, and great cleave doesn’t have any requirement to be killed.

Now mix up the materials and start crafting minor weapon smithing trophies till you’re level 100.

Level 100-125 New World

oak stain
oak stain

Now things are going to get a little harder for leveling in new world furnishing. But keep your eyes on the prize. From here on up to level 125, you need to craft oak stains. The materials you need to craft it are potent solvent and oil. But before you jump to collecting these, you might wanna craft a minor loot luck trophy as it is going to make finding potent solvent a bit easier (these trophies can be sold for around 100 gold in the market and can give a decent amount of experience too. Now for the materials for oak stain, since you’ve already read about oil above we’ll be focusing on getting potent solvent here.

Potent Solvent

Unfortunately, the potent solvent is a hard-to-find resource as it can only be obtained from ancient chests and crates placed in zones from levels 34-to 56 which means that the best places to find it are edengrove, great cleave, ebonscale reach, restless shore, and weaver’s fen. These ancient crates have a 60 minute respawn timer so keep that in mind during your farming routines and plan them accordingly.

Combining And Crafting

Now you have to find a tier 4 workshop, combining the resources and start crafting oak stain up to level 125.

Level 125-150 New World

You can level up just fine if you keep on crafting oak stain up to level 150, but if you’ve bored with crafting the same item, again and again, you can resort to crafting robust wind chimes. The materials you’ll be needing for this are sand flux, wyrd wood, fiber, iron ore, coarse sandpaper, aged wood, and greenwood. Since we’ve already covered greenwood, aged wood, iron ore, and fiber above, we’ll be focusing on coarse sandpaper, wyrd wood, and sand flux.

Coarse Sandpaper

Starting with the coarse sandpaper, you can buy it from trading posts but it’s most likely gonna be really expensive if you intend to buy it in bulk so we recommend gathering it. Finding sandpaper is again based totally on luck, as it is found in treasures, stockpiles, coffers, and supply chests. But you can increase your chances of finding it by aiming to look for it in areas above level 20 as the drop rate for sandpaper tends to get lower in villages closer to settlements.


Now, wyrdwood is high-tier lumber, obtained from wyrdwood trees. Do take note that you need a level 100 in logging skills to be actually able to cut them. Although these trees are scattered all across the aeternum, the top two spots for farming them are verdant cavern and lush hideaway in the southeast of Brightwood. You can also try Canopus pol to the east of weaver’s fen in case you find it hard to get in the previously mentioned areas.

Sand Flux

Just like sand coarse paper, sand flux can be hard to find as it too is found in supply crates and ancient chests located in zones with levels 0-38 meaning you’ll be going to everfall, monarch’s bluff, windsward, bright wood, cutlass key, first light, and weaver’s fen. Each of these chests provides you with 8-14 sand flux and has a 60 minute respawn timer so that’s something to keep in mind when planning your next farming routine.

Combining And Crafting

Now throw the materials together at a workshop with tier level 4 and start furnishing robust wind chimes till you reach level 150 in furnishing

Level 150-175 New World

Oh? What’s that? Looks like you’re really close to becoming the furnishing god you desired to be in the start, just a bit more grind and you’ll be there. Now, for these levels, you need to farm pure solvent and again you need to farm oil too because you’ll be crafting mahogany stain. Let’s focus on pure solvent as you already know where to find the oil at this point.

Pure Solvent

Finding pure solvent is gonna be hard not because it’s not easily available but because of the sheer abundance you need it in. it can be found in supply crates, elite chests, and ancient containers placed in high-level zones ( level 56+), so you’ll be going to reekwater, shattered mountain, and ebonscale reach.

Combining And Crafting

Assuming you have found a workshop with tier level 5, combine the oil and pure solvent and furnish mahogany stain till you’re level 175.

Level 175-200 New World 

Ah yes! we bet that you can already feel the sweet smell of victory. The final stretch! One last push and you’ll be a professional furnisher in the new world. There are two ways to go around it.

Method 1

With this method, you’ll be furnishing an oval cerulean rug. As for the resources, you need silk thread, thick hide, tannin, wirefiber, rawhide, crossweave, and fiber. Let’s discuss each in detail.

Silk Thread

Silk thread can be harvested from tall green plants with small lilac flowers on them called silkweed. Although they are spread throughout the aeternum, the best place to find silkweed is north of mourningdale. Be warned though as this area is level 40+ so you should have adequate combat skills and level to surf through it without breaking a sweat.

Thick Hide

The thick hide is the advanced version of the normal hide. It is not as easily available as the normal hide which you can skin off of every wolf and boar you kill. It is a random drop from different animals including alligators, bison, boar, elk, wolf, hound, bobcat, bear, and lynx. Yes! Wolves and boars do drop hides but only if they’re much higher level, so obviously that means you’ll have to be in a high-level area to acquire thick hide from them like weaver’s fen, edengrove, mourningdale, shattered mountain, and great cleave.


Tannin is another resource based completely on luck. You find it randomly by looting supply crates and ancient chests located in zones with levels 0-38. Stock up on it, you need it.


Next is wirefiber. It is a plant-based resource that you can find scattered throughout the aeternum. The plant resembles the hemp plant with the difference being that it has a red flower on its top. Another mentionable thing is that you can only harvest it with a sickle, so don’t forget to bring one with you when you go on the hunt for these.


Next is rawhide. it is the easiest resource to gather as the animals from which it is skinned are easily available in the starting low-level areas. These include boars, wildcats, bears, elk, deer, bison and wolves. Although it can be skinned from many mammals in the wild, we recommend to skin it from wolves as they are high in numbers and don’t provide much of a challenge. Your best option to find wolves is a wolf den. Just choose one that’s close to your house so you can easily hunt, rest, rinse and repeat.


Crossweave can be found in ancient chests and supply crates all across the aeternum. The best places to find them are great cleave, eternal pool in reekwater, and genesis of malevolence in edengrove.

Lastly, we’ve already covered the fiber above so scroll up to find it.

Combining And Crafting

Now combine the rawhide and the thick hide and craft layered leather, put all your gathered resources together, find a tier 2 workshop and start furnishing oval cerulean rug.

Method 2

Don’t feel like crafting the rug when it comes to furnishing leveling in the new world? Well, here’s an alternate method that’ll get you to level 200 in furnishing just as fast if not faster than the rug method. With this method, you need to craft powerful incense using the materials ironwood planks, charcoal, hyssop, and cinnamon. Let’s get down to the details.

Ironwood Planks

Firstly you need to chop ironwood trees to craft ironwood planks. These dark-colored oak are rare to find in most high-level areas, however, they can be found in abundance in some specific areas. These places include skysong lagoon location in ebonscale reach, the blighted shrine in southern edengrove, two places In reekwater, and south of shattered mountains.

we’ve already covered charcoal so scroll up to read about it.


You’ll automatically obtain a hyssop every time you harvest a herb, so it’s not that hard to find. You can find plenty of herbs at the beginning of the game, often found in the same places as hemps. They look like lavender with a bluish or purple shade. When farming herbs, try applying a proficiency booster to reduce the amount of time taken to a farm, and trust us, you’re going to need a lot of it because you’ll be farming a great deal of these herbs.


Cinnamon can be a bit tricky to find but once you know its location, it becomes relatively easier. To find cinnamon you’ll again need to start pulling herbs. Since there is no guarantee that you’ll get a cinnamon every time you pull a herb, it can start to get frustrating when every time you pull a herb, you end up with another hyssop. But unfortunately, there is no other way around it so be patient, and just remember that it is worth it.

Final Crafting And Combining

Now you have all the materials needed to furnish powerful incense. All you need to do at this point is to find a workshop with tier level 5 or higher and of course put the resources together to actually furnish the powerful incense, like duh.

Furnishing Level 200 And Beyond

Furnishing workshop
Furnishing Workshop

Congratulations you hard-working human, all your efforts and time are going to be rewarded now, after all, you’re officially a furnishing god in the new world. Now you can craft whatever furniture you wish to decorate your house with. All you need to do now is to find schematics for your desirable furniture item and furnish it. With that being said hope our new world furnishing leveling guide actually helped you level up furnishing in your new world server. Adios and congratulations again.

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