Best New World Bow PvE And PvP Builds 

New World is a game that is an MMORPG released by Amazon Games back on September 28th, 2021. With its beautiful graphics, aesthetic scenery, combat-focused gameplay, and hours of content, it had players hooked from day one. With the game came many weapon choices, making people want to experience the best New World bow build firsthand. 

New World Bow 

The Bow is an excellent weapon added to New World, and players who know how to play will know that the Bow is perfect for single-target combat and has an excellent AoE range. Bows tend to work like a projectile, aiding players greatly in PvP or PvE combats. When aiming with a bow, players are advised to aim slightly higher than their original target to land a crit with a headshot. We will be discussing the best Bow build New World in our guide. 

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best builds NW
New World Bow Build

Bow Abilities 

With the Bow being such a single-target-focused weapon, it has a total of 6 abilities. Still, when the player is gaming, they are limited to three abilities equipment at one time. 

Splinter Shot 

This Ability which deems perfect for PvE combat; when you shoot an arrow for up to 10 meters, it will separate into three different arrows. All these arrows deal 50% of the total weapon damage. The player needs to have an excellent Range and many experiences to hone this Ability. 

Penetrating Shot 

An arrow that can pierce through enemies, all the while dealing a total of 150% damage and continuing forward for a total of 100 meters. This Ability is excellent for hitting opponents in a group, meaning this Ability is perfect for multiple-target enemies. 

Rapid Shot 

This Ability shoots out a total of 3 arrows, and each of them will deal damage likewise, 100%, 100% than the last one piercing through foes with 125% damage. Perfect for single-target combat, but overall AoE range is not that great. 

Rain of Arrows 

This Ability aims to shoot many arrows outwards for about 7 meters that will deal a total of 150% of the total weapon damage. Its overall AoE makes it excellent for PvP combat, and it is also perfect for a single target. 

Evade shot 

This Ability causes the player to jump back a couple of meters, with the Arrow dealing a total of 125% of the total weapon damage, perfect for shooting enemies down while still maintaining a distance. 

Poison Shot 

As mentioned in the name, the Arrow is marked with a “cloud of poison” that will be 3 meters in radius and will last for a total of 6 seconds. Enemies that are unlucky enough to enter the radius of the poison cloud will inhibit 10% weapon damage for a total of 20 seconds. 

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Bow Perks 

Every Ability that a Wew World bow build comes to a similar Perk that works excellently with it. Keep in mind that you can only take advantage of one Weapon Ability Perk at a time and no more. 

  • Empowering Splinter Shot: when launching a splinter shot, you will gain “ Empower,” which will increase your overall damage for a total of 10 seconds. 
  • Refreshing Penetrating Shot: When casting “Penetrating Shot,” the overall cooldown of this Ability gets reduced by a certain percentage. An excellent perk to assist the adventurer. 
  • Penetrating Rapid Shot: when hitting the enemies, this perk will allow the last Arrow of “Rapid Shot” to penetrate slightly more into the foe’s armor, causing a lot of extra damage. 
  • Fortifying Rain of Arrows: when the Ability is cast, the adventurer will gain “Fortify,” allowing you to absorb damage for a few seconds. 
  • Energizing Evade Shot: Perfect for Dodge Rolling, you can regain some stamina after obliterating the enemy with the “Evade Shot” ability. 

Bow Scaling and Attributes 

When crafting an excellent new world bow, the Bow’s attributes should be kept in mind. The Bow tends to scale off entirely Dexterity, resulting in the overall investment of the adventurer ending up being in Dexterity. As the Attribute provides good damage buffs and increased chances of survival, it is highly recommended to focus on Dexterity. 

The second Attribute point to consider is Constitution, which is excellent for PVP builds, making you a lot safer. It will make enemies prone to taking increased damage when going out for warA healthy mix of Constitution and Dexterity is highly recommended, with the main focus being on Dexterity itself. 

Pros and Cons 

With the Bow being such a powerful weapon in New World, in honing the best Bow to build a new world, you need to know the basic pros and cons that come with using a bow to take down enemies. 


  • The Higher AoE range makes the Bow an excellent weapon for taking down larger enemies, making it excellent for war
  • If you aim to hit long-distance shots towards enemies, the Bow is an excellent choice to have. 
  • Increased mobility with the “Archer’s Speed” skill, greatly aiding the adventurer in combat. 
  • The Bow is an excellent weapon to hone against highly corrupted enemies. 


  • The player needs to have aiming skills. Otherwise, targets could be missed. 
  • The Bow is not an excellent option for crowd control; therefore a limited option for players. 
  • Enemies that are the “Angry Earth” and “Lost” types are stronger at taking damage against Bow attacks.  

Bow and Rapier DoT PvE Build 

New World Bow Build
PVE New World

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The Rapier and Bow combination is a beautiful one that players are sure to take advantage of, both on-field and off-field. This New World bow build is aimed for PvE-centric battles, allowing for consistent combat and high damage output. This Build is perfect for PvE combat, where players are supposed to be more assertive in combat. 

When you mix the combination of Bow and Rapier, the outcomes that you can get are lethal, both in damage and personal protection. 

Pros and Cons 

Taking a further look into this PvE build, there are pros and cons; based on the requirements of the players, let’s take a look at some of them. 


  • The damage output with this rapier build is consistent, greatly aiding the player when needing to dish out damage over and over again to take down the enemies. The damage output is also strong, meaning that you will obliterate the foes in little to no time. 
  • The rapier build has an excellent AoE range, which is perfect for PvE combat and hitting enemies in a larger group together as a crowd. 
  • The Arrow launches at an excellent speed, giving the player great mobility and free Range to attack the foes and take them down with style. 


  • You need to have excellent dodging skills, as the knockback will cost you. Consistent running from one end to the other can waste the time of some players and cut out the total combat time against enemies. 
  • Missed shots will result in the player taking increased damage. Therefore, this Build is intended for experienced and veteran players. 

Build Stats To Prioritize 

For the bow/rapier build, five Attributes typically exist, Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Focus, and Constitution. The skill points that follow the Attributes are as follows. 

  • Dexterity: +195 
  • Strength: +5
  • Intelligence: +5
  • Focus: +5
  • Constitution: +5 

Active Skills to consider 

Each skill requires some form of skill points that the player needs to invest, with almost all of the investment going into Dexterity. 

Rain of Arrows 

The player gets to shoot arrows that are 7 meters wide and will deal a total of 150% of the total weapon damage; it is the perfect skill for a PvE focussed combat. It is of the “Active” Type, and the skill’s overall cooldown is a total of 25 seconds. 

Evade Shot 

Allows the player to lunge back a total of 5 meters, and the arrow shot will deal 125% weapon damage. It is of the “Active” skill type, and the overall cooldown on the skill ends to be about 15 seconds. 

Poison Shot 

An arrow projectile will land a solid headshot to the enemy and produce a cloud of poison that will last for a total of 6 seconds. Enemies that are unfortunate enough to venture into the radius will take increased damage of 10% of the total weapon damage. This skill is essential to have in the rapier, and New World bow build

Splinter Shot 

Launch an arrow that will launch out 10 meters, and it will split into three different arrows, with each Arrow that will deal a total of 50% of the total weapon damage. The total cooldown is about 22 seconds. 

Flourish and Finish 

Performs a full-on knockback to enemies that will allow you to perform an additional “Light Attack,” causing increased damage to enemies. The overall cooldown is around 20 seconds. 

Passive Skills To Consider 

  • Infected Arrows: The poison will deal an additional 12% damage of the total weapon damage for a total of 20 seconds. 
  • Direct Hit: When used with “Poison Shot” and hits an opponent, it will deal an additional 200% of the total weapon damage. 
  • Barbed Arrows: When cast with “Rain of Arrows,” this passive will cause “Bleed” damage which will deal 85% of the total weapon damage for a total of 12 seconds. 
  • Hooked Arrows: The skill “Rain of Arrows” will put the “Slow” status on enemies for a total of 4 seconds. 
  • Scatter Shot: the passive will allow the player to shoot up to 5 arrows, allowing you to deal more damage. 
  • Calculated: this passive reduces the overall cooldown of every hit by a total of 10%. 
  • Evasive Tactics: When dodging enemy attacks, for the time being of 5 seconds, you will deal 20% increased damage. 
  • Mark: enemies that have a debuff put on them will inhibit 10% increased overall damage. 
  • Long Range: enemies about 10 meters away will take in a 20% increase in weapon damage. 
  • Aim true: arrows aimed to launch “Heavy attacks” will deal 30% increased weapon damage. 
  • Finishing Shot: when the HP of your enemy is below 50%, they will take 20% increased weapon damage. 
  • Arrow range: the overall distance range of the Arrow is increased by 100%. 
  • Surprise Attack: when enemies have not been hurt in the timing of 10 seconds, they will take 20% increased damage. 
  • Hawkeye: when a headshot is dealt with opponents, 10% of the damage done will return to you as HP. 
  • Bullseye: Shots will deal an increased 10% crit damage. 
  • Concussion: when a headshot is dealt with any foe, they will take 20% increased damage. 

Perks To Look Into 

  • Keen: the crit rate is increased by 3%, making players able to deal more overall damage. 
  • Keen Tondo: the overall crit rate is increased by 2% for foes that have been hit with “Tondo’s Bleed.” 
  • Keen Awareness: increases crit rate by 3%, greatly aiding players in combat. 
  • Refreshing Move: skill cooldowns are decreased by 1%. 

Bow and Spear Universal Build 

New World Bow Universal Build
Universal Build

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The spear/bow is an excellent build intended to be one of the best Bow builds in New World, aimed to be a general build centric for DPS builds. You can use this Build both for PvP and PvE combat circumstances. Players can dish out tremendous damage while using this Build. 

Players who want a DPS build can aim to use this in combat-heavy battles ad take advantage of its strengths to take down enemies in a lethal manner. Let’s see what it entails. 

Pros and Cons Of This Build 

Every Build can have its pros and cons, and the spear/bow combination will allow for an excellent PvE and PvP build. 


  • This Build is perfect for single-target combat where you aim to hit opponents one by one. 
  • An excellent overall DPS build, as it will carry your team over and under through the toughest of battles. 
  • You do not need to be in close Range of your foes, as the Build can be used in any range, whether close-ranged or far-ranged combat. 
  • The overall stat allocation is exceptionally balanced, allowing for increased damage output and centered stats. 


  • Not suitable for crowd control as the Build focuses highly on single-target enemies. 
  • Aiming skills need to be excellent if you want higher damage output; therefore, it might put off some players. 

Stats And Attributes 

With the spear/bow build, amongst the five different Attributes that are offered, there are a few that you need to focus on. Skill points are divided amongst these Attributes and managed equally. 

  • Strength: +5
  • Dexterity: +195
  • Intelligence: +5
  • Focus: +5
  • Constitution: +5
  • Almost all of the skill points are all focused on Dexterity. 
  • Almost all of the Skill points are allotted to Dexterity. 

Active Spear Skills  

The spear/bow build requires some skills to focus on. 

  • Javelin: when your spear is launched, the weapon damage will be increased by 125%, and it will stun an enemy. 
  • Sweep: this will target the opponent’s legs, and it will deal 75% of the total weapon damage to the legs and throw the opponent down to the ground. The cooldown is around 10 seconds. 
  • Vault kick: when launching your spear, you will kick your target and deal an overall 75% of the weapon damage as additional damage. This skill will stun the enemy for 1.5 seconds. Overall cooldown is 15 seconds and no longer. 

Spear passive Skills  

  • Refreshing Jabs: the overall cooldown of your spear will be decreased by 10 seconds when a second light attack is launched on an enemy. 
  • Refreshing Reach: when a heavy attack is cast on a foe, the spear cooldown is decreased by a total of 15%. 
  • Forceful impact: when hitting enemies with the spear, they will be knocked back and fall, taking extra damage. 
  • Finishing Blows: opponents that are left with less than 30% HP will take 15% increased overall weapon damage. 
  • Invigorating Crits: whenever an attack crits, it will give back a total of 20 stamina to the adventurer. 
  • Merciless Strength: when enemies are knocked back and fall, they will take 25% increased overall weapon damage. 
  • Tenacious Sweep: When a spear is used in an attack, “Grit” will become active and deal damage. 
  • Refreshing Precision: when a spear is launched on an enemy’s head, it will decrease the cooldown by 50%. 
  • Coup De Grace: WWhen dealing a basic attack, it will be followed by a heavy attack on the foes and will deal 150% additional weapon damage. 
  • Aggressive Maneuvers: When you dodge enemy attacks, spear cooldown will reduce by 20%. 
  • Relentless Blows: When enemies less than 50% hP are hit, it will give you “Empower” and will deal increased damage by 20% of the total weapon damage for 5 seconds. 
  • Muscular Conditioning: The stamina regeneration rate will be enhanced by 30%. 
  • Deadly Distance: every meter that you travel in the Distance, your damage is increased by a total of 2.5% of the total weapon damage. The limit is a 100% damage increase. 
  • Continuos motion: when a hit crits, some of the other spear abilities’ cooldown will be decreased by 30%. 

Perks To Look Into 

  • Bleeding Sweep: When “Coup De Grace” is cast, it will apply the “Bleed” status to enemies and deal an additional -2% of the total weapon damage for the time being of 4 seconds and no longer. 
  • Empowering Splinter Shot: When “Spinter Shot” is cast, it will give you “Empower,” and your overall damage will be enhanced by 4% of the total weapon damage for a total of 10 seconds. 
  • Keen Vault Kick: When “Vault Kick” is launched, the crit rate will be enhanced by 2% for a total of 5 seconds. 
  • Penetrating Rapid Shot: “Rapid Shot” attacks will see enhanced armor penetration by a total of 5 %. 

Bow and Rapier PvP Build 

The combination of the Bow and the rapier comes together to make a lethal PvP build that is sure to obliterate enemies with ranged shots as well as close-ranged shots.  

Rapier masteries to focus on 

Agility and mobility are yet another focus of this Build. It is rendered as one of the most worthwhile New World bow builds.


The adventurer can dive forward for about 5 meters when launching this mastery while also dealing 145% of the total weapon damage as additional damage to opponents, incessantly obliterating them. 


As the name suggests, you can dodge an enemy’s skull, allowing you to perform increased light attacks and stunning enemies as you fight with them. 

Skills To Unlock 
  • Crescendo: when light attack launches are a success, the mastery’s cooldown will be decreased by a total of 30%. 
  • Adagio: when launching evades, if you hit the enemy successfully, it will deal 15% additional damage of the total weapon damage, and it will last for one second. 
  • Allegro: you can move a lot faster for a total of 3 seconds with a movement speed of about 20%. 
  • Breath In: you will regain 20% of your overall stamina back when casting this skill with “Evade.” 


This mastery will allow you to go into defense mode for a total of one second. When you counter an attack to your opponent, it will apply the “Stun” status to them for a total of 1.5 seconds, allowing you to deal increased damage to your foes. 

Skills to unlock
  • Lasting consequence: when casting this skill with “Riposte,” the stun application time is increased from one second to two seconds, allowing you to deal more damage to enemies. 
  • Priority: when a “Stun” is applied to an opponent with success, it will decrease all “Riposte” cooldowns by a total of 20%. 
  • Insult to injury: for every “Riposte” cast that is successful, your overall attack will not get interrupted by your opponents for a total of 3 seconds. 

Overall Passives To Focus On

  • Swiftness: when an opponent deals with any hit, you will gain increased 3% “Haste,” which will last for a total of 4 seconds. 
  • Perfectionist: if your HP bar is at full, you will be able to deal 10% increased damage, greatly obliterating them in your wake. 
  • Controlled breathing: Upon launching any successful hit to an enemy, increased stamina by +3. 
  • Unerring: enemies that have the “Rapier Bleed” attached to them will intake 5% increased damage. 
  • Desperation: upon having less than 40% stamina in your stamina bar, the overall damage is increased by a total of 10%. 
  • Light Edge: light attack second damages are increased by 8%. 
  • Engarde: if any opponent has more than 50% health, they will intake 10% increased overall weapon damage. 

Bow and Hatchet PvE Build

This hatchet and bow build aims to convert the adventurer into an active killing machine, as the DPS-centric Build will offer you excellent mobility, as well as insane Strength to defeat any opponents that dare venture your way. The main focus for this Build is to be as strong as possible so that you can get the most out of every mastery and skill in this Build. 

Hatchet Masteries To Focus 

The main focus for this Build is to be as strong as possible so that you can get the most out of every mastery and skill in this Build. 

Rending Throw 

With this mastery, you can launch an ax in the direction of your opponent that will deal a lot of damage, about 110% of the total weapon damage. 

Skills To Focus On 
  • Second wind: if the opponent has any debuffs placed on them, the skill cooldown will be decreased by 20%. 
  • Opportunistic: if the opponent has any debuffs placed on them, they will intake 20% additional damage. 
  • Targeted impact: if the enemy is at a distance of 8 meters from you, the “Rend” damage will be enhanced by 8% of the total damage taken. 

Raging Torrent 

This mastery increases your attack speed, and a total of 4 attacks will be dealt with, each being extremely fast while also dealing 90% of the total weapon damage output. 

Skills To Focus On 
  • Final Blow: upon casting “Raging Torrents,” any light attack towards the opponent will make them take 120% increased overall damage. 
  • Aggressive approach: your overall movement speed will be enhanced by 20% for a total of 6 seconds. 


Upon casting the mastery, a “Berserk Mode” will be cast, increasing every attack damage by a total of 20%, and the mode will last for a total of 12 seconds. 

Skills To Focus On 
  • Berserking Purge: upon casting the “Berserk” mastery, if the player has any crowd control debuffs on them, it will remove them. 
  • Berserking Refresh: upon casting this skill, you will be able to gain your HP back about 30%, and every 4 seconds, you will gain a small amount of HP. 
  • On the hunt: the player’s movement speed will get enhanced by 20%. 

Passives To Look Into 

  • Exploitation: Opponents who are unfortunate enough to have any debuffs placed on them will take 15% more damage. 
  • Critical Throw: When axes are launched towards an opponent, it will trigger “Headshots” that will always crit no matter what, greatly aiding the player in getting rid of the enemy. 
  • Fortifying Strikes: when three light attacks are cast against the same opponent, and the opponent successfully takes damage, the player will be granted with “Fortify” for a total of 3 seconds. 
  • Against All Odds: for every opponent that is unfortunate enough to stand at a 5-meter radius of the player, they will intake 10% increased overall damage. 
  • Accumulated Power: upon casting three light attacks against the same opponent, you will enhance the player with “Empower” for a total of 3 seconds. 
  • Enraged Strikes: if the HP of the opponent is below 30%, all regular and heavy attacks will increase by 20% of the total weapon damage. 
  • Defy Death: as said in the skill, the player gains immortality for a few seconds after intaking a lot of damage. 

Bow Masteries to Focus On 

Here is a list of bow masteries you should focus on while using this build.

Rapid Shot 

Three arrows are shot out upon casting the mastery. The first two arrows will deal an additional 100% of the total weapon damage. The third one will deal 125% of the total weapon damage. This mastery is crucial to have in the hatchet and New World bow build combination. 

Skills To Focus On 
  • The Final Blow: upon casting “Rapid Shot,” the third Arrow will make the opponent intake 25% additional damage on top of the 125% damage. 
  • Rapid accuracy: if the three arrows launched on the Rapid Shot hit all the same opponents, Rapid Shot’s cooldown will be decreased by 50%. 

Penetrating Shot 

When an arrow is cast and hits the target and runs through it, it will make them intake 150% additional damage of the total weapon damage. 

Skills To Focus On 
  • Concussion: When opponents deliver headshots, they will intake 20% more damage. 
  • Deep Strike: upon casting “Penetrating Shot,” if the foe is at a distance of 20 meters or more, they will intake 20% increased damage. 
  • Blood-soaked Arrow: upon launching an attack on the enemy, they will continue to take in 10% increased damage. 

Rain Of Arrows 

A whole load of arrows is launched that are 7 meters in width and will make the opponent intake 150% increased weapon damage. 

Skills To Focus On 
  • Barbed Arrows: increased 85% of the total weapon damage for a total of 12 seconds. 

Musket and Bow Combination 

With the Bow itself being a crucial part of the New World bow build, it makes sense to have a second weapon such as a musket in its arsenal. While there is no set official build for a Musket and Bow together that can fully define itself as an actual build, we can still the possible strengths and weaknesses that the musket provides. 

The main Build is centered around PvP battles; therefore, it aims to increase your long-range damage and obliterate enemies from a distance. 

Attribute Scaling 

Since the musket is a niche weapon, it will scale with the Attribute, “Dexterity,” therefore, you are advised to invest all your skills into Dexterity. This will not only increase your overall damage, but it will also allow you to survive for longer while being insanely helpful in PvP battles. 

Recommended Armor 

For this musket/bow build, a “Light Armour” is recommended, as it can allow you to gain additional damage bonuses while also giving you a lot of dodge rolls. With this Build, the main aim is to prioritize damage over chances of survivability; therefore, as much damage is done, the better. 

Here is the recommended armor: 

  • Earring: Sentry (Crafted) 
  • Amulet: Sentry (Crafted) 
  • Ring: Ranger (Crafted) 
  • Shield: N/A
  • Boots: Brigand (Crafted) 
  • Boots: Brigand (Crafted) 
  • Legs: Brigand (Crafted) 
  • Gloves: Brigand (Crafted) 
  • Chest: Brigand (Crafted) 
  • Head: Brigand (Crafted) 

Perks To Focus On 

  • Resilient: this allows players to be resilient to critical damage taken by the opponents and, in return, deal additional damage to foes. 
  • Health: this perk aims to increase your HP as much as possible since you focus on increased damage output. 
  • Refreshing Toast: Players can use potions with increased chances. Therefore, you will be able to retain your HP for as long as possible. 
  • Hearty: Increased overall stamina, so you can get higher damage output without running out of stamina.
  • Keen Awareness: Increased overall crit rate so players can deal increased damage to enemies.

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