Best New World Ice Gauntlet PvP And PvE Builds

New World is an MMORPG released by Amazon Games on September 28th, 2021. With its ever-growing popularity, it has gained traction, and millions of players join in to play every day. With countless weapons, such as bows and gauntlets, players search for the best New World Ice Gauntlet Build available. 

Ice Gauntlet 

ice gauntlet new world
new world ice gauntlet

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Experienced players of the New World will know that an Ice Gauntlet is a weapon typically used to deal insane damage, and it is a weapon that a player can build with ease. It can quickly crowd control enemies, leading them away from the leading player while also dealing with Ice Damage. 

When it comes to general use, the Ice Gauntlet has excellent potential for PvE and PVP build. With spells like the Ice Shower, you as a player can deal high numbers to your foes and defeat them. 

Weapon Scaling 

The Ice Gauntlet is paired with Intelligence scaling, and when it comes to the best Ice Gauntlet build New World, you would be surprised with how many options you have for this weapon. As it scales with Intelligence, players are advised to put an effort to gain as much Intelligence as they can. 

For a secondary Attribute, the weapon can also scale off of Constitution, but Constitution is not that helpful for a Fire Staff Build or any other builds. It is also solely used for PvP when most players want to build PvE

But all in all, a decent amount of Intelligence and the Constitution is both important to have if you want to be stronger in combat and have an excellent build

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New World Ice Gauntlet Pros and Cons 

If you are a player aiming to have a Life Staff build or any other builds, you should know a bit of the pros and cons of using an Ice Gauntlet. You would be surprised to know that to have an excellent Ice Gauntlet New World build, you need to grasp a bit of the Ice Gauntlet itself. 


  • The Ice Gauntlet is best used for Ranged Attacks, allowing you to stay away from the enemies and still kill them quickly. 
  • With excellent crowd control, the Ice Gauntlet is single-handily able to help you get the best build out there. 
  • With the crowd control spells like Ice Shower, you can also apply Rend to your foes, which allows you to gain more control and your overall damage increases by a lot. 


  • Unfortunately, when your damage decreases by 40%, the Ice Gauntlet becomes extremely weak if you get Corrupted. Therefore, you need to consider and ensure that you do not get Corrupted. 
  • The cooldown of the skills on an Ice Gauntlet is exceptionally long, which can be troublesome for close-combat and more prolonged battles, as you would require shorter cooldowns to get more Ice Damage in. 
  • The Healing options on an Ice Gauntlet are minimal, which makes you even more privileged to danger, and you can get attacked by enemies a lot more. 

Ice Gauntlet Perks 

When it comes to perks on an Ice Gauntlet, if you want to achieve a worthy ice gauntlet build New World, your Gear Score needs to be high so that your perks can benefit a lot more. 

  • Healing Tomb: with this, if you exit Entomb and manage to regain all your Mana, your health will increase by 10%. 
  • Deadly Frost: the enemies that have been affected by Frostbite will receive more damage through the Deadly Frost, which is one of the best perks of an Ice Gauntlet. 
  • Iced Refresh: a perk recommended to every player who aims to grind and farm for multiple enemies or aims to hit larger groups of enemies. When you use your Ice Spike’s Major Spike, your ice cooldown is reduced by 75%, which can help combat. 
  • Pylon Burst: when one of the skills, “Ice Pylon,” is cast, this perk will add a 3-foot radius around which there will be additional AoE Ice Damage against the enemies that you are dealing. 
  • Unending Thaw: the Frost effect will stay on foes for longer than 2 seconds, which allows it to stun them, and you can deal a lot more damage. 
  • Unbroken Winds: when you cast your “Wind Chill” burst, your overall Mana is increased by 10%.

Best Ice Gauntlet Weapon Choices 

When it comes to Ice Gauntlets, they do not work independently; instead, they need a paired Ice Gauntlet build New World. With weapons that can deal their damage, you get a deadly combination that will allow you to deal increased damage when you combine the two. 

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Rapier Weapon 

The first weapon is the Rapier, perfect for aiming for a Rapier Build. The Rapier is an excellent option for people who focus on PvP builds, but it is also excellent for PvE builds. You can get increased mobility, and you can also mix and match the Attributes to deal increased Aoe Damage to your opponents. 

Combining the two will allow you to freeze the foes with your Ice Gauntlet first, then shatter, then with the final attack of the Rapier. The overall increased AoE damage can come in handy when you want to fast-farm mobs. However, a rapier build requires less Intelligence investment; therefore, your overall damage decreases. 

Life Staff 

A Life Staff build is another excellent option for people looking for an alternative, as you can focus on PvE builds. Although it is not on a level with the Rapier or the Fire Staff, the Life staff is still an excellent option for players who want to experience and mess around with different builds. 

Fire Staff 

Last but not least, the Fire staff is hands-down one of the most suitable weapons tailor-made for the Ice Gauntlet. Perfect for a New World Fire Staff Ice Gauntlet build, it can provide excellent synergy when paired with the Ice Gauntlet. 

While the Fire Staff in and of itself can deal excellent AoE damage, the Ice Gauntlet will be able to assist players with even more damage, as it gives debuffs to the foes, rendering them useless as you slash your way through them and deal massive Ice Damage. You will also continue to get more Mana as you go along, which can assist you greatly. 

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Life Staff Ice Gauntlet PvE Build 

new world ice gauntlet lifestaff
lifestaff build new world


As a new World who might be engrossed in the gameplay aspect, you might want to have an insane life-staff build, which is very achievable if you can get down the basics of the builds. When battling in PvE, you want as much healing as possible so that you as a player can stay alive for longer. 

Therefore, a good build PvE is just what you need, and when you combine the Ice Gauntlet with the Life staff, you get destruction. Let’s check out what skills, passives, and masteries for each other weapon you need to look out for to get the best combat. 

Masteries of Life Staff 


One of the best masteries to prioritize in a Life Staff is the Beacon, which allows you to shoot a light that can efficiently deal 146% of the overall weapon damage to your enemies. With that, it can also have unique perks like healing your party members by 16% of the weapon’s total damage output. 

Skills to unlock 

  1. Radiance’s Blessing: This skill can increase the duration of Beacon by more than 4 seconds, which can significantly help when trying to deal with more AoE damage, and these skills can come in handy. 
  2. Infused light: This skill will increase the overall radius around which Beacon can operate by 50%, which can again help in combat. 

Orb of Protection 

This mastery is again able to shoot out light that will heal a member of your team according to 10% of the damage output of your weapon. It can also deal an additional 146% of the weapon damage output to the enemy that comes in contact with it. 

Skills to unlock 

  1. Aegis: The orb of protection will be able to protect all team members within a 3-meter radius of you; therefore, it can heal even better. 
  2. Shared Protection: When you use an orb of protection on a comrade, you can be granted with Fortify and Recovery, which can massively increase the amount you can heal. 
  3. Protector’s Blessing: if you cast Orb of Protection on a team member, then you can give them “Recovery,” which will slowly but surely heal your team member’s health and increase it for a matter of 10 seconds before disappearing. 

Sacred Ground 

Perhaps one of the best parts of the Life Staff build, the Sacred Ground can heal your allies according to 16% of the total weapon damage output for 12 seconds in total. The radius around which the allies can heal is 3 meters. 

Skills to unlock 

  1. Blessed: when the Sacred Ground is cast, allies around the radius can gain an extra 50% healing bonus from every other source of healing, whether from Sacred Ground itself or not. 
  2. Holy Ground: The mana recovery time is made to be 50% faster than usual so that healing is more effective. 

Overall Life Staff Passives

  • Protector’s Strength: HP increases by 10% when a buff is applied to you, and if you are healing, you receive a portion of your HP back. 
  • Enchanted Justice: if attacked brutally by an enemy, an aura appears around you and your comrades, and you continue to heal for 6 seconds, and the total healing is around 8% of the total weapon damage output. 
  • Divine Blessing: when a comrade is below 50% HP, and you attempt to heal them, an extra 30% increases their HP. 
  • Blissful Touch: When a lighter attack hits an ally, they are healed according to 16% of the total weapon damage output. 
  • Mending touch: When a heavier attack hits an ally, a single debuff is removed from the ally and reversed back to normal. 
  • Absolved: The Life Staff can make heavy and light attacks without using extra Mana. 
  • Sacred Protection: When you are in charge of a Life Staff, the healing bonus will increase by 5% for your allies. 
  • Desperate Speed: The Life Staff cooldowns are decreased by 10% if an ally is healed who is below 50% 

Masteries of Ice Gauntlet

Ice Pylon 

This mastery allows the player to eject projectiles made of ice that will hurt the opponent and deal 50% of the total weapon damage output as extra damage for an extended 15 seconds within a range of 20 meters. 

Skills to unlock 

  • Ultimate Frost: the radius is increased to 5 meters, and the overall health of the Ice pylon will increase by 100%. When you are standing in the radius, the buffs from Empowered Frost and Quick Frost are nearly increased by double. 
  • Pylon refresh: the Ice Pylon will gain an extra one-second life when a hit is successful to an enemy. 
  • Pylon dodge: when the player runs and has total stamina, the Ice Pylon’s rate of fire will be increased for an extended 3 seconds. 
  • Pylon regen: when the player takes the last hit, the Pylon will return to total health. 


This mastery covers the player with shards of ice to regain their Mana. If an enemy hits the Tomb, the shards can be broken, and to get out of it yourself; you need to perform light or a heavy attack to break off the Tomb. One of the others will reduce your Mana by 20 to get out of the shard. 

Skills to unlock: 

  • Cleaning tomb: When the mastery is cast, all debuffs on you are removed, and you are given a clean slate. 
  • Strengthened Tomb: When using a light or heavy attack to break the Tomb, your overall defense is increased by 25% for a total of 3 seconds. Use that to your advantage. 

Ice Storm

For the next 5 seconds, after the mastery Ice Storm is cast, a ranged attack is used against enemies that will deal 17% of the total weapon damage output as an extra attack for 5 seconds, ticking every 0.33 seconds. The movement speed of foes is also significantly reduced. 

Skills to unlock

  • Storm Summoner: When the player has full Mana, the Ice Storm cost required by Mana is reduced by 80% and more. 
  • Weakening Dust: Enemies that have gotten stuck in Ice Storm and are below 50% HP will get increased damage taken for 3 seconds. 

Overall Passives to consider: 

  • Defiant Breeze: when any Ice spell is cast, Fortify is increased by 20% for a total of 2 seconds. 
  • Refreshing Frost: When casting Ice abilities, the cooldowns are reduced by 20% when cast on a Frosted area. 
  • Empowered Frost: The player will recover 3 Mana for every cast spell. 
  • Quick Frost: When the player is in a frosted area, their movement speed is significantly increased by 10%.
  • Heavy Breeze: When an Ice storm is a cast and an enemy is standing on it, they take heavy attacks and are stunned for a total of one second, allowing you to hit more. 
  • Gathering Storm: When hitting a target with three light attacks, 15 Mana is regained. 

Fire Staff Ice Gauntlet PvE Build 

fire staff build
new world fire staff build

For a player who is mainly aiming to have a Fire Staff build. This build is optimized to help players eliminate mobs aiming to harm the player. You will not have any issues with Mana whenever you dodge, and this particular build is essential in PvE and PvP usage. 

This might be one of the best New World Fire Staff Ice Gauntlet build

Masteries of Fire Staff 


This mastery will let out an explosion that will increase the overall damage by 130% of the total weapon damage output, and the enemies will be stunned by 3 meters. The overall weapon damage against enemies will be increased by 3% for 6 seconds. 


Your Fire Staff will deal damage that is equivalent to 34% of the total weapon damage for a total of 6 seconds. Any opponent stunned by the fire will be taking heavy attacks by an increased 3% of all weapon damage output. 

Skills to unlock 

  • Pyromancer: The mastery will be rid of all cooldowns. Therefore, it can be cast over and over again. 
  • Infernal Flames: The overall damage dealt by Flamethrower is increased by 25%, allowing the player to deal increased damage. 
  • Fire’s Reach: the range upon which the enemies get hit by the Flamethrower mastery increases by 50%, rendering them useless. 


A burning field is left behind to enemies that will deal 140% of the total weapon damage output, and the field can last for a total of 6 seconds. This mastery is perfect for a bug that can be taken advantage of. 

Skills to unlock 

  • The catch: a direct hit against an enemy will recover 10% of your overall Mana, and your FIre Staff skill’s cooldown will be reduced by 7%, allowing you to deal more significant damage. 
  • Scorched earth: the burning field cast by the Fire staff will last for 9 seconds instead of the usual 6. 

Overall passives to look out for

  • Runes of Helios: upon casting your Fire Staff skill, this passive will cast a 2m rune placed on the ground. Your overall spell damage will be increased by 30% if placed inside the rune. 
  • Prophet of Fire God: crit rate is increased by 15% when the Fire staff is in your hands. 
  • Spellslinger: with this passive, you as a player will have a 10% increase chance to hit an enemy with a crit. 
  • Flare: when casting heavy attacks against enemies, they will not consume stamina. 
  • Clear casting: if you manage to stay away from damage for a total of 3 seconds, your damage output will increase by 10%. 
  • Singe: When cutting with the Fire Staff, the burning effect will be placed on the enemies, and this damage will be increased by 3% of the total damage output. 
  • Clear mind: if your Mana is above 50% and has not gone down, your Empower increases by 5%. 

Ice Gauntlet Fire Staff PvP Build 

fire staff pvp
fire staff build

Now, to get the most viable New world Ice Gauntlet build, the most optimized way to attain that is through the Pvp build provided by the combination of the Ice Gauntlet and the Fire Staff.

Most commonly used for AoE-based ranged attacks, you are the main attacker when standing behind your team members in the guild and using masteries like Fireball to deal AoE damage and obliterate your enemies. 

Masteries of Fire Staff 

Meteor Shower 

Targets who are unfortunate enough to be on the radius of this mastery will receive 34% of the total weapon damage output as an increased attack. An additional 20% weapon damage will be dealt with who is in the radius. 

Skills to unlock

  • Judgment of Helios: after the first hit, every hit, whether regular or heavy, will deal additional 25% damage. 
  • Fiery Determination: The passive will grant you Grit when casting Meteor Shower. 
  • Immolation: When an enemy is hit by mastery, 1% Mana is regained by the adventurer. 


When dashing through foes and opponents, the Fire Staff will deal an additional 129% of the total weapon damage output, and the dash is a total of 11 meters long. When the opponent is hit by it, they will be inflicted with “Burn” and dealt with 10% extra weapon damage. 

Skills to unlock

  • Heat it!: the Burn Out dash length is increased by 50% or more upon casting this skill. 
  • All in! Every target hit by “Burn Out” will reduce the overall cooldown of Fire Staff by 5%. 


A fireball capable of dealing an excessive 140% of the total weapon damage output will leave behind a 3-meter circumference “Burn” field. It will last for a total of 6 seconds and will then disappear. 

Ice Gauntlet Life Staff PvP Build 

new world life staff
life staff build

For players looking to have an impeccable New World Ice Gauntlet Build, this is the perfect one for you. As a player who aims to focus on the PvP aspect of gaming, the combination of Life Staff and Ice Gauntlet will allow you to deal insane damage while also healing yourself during combat. 

With this Life Staff Build, you are sure to shred through your enemies but not receive any damage yourself. Let’s look into some of the masteries you should invest in. 

Masteries of Life Staff 


A light projectile is shot out of the Life Staff to increase the overall damage output and deal 146% of it as weapon damage. Your team members will be healed by 16% of the total weapon damage as HP for a total of 10 seconds. 

Skills to unlock: 

  • Radiance’s Blessing: the Beacon duration increases by 5%, allowing you to deal more damage. 
  • Infused Light: The radius of the effect of Beacon will be increased by 50%, meaning your overall AoE is increased by a lot. 

Orb of Protection 

Light projectile gets shot out that will heal 10% of the total weapon damage output as HP to an ally, and it will give you 10% increased Fortify for a total of 2 seconds. The weapon damage is increased by 146% of the total weapons ask. 

Skills to unlock

  • Aegis: For allies that are close to a 3-meter radius, you will be affected and healed by the Orb of Protection, allowing all of you to stay alive for a more extended period. 
  • Shared protection: When you heal a comrade with the mastery “Orb of Protection,” you achieve Recovery and Fortify yourself as a player. 
  • Protector’s Blessing: when an enemy hits any comrade, be it a light or a heavy attack, the Orb of Protection comes into action and heals then for 10 seconds, ticking every second. 

Scared Ground 

This mastery will create a physical field on the ground that will provide Recovery to comrades according to 16% of the total weapon damage output. These skills are essential to your survival and during close combat. 

Skills to unlock

  • Blessed: When fellow members are standing in the radius of “Sacred Ground,” they will gain an additional 50% HP back from healing sources. 
  • Holy Ground: 50% Mana and Stamina is recovered. 

Ice Gauntlet and Rapier Best Build 

rapier build
rapier new world

Moving along, we highly feel like if you want to have the ultimate New World Ice Gauntlet Build but do not want to focus on one build or another, then a universal build is optimal for you. 

With this Rapier build, we will focus on the universal DPS build that it can provide for you. With the Rapier in your hand, you can get a lot of perks, such as being able to weave and dodge through the enemy’s attacks. You can also apply a debuff to them, which you can use to target them and bring them down. 

We will focus on the “Frost Fencer” build, which will benefit you while aiming for a build PvE or a PvP build. 

Rapier Skills to unlock 


Due to the weaving and dodging nature of the Rapier Build, “Fleche” allows the player to dash forward for about 10 meters as an attack. When players attack an enemy, they will deal increased damage according to 145% of the total weapon damage output. 

“Backside” skill allows the Rapier to deal increased crit damage, while “Interruption” will land the enemy an extra attack when Fleche is cast. However, “Quick Lunge” has a percentage change to reduce your overall cooldown by 80%. 


This skill mainly focuses on the defense aspect of the rapier build, as it allows the player to counter an attack and stun the enemy when they are hit, while the “Riposte” is cast. When the counter is successful, the player becomes invulnerable for a set period. 

“Riposte” offers excellent universal reliability while also being able to provide extra cooldown reduction, which is essential for close combat in a PvE or a PvP match. When casting “Riposte,” the stun duration can be increased from one second to a total of 2.76 seconds based on the counters. 


As the name suggests, this skill focuses on evading the enemy; when the skill is cast, the player will gain a defense skill that will allow them to evade and avoid attacks from the enemy. When light attacks are cast during “Evade,” the attack speed will increase momentarily. 

“Evade” offers four potential buffs to the player when the skill is being cast:

  • Movement speed is increased momentarily for the duration of “Evade.” 
  • Stamina regeneration is increased. 
  • Rapier cooldown is significantly reduced when “Evade” is active. 
  • Total damage output is buffed when “Evade” is active. 

Passives to focus on 

  • Swiftness: after launching an attack, “Haste” will receive a 3% boost for a total of 4 seconds. The effect can stack more than four times and limits at a total of 15% Haste. 
  • Red Curtains: every time the player launches attacks and crits, their cooldown will receive a reduction by 5%, and with the way Rapier is built, it can hit a lot of crits, which is highly beneficial for players. 
  • Momentum: This passive allows for 25% overall increased damage for a total of 3 seconds or until the player is able to land a crit. 

Gems and their effects 

Following through with all the Ice Gauntlet New World build, we completely forgot to mention the abilities that a gem can provide for the player. With a wide range of gems available, here are some of the best ones.

  • Amethyst: Grants players the ability to absorb more “Void” damage. 
  • Aquamarine: Will allow players to absorb more Ice damage 
  • Diamond: Three types of damage absorption are viable with this gem, that being Primary, Physical and Secondary damage based on elements.
  • Jasper: Your overall Strike damage will be significantly reduced, but your damage absorption increases. 
  • Moonstone: The player can absorb slash damage a lot more. 
  • Opal: Adventurers can absorb a lot more “Elemental” damage. 
  • Sapphire: The player’s ability to absorb “Arcane” damage is significantly increased. 

These are some of the best gems that you can invest in as a player in the New World. So, with that, keep gaming!

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