New World Armoring Leveling Guide [Level 0-200]

Today’s guide will break down Armoring levels in New World from top to bottom. But before we get started, let’s talk about what armoring does for you in the game. Unlike a lot of MMO games, New World has a lot more going on with armoring. Normally Armoring increases the damage absorption and increases your overall stats. However, in New World, on top of that, Armoring plays a huge role in how your character functions. It affects how agile or slow your character feels during combat. In New World, armors can provide you with special effects by getting perks or using the gem slots. While you’re at it, read our Best New World Bow guide.

New World has types of armors; Heavy, Light, and Medium. On the internet, you will see different people recommending different armors. But you need to mix and match to find your style, and that is how you can choose the best armor for you. In New World, all items have different tiers like 1, 2, or 5.

To use items or armors of upper tiers, you need to level up your character. Now let’s look at the best ways to increase your Armoring Levels in New World. After that, we will look at how you can collect the raw materials needed for the New World Armoring Leveling Guide. Also, consider reading our New World Arcana Leveling guide.

New World: Armoring Leveling Guide

In this guide, we will be reaching Armoring level 200, the maximum level possible in New World. We will break down this guide into four portions, and in each portion, we will discuss 50 levels. You can skip and go the part you want to reach, 50 or 200. For each portion, we will look at the best item to craft, the quantity to craft, how many materials you will need, and lastly, the amount of tax you will pay for creating those items. 

Level 0 – 50

new world armoring leveling guide 0 - 50

To reach Armoring level 50, you have many items to craft, and all of them give you the same amount of XP points upon being crafted. Meaning all the items have the same material to XP ratio. So, it only makes sense to craft the item with the best material ratio. Linnen Shirt has the best iron to fiber ratio among all the available items to craft. Simply put, gathering materials for the Linen Shirt is the easiest among the items you can craft at level 0. 

To reach Armoring level 50 in New World, you require 13,350 XP points. Then each Linen Shirt gives you 420 XP Points, and with that calculation, you will need to craft 32 Linen Shirts to reach Armoring level 50 in New World. The tax you will pay is 8.00 Gold Coins. Now let’s look at the required materials. Also, consider reading our New World Best Hatchet Builds guide.

Linen Shirt Material Requirements

To craft the Linen Shirt, you need three different materials, and they are as listed below.

  • 704x Tier 2 Cloth: You require Linen in the most quantity, which is 704, and to get that collect 2817 fibers, then craft Linen from that.
  • 384x Leathers: Next up, we have the 384 Course Leather, which you can get from 1536 Rawhide.
  • 32x Iron Ingots: Lastly, to get 32 Iron Ingots, you will need exactly 128 iron Ores.

If we objectively look at all the materials needed to craft the linen shirt, they are not too much and are easy to gather. So you should be able to get them quickly. And as soon as you finish gathering all the required materials, you just need to complete the crafting of Linen Shirts. Here you go, you have successfully reached Armoring level 50.  

Level 50 – 100

new world armoring leveling guide 50 - 100

Before Moving on to phase 2, consider reading our Best New World Ice Gauntlet guide.

Now, we need to reach Armoring level 100 from 50. When you reach Armoring level 50, you will have several choices to choose from when needing to craft. Once you reach that level, you will unlock the Sateen clothes. Sateen is easily the favorite to reach Armoring level 100. But we have different choices for Sateen as well, and that’s is why we will use two items instead of one. We will be using the Sateen Leggings / Pants and the Sateen Gloves. To reach level 100 from 50, you will need an additional 155,250 Armoring XP points. 

Firstly, the Sateen Pants grants you 810 Armoring XP points, which is a good number, and then you want 155,250 XP points. Keeping that in mind, we will need around 192 Sateen pants to reach level 100. The tax you will pay to craft that many Sateen Pants are just 144.00 Coins.

Then secondly, we have the Sateen Gloves, which is interesting. So each glove will give you 405 XP Points in Armoring, and you will need around 384 gloves to reach 155,250 Armoring XP points or, in other words, Armoring level 100. But the tax you will pay for this is 288.00 Coins, which is way more than the 144.00, you were paying with the Sateen Pants.

Sateen Gloves Material Requirements

Since this glove is a Tier 3, you will need one Tier 3 crafting material and two others. So crafting them will be more work than the previous one, and the required materials are the following:

  • 1,536x Tier 3 Cloth: Since it’s a Tier 3 material, you need to gather a lot of raw material first. Firstly, you need Fibers to craft Linen and Crossweave. Then from these, you will be able to craft the required Sateens. 
  • 1,536x Leathers: Getting the Coarse Leather is easy. Just gather Rawhide and craft Coarse Leather.
  • 384x Metals:  Now, gather Iron Ores to craft the Iron Ingots.

Sateen Pants Material Requirements

The Sateen Pants require the same materials as the Sateen Gloves, but there is a difference in quantity. The materials required are as follows:

  • 1,920x Tier 3 Cloth: Now, again, it’s a Tier 3 material, so we recommend using Sateen. First, you need to gather Fibers to make Linen and Crossweave. Now make the Sateen from those.
  • 1,152x Leathers: The best option for leather is Coarse Leather that you can get from Raw Hide.
  • 384x Metals: Again, for metal, go for the cheapest option, Iron Ingot, which you can craft from Iron Ore.

The required materials for the Sateen Gloves and Pants are the same, but there is a slight increase in the required amount of Tier 3 Cloth with the Sateen Pants. But the required leather is less, and now it is up to you to either gather more cloth or leather. Once you gather the required materials, just craft the amount you need, and there you go with your Armoring level 100 in New World.

Level 100 – 150

new world armoring leveling guide 100 - 150

Finally, we have reached the third phase to reach Armoring level 150 from 100 in New World. Level 100 will unlock the silk clothes, along with the Sateen clothes. Choosing a cloth to craft here gets difficult with all the options available, but we will go with newly unlocked silk clothes. Now in silk clothes, we have a lot of choices, and the two best choices we have are the Silk Pants and the Silk Gloves. We will go with the Silk Gloves because the Silk Pants is way more expensive on materials, but it is cheaper on tax, still not worth it. Reaching level 100 requires you to have 1,096,200 XP Points. 

So now, to craft the Silk Gloves, you will have to craft more of them as compared to the Silk Pants. But again, it’s cheaper and the best way to reach level 100 in Armoring. Each Silk Glove gives you 1,512 XP Points, so to reach 1,096,200, you will have to craft 725 of them.  

Silk Glove Material Requirements

To craft the SIlk Gloves, the materials we will need are one Tier IV and two others. We will need the following amount of materials to craft 725 Silk Gloves:

  • 2,900x Tier 4 Cloth:  For the Tier 4 cloth, we recommend silk, and to craft silk, you will need Sateen, Silk Threads, and Crossweave. To craft Sateen, you will need Crossweave and Linen, which you can craft from Fibre.
  • 2,900x Leathers: For the Leather, the best and cheapest option is our handy Corse Leather. You can easily gather the Rawhide to craft it.
  • 725x Metals: Lastly, metal and the best option here is Iron Ingot. Gathering Iron Ore for Iron Ingot should be easy if you are at Armoring level 150.  

Once you finish gathering all the materials required for the Silk Gloves, just head over to the Tier 3 Crafting place to get the required amount of SIlk Gloves. There you go with that you are successfully at Armoring level 150 in New World. 

Level 150 – 200

new world armoring leveling guide 150 - 200

And finally, we are on the 4th and the final phase to reach Armoting level 200 from 150. Once you achieve level 150, you are almost at the end, so you unlock all the goodies to craft. But the item we will be using to reach Armoring level 200 is the Infused Silk Gloves. The reasons for that are simple; firstly, it is very cheap, and then lastly, the tax on crafting is also very low.

One thing we do recommend before crafting the Infused Silk Gloves is to craft any other item you might need and then calculate the required amount of gloves to craft. Those who thought that reaching level 150 required a lot of XP will be surprised at how much you need to reach level 200. 5,607,000 is the number of XP points you will need to reach Armoring level 200 in New World.

The Infused Silk Glove is simple to craft with the required materials. Each glove grants you 4,536 XP Points. Now let’s calculate how many Infused Silk Gloves to reach Armoring level 200 or 5,607,000 XP Points. You will need 1,237 Infused Silk Gloves to reach that level. 

Infused Silk Gloves Materials Requirements

So to craft the Infused Silk Gloves, you will need one Tier 5 material, and for the rest, you can use the Tier 2. The materials you will need are the following:

  • 4,948x Tier 5 Cloth: Firstly we recommend the infused SIlk Cloth for the Tier 5 Cloth. Getting it is pain since you need Wirefiber, Corssweave, and Silk to craft it. Then to craft silk, you need Satin, Crossweave, and Silk Threads. Lastly, to craft Sateen you need Linen that you need to craft with Fibre and for that you need Corssweave.
  • 4,948x Leathers: For leather as always, use Coarse Leather, which you can easily craft from Rawhide.
  • 1,237x Metals: Lastly for metal use Iron Ingot which you get from Iron Ore

Now, after you gather all the materials required, you need to visit a Tier 3 Outfitting Station to craft the Infused Silk Gloves. But before that, as we mentioned, craft the items you might need and then calculate the required amount of Infused Silk Goves needed to be crafted to reach Armoring level 200. Now once you do that you are successfully at level 200 Armoring in New World. 

Material Gathering

The new players might not have the raw materials required to follow our New World Armoring Leveling Guide. That’s why we have decided to go over most of the raw materials needed for crafting the items mentioned above. This is not a mining guide; hence we will just discuss gathering materials briefly. Now that is out of the way let’s get started.

Iron Ore

The best way to get Iron Ore is from the initial mining zones. The quantity required to reach level 50 is not much, so just a few nodes at the initial zones should be sufficient. As for more quantities, you can always check out detailed mining routes for Iron Ore Nodes in Gutlass Keys and Everfall.


The Rawhide can be collected from all the skinnable animals, like bunnies, bears, boars, wolves, or as such. These animals are spread throughout the world of New World, and you will not have any trouble finding them and collecting the required Rawhide.


To collect Fibre a great location is between Gutkass Keys and Windsdraft. We will mark the location on the map given below. You can collect a great amount of Fiber in that area. With proper routing in that area, you can easily yield from 3,000 to 3,400 fibers in 30 minutes or so. 

Fiber Gathering Area Between Cutlass Keys and Windsward
Region Between Cutlass Keys and Windsward to get Fiber

Silk Threads

For collecting Silk Threads, you can go to two places. The first is Brightwood, where you will find a lot of SIlk Threads and if for some reason you can not go there yet, then go to Morningdale.

Brightwood to gather Silk
Silk Gathering area in Brightwood

At both of those locations, you will find enough Silk Threads to craft the items needed for you to increase your Armroing levels in New World.

Silk Gathering Area in Mournindale
Mournindale area to get silk


Lastly, we have the Wirefiber that we need to collect. And the best place or preferred place to collect it is in the northern area of Edengrove. As the map below shows, there are a lot of places to collect it from.

Wirefiber Gathering area in Edengrove
Edengrove area to get Wirefiber

With that, now you know how to collect all the materials required to reach Armoring level 200 in New World.  


That was everything that you needed to know about how to reach the maximum Armoring level. The New World Armoring leveling guide dived the leveling for each portion and lastly, we had a brief guide for collecting all the raw materials required. If there are any questions or queries you have about leveling Armoring in New World, let us know in the comments. 

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