New World Devs Give Response Over Endgame Changes

Players should be relieved as the developers have mentioned that they are actively looking into the activities and reward balance.

New World is a newly released MMORPG developed by Amazon Games. The game recently received its latest update in Update 1.1 last week adding new content to the game like weapons and enemy types. However, players also noted a change not mentioned in the game’s patch notes that actively made certain aspects of the endgame content harder for solo players. Safe to say, players have been concerned whether this is an attempt to make the grinding and overall content harder for solo players. Thankfully, the devs have finally given a response in a dev blog post.

A post by New World developer Berserker Mike states that, “Recently changes were made to the Elite POIs in the end game zones and it is clear to us that proper context wasn’t delivered on why those changes were made. Our goal is to have a variety of areas that players can go to for crafting materials and gear. But with new gear and equipment, we want players to be challenged.” The dev continues, saying:

“Our vision for end game is multifaceted, and includes Outpost Rush and Wars, Invasions and Arenas, 60+ Corrupted breaches, 60+ Elite POIs and named creatures, and Expeditions, with more to come in the future. There will not be one single source for best in slot and our desire is to encourage players to engage with various activities.”

Players should also be taking a sigh of relief as the developers have also mentioned that they are actively looking into the activities and reward balance. Players can very likely expect further changes and readjustments made to New World’s balancing in the near future.

New World was Steam’s #1 most played game during its release window with nearly 700,000 concurrent players.

Another update mentioned in the dev post is that the developers are monitoring orb creation and their usage in Expeditions and intend to put a higher focus towards expeditions when reaching Endgame. Berserker Mike explains that, “We believe Expeditions should be a big part of your end game loop and will be taking steps towards incorporating them in the near future so please look for updates in the coming months.”

New World had a massive amount of players when it came out and while the hype for the game has since died down considerably following certain issues like people’s graphic cards completely bricking. Its apparent however, that the developers are adamant on supporting the game. Whether the game will be able to make a comeback like other MMOs like Final Fantasy XIV and Destiny remains to be seen. 

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