Amazon Developing Multiplatform Game With Daybreak Games

The developers of New World are collaborating with Daybreak Game Company for an unannounced free-to-play multiplatform game, job listings reveal.

Recently, Amazon Game Studios released its first AAA game, New World, and the response that the company received from players was astonishing. Upon its release in September, the game received more than 700,000 concurrent players in only a few hours and it seems like the game is still doing very well for itself. New World has been the company’s most ambitious project so far and now, Amazon Game Studios is making its return to multiplatform games again; this time, with the developers of H1Z1 and EverQuest, Daybreak Game Company.

Earlier today, we came across a few promising job listings on the Amazon website suggesting that the company is working on an unannounced free-to-play game for PC, consoles and even mobile. One of the job listings posted on the company’s website is for the Game UI Engineer position at its Seattle, Washington studio; the description for which reads, “At Amazon Game Studios, we’re creating games like the open world MMO New World as well as unannounced titles for PC, console and mobile platforms.”

Job listing for the Game UI Engineer position at Amazon Game Studios’ Seattle, Washington studio in the United States. | Source: Amazon

Furthermore, the description also mentions, “our product is an unannounced game built by a team with veterans from many popular titles like EverQuest, PlanetSide, H1Z1, and Free Realms.” It’s certain that the unannounced game will be developed by Daybreak Game Company, so it’s likely that it will be an MMO game that Amazon Game Studios is working on.

Additionally, the description also states, “come join our passionate team in San Diego and help make the next game everyone will be downloading to their PCs, phones, tablets and consoles,” suggesting that this unannounced game will be a multiplatform one. Amazon Game Studios hasn’t announced any mobile games since the release of Til Morning’s Light in 2015, so it’s surprising to see the company making a return to the platform after so long.

In the “Preferred Qualifications” section of the job listing, it also mentions that the candidate should have “experience using Unreal engine,” which seems to indicate that the game will be running on Unreal Engine 4. It also mentions “experience working on large scale, commercial online game services,” which further confirms that the unannounced game will likely be an MMO one.

Another job listing on the company’s website is for the UI Scripter position at its Seattle, Washington studio in the United States again; this time, exclusively for an unannounced mobile game, the description for which reads, “Amazon Games, Seattle is seeking a UI Scripter to work closely with our Art and UX teams to deliver top quality UI and interactions for a new mobile game in development and future games.”

Job listing for the UI Scripter position at Amazon Game Studios’ Seattle, Washington studio in the United States. | Source: Amazon

The description further iterates, “you will work close with the game directors, UX designers, and engineers to create an exciting new mobile game and future ambitious games.” Furthermore, it mentions that the candidate must have experience in Unreal Engine 4 again but this time, also mentions a “deep understanding of mobile free to play game systems” as one of the “Preferred Qualifications.” So, it also seems like the unannounced MMO game will probably be free-to-play, too. However, it’s uncertain whether it’ll be free-to-play on all platforms or just mobile.

Since both of these job listings are for Amazon Games Studios’ Seattle, Washington studio in the United States, there’s a high chance that they’re related. Obviously, the company hasn’t said anything about what it’s working on now after the release of New World, so this isn’t a confirmation. However, the unannounced game does seem very promising.

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